Sunday 23 June 2024

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BJP's poll-oriented outside support

The Bharatiya Janata Party seems to be playing a shrewd game by not participating in the new coalition government led by Dr Wilfred de Souza but its four members supporting it "unconditionally" from outside in ... READ

Rane-Faleiro lock horns over opposition leader's post

After losing power in the tourist state, Goa Congress leaders are presently busy fighting over the issue of leadership, meaning the post of the opposition leader.It is a direct tussle between former chief minister Pratapsing ... READ

Shantaram black-faced !

Goa Pradesh Congress chief Shantaram Naik's face was painted black in a city restaurant yesterday by a group of unknown persons in protest of his public statement against prime minister Atel Bihar Vajpayee.Speaking at a ... READ

Congress tumbling down like a house of cards

The Congress is ruling the tourist state for almost two decades now. But today it is tumbling down like the house of cards.The split engineered by chief minister Dr Wilfred de Souza in the Pratapsing ... READ

Home Ministry asks for papers on Willy's installation

Following uproar in the Parliament yesterday over dismissal of the Congress government by the Goa governor, the union home ministry has asked for all the relevant papers from the Raj Bhavan here.The central government has ... READ

Churchill set to rejoin Congress

Former MP Churchill Alemao, the controversial strongman and alleged smuggler from Goa, is all set to rejoin the ruling Congress party after over nine years, leaving his United Goans Democratic Party.After staging a coup in ... READ

Govt's priority to develop infrastructure

Infrastructural development through private participation seems to be the prime agenda set by the Goa government to develop the socio-economic conditions of the tourist state here.T R Satish Chandran, the newly appointed governor for Goa, ... READ

Lukewarm response for Public Men's Corruption Commission

Goa's case seems to be an eye opener in effectively dealing with corruption cases against public men in high places as the commission, set up to probe into corruption charges against public men here, has ... READ

Goa PCC elections postponed

Following direct intervention by Congress president Sitaram Kesri, elections for the posts of the president and other office bearers of the Goa PCC were postponed at last minute on Saturday.As Goa is the only state ... READ

Outdated Congmen vying for PCC chief post

The political activity has suddenly gained momentum in 'all-well' Goa, thanks to Congress President Sitaram Kesri, who dissolved the Goa PCC last week on flimsy grounds. Seizing the opportunity, the 'outdated' Congress leaders are now ... READ

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