Thursday 30 March 2023

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Goa's award is greatest : Lata

"I received several national and international awards in the past and may even get quite a few in future. But this award would be the greatest among all", said India's nightingale and Padmvibhushan Lata Mangeshkar ... READ

Technology reviving superstition: Narlikar

Is advancement of science and technology helping the Indian society to progress in the social field ? READ

Lata appeals to elect good people

"Do not get involved in linguistics and other petty local squabbles at this stage. Think of national situation and elect good people to rule us". The appeal has been made by nightingale of India Lata ... READ

President poses Goa as a development model

"Goa is a model before the country today, in fighting the outside invasion and build the country on modern lines with the development of science and technology". READ

Keith Vaz favours UN memebership for India

Keith Vaz, the labour party MP of Indian origin, has personally favoured permanent membership to India on UN security council, though his ruling party has not taken any formal decision in this regard. READ

To compete globally, research a must: Mashelkar

Investing consciously in the production-oriented research programmes and projects is the only way out for the Indian investors to compete in the global market, feels Dr R A Mashelkar, director general of centre for scientific ... READ

World Bank sets our agenda : Patkar

"It's a tragedy of Indian democracy that its developmental agenda, in the 50th year of independence, is set by the world bank while all our political parties are controlled by the multinationals. It's time to ... READ

India needs one more independence : Vandana

Vandana Shiva, country's leading environmental scientist and the Alternate Nobel prize winner, has appealed to wage the second independence movement while celebrating India's 50th independence anniversary. READ

IMF chief suggests agenda for India

Well-designed fiscal consolidation, well-targeted social safety nets and avoiding unproductive expenditures are the most difficult challenges set before a developing country like India to emerge as the leading and dynamic country in the 21st century, ... READ

Women's Commission chief hits out at paedophiles

The National Commission for Women (NCW) has demanded a stringent legislation against the paedophiles to safeguard the abandoned children from increasing number of cases of sexual abuse. READ