Friday 12 April 2024

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Liquor to flow till midnight...

The Bharatiya Janata Party government here has now further relaxed timing of liquor bars till 11.30 pm, while also permitting to keep the restaurants open till 12 midnight.The issue came up for reconsideration as the ... READ

Excise seals 56 liquor distilleries

Goa has sealed 56 distilleries, manufacturing Indian Made Foreign Liquor as well as country liquor, in an attempt to stop production of spurious liquor in the tourist state."I can proudly claim that at least 90 ... READ

Goa manufactures more spurious liquor

Goa, the tourist state where liquor flows like water, manufactures three times more of spurious and illicit liquor than what it manufactures in pure and legal form, selling it in Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra, including ... READ

Illicit liquor rackets busted

The state excise department has busted two rackets of illicit liquor like IMFL as well as imported scotch whisky, while suspecting it to be an inter-state racket managed from the tourist state.Raids still continue as ... READ

Goa bars liquor bars

Perhaps for the first time in the history of Goa, a known tourist destination world over, the state government has taken a positive step towards controlling consumption of alcohol and alcoholism.While presenting his maiden budget ... READ

Liquor tamasha banned at Carnival

It is yet another blow to the Goa government, which is attempting hard to protect the liquor lobby in a tourist state. Heavy restrictions are imposed by the court now, on promotion of liquor during ... READ

Promote liquor, no problem !

Liquor is so energetic that it can compel even the government to change its policy of non-promotion. Goa government is a live example of it.Within two months after clamping down authoritatively on all kind of ... READ

No promotion; drinking allowed !

Following ban on smoking in public places and promoting tobacco product in any form, Goa government has suddenly gone tough also against liquor advertising, no matter in what way it affects the tourist state.The provision ... READ