Thursday 13 June 2024

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Smokers, sellers fined in Goa

Smokers beware ! You can be now actually fined up to Rs 5000, in Goa. Nevertheless, the same fate you would meet if you chew tobacco or even spit in public.Almost over one year after ... READ

Dear smokers, ask for receipt & claim cancer damage

Insist for a bill and preserve it. It's a call for all the smokers or those who chew tobacco or gutkha. Interestingly, it has come from none other than the National Organisation for Tobacco Eradication.If ... READ

Goa finally bans smoking from 26 January

At last, the Republic Day dawns on Goa with restrictions on smoking or consuming tobacco as well as spitting in public places. The government has finally fully notified the Goa Prohibition of Smoking and Spitting ... READ

Sardinha disagrees with restriction on smoking in open

The pioneering legislation to restrict smoking, consumption and sale of tobacco in public places is once again in a dock. The new coalition government led by Francisco Sardinha plans to amend it drastically, to allow ... READ

Govt delaying anti-tobacco act to come true

Three years have passed now and the legislation banning public smoking and promoting tobacco products is just not taking off, simply because the state government is now dilly-dallying over notifying the respective provisions."There is no ... READ

Smoking ban to begin with awareness campaign

A three-prone strategy has been chalked out by the government to implement the legislation regarding ban on smoking and spitting in public places, beginning from today.With prime thrust on public awareness, the crackdown on tobacco ... READ

Smoking is a crime in Goa !

The last Gandhi Jayanti of the century would be worth remembering for Goans or all those lakhs of tourists, who will start flocking to the tiny coastal state from this month.Enjoying the beaches, temples, churches ... READ

Smoke, spit, urinate under cover

It's not only in Rome you have to do as Romans do. Even in Goa, from the auspicious day of Gandhi Jayanti now, you have to do as Goans do. Otherwise find yourself behind the ... READ

Come to Goa, but No Smoking, please!

Enjoy Goa, ah, but be careful ! No smoking, spitting or chewing tobacco in public places now. You may simply lose thousands just paying the fines.Of course, the amount of fine - which ranges between ... READ

"Let beedi workers starve" : Anti-smoking front

The beedi workers as well as tobacco growers should find alternate avenues of earnings, feels National Organisation for Tobacco Eradication, while welcoming the Kerala high court’s landmark judgement banning smoking in public places.In fact the ... READ