Friday 31 March 2023

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Rajini, Big B & Shankar Mahadevan steal the show as IFFI50 opens

India’s ace singer Shankar Mahadevan stole the show at the inaugural of Golden Jubilee of International Film Festival of India in Goa today evening amidst the whole Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Stadium cheering at the two ... READ

#IFFI2019 all set for IFFI 50 & also IFFIGoa 15

With IFFI turning 50, looks like it is getting into professional mode rather than sulking into bureaucratic tangles. Much before the curtains could open, the stage is all set with decors, delegate literature and even ... READ

‘Donbass’ bags Golden Peacock, Malayalam film gets 2 awards

‘Donbass’, which Ukrain has officially nominated for Oscars, seized the Golden Peacock at the 49th IFFI concluded here this evening. READ

If you feel what you do, it's seen in your eyes, no need to act it out: The secret of silent film 'The Bra'

'The Bra', a silent film made waves in IFFI 2018. Veit Helmer, a German director, was in town to watch the response from Indian spectators. It's a simple tory of a train driver in Ajerbaijan. ... READ

Theatre creates the base; Netflix is bringing cinema closer to TV: Chin Han

“I am excited about Indian scripts. India has a storehouse of talent, with a rich cinematic history. And legendary Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray has been by inspiration.” READ

"Un Traductor/ A Translator": Why the movie won Golden Goblet at Shanghai

No interpreters needed, sit back and be awed. Rating- 4/5 READ

Nothing called anti-national cinema, all are Indian films: Rawal

“There is no such thing as national film or anti-national film; the jury considers all movies that comes before it as Indian movies”, claims Rahul Rawail, Chairman of the Jury of Indian Panorama (Feature), of ... READ

A victim boy exploited by women, ‘Juze’ is a real story: Miransha

After being screened at several international film festivals in Hong Kong, Europe, Mumbai and Goa IFFI and getting accolades from the film critics worldwide, Juze, a Konkani film by Miransha Naik, is finallly getting released ... READ

Shuttle Life- A Hard Hitting Pukka Drama

Rating- 4.5/5 Shuttle Life is an powerful Malaysian drama directed by Tan Seng Kiat, and it shows how a Malay man, Qiang (Jack Tan) struggles to make ends meet while taking care of his mentally unstable ... READ

Newton - Jhande aur Dande se desh banta hai

Rating- 4.5/5 Newton is a riveting blend of political satire, dark humor and serious drama. It gives viewers a lot to muse about during and after the movie is over, and the laughs every few minutes ... READ