Tuesday 18 June 2024

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Goa wins Mhadei battle, Karnataka’s diversion plea rejected

Goa has won the first battle of Mhadei. The tribunal has rejected Karnataka’s plea to divert 7.56 TMC water from Mhadei basin to Malprabha River. READ

Will decline in agriculture affect Mhadei case before tribunal?

Will decline in agriculture in Goa weaken the case of Mhadei water diversion, advantage Karnataka? READ

Karnataka on destruction spree, Malprabha river origin damaged at Kankumbi

In a desperate attempt to complete the work of Kalsa-Banduri canal, Karnataka government has gone on a destruction spree at Kankumbi. READ

Will all-party Karnataka succeed to pursuade Modi on Mhadei?

Karnataka will once again seek Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intervention in getting its due share of the Mahadayi river water from Goa for supplying drinking water to the state’s northern districts, reeling under drought for ... READ

Centre proposes to dissolve Mhadei water dispute tribunal

Goa has opposed centre’s move to dissolve the Mhadei water dispute tribunal. READ

Karnataka destroys half of Mauli temple to divert Mhadei water

Karnataka’s aggressive illegal act has cost the residents of Kankumbi their Mauli temple, frontal part of which has already collapsed due to the construction of canal to divert the Mhadei water. READ

India's waterman urges PM for Mhadei diversion, hearing adjourned

Magsaysay award winning environmentalist Rajendra Singh has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene for diversion of Mhadei water by Karnataka while the hearing on the water dispute before the tribunal has been adjourned by ... READ

Karnataka canal work reaches near completion to divert Mhadei

Defying the court directives, Karnataka government has almost completed the canal work at Kankumbi to divert Mhadei water while the tribunal hearing scheduled tomorrow may be postponed. READ

Karnataka and Maharashtra hand-in-glove over Mhadei diversion: AG

Are two big brothers – Karnataka and Maharashtra – hand in gloves to strangulate younger brother Goa and deprive it of its own water flowing from the Sahyadri range? READ

Karn BJP tells Cong CM to seek Rane's opinion on Mhadei

Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Jagadish Shettar has urged Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to write a fresh letter to the Chief Minister and Leaders of Opposition of Goa and Maharashtra to find an amicable settlement ... READ