Tuesday 18 June 2024

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Economy | Agriculture

Goa now experiments with Farmers' Public Ltd Co.

The agriculture department has identified 1,000-odd farmers all over Goa for various new agricultural initiatives, for which a provision of 3 crore has been made, said agriculture minister Ramesh Tawadkar. READ

Will Agro college succeed in stopping Goa’s land conversions?

The first objective of Goa’s first agricultural college, started by Don Bosco at Sulcorna village of Sanguem taluka, is “to discourage farmers from sacrificing their land to builders and multinational companies.” READ

Goa Dairy sabotaging milk production, will take it over: CM

Goa Government today said it can take over the Goa Milk Cooperative Union, commonly known as Goa Dairy, if there is a strong opposition against setting up of the new milk union in the state. ... READ

Monsoon stages a comeback, making farmers happy

After a dry patch for almost a month, the revival of monsoon has brightened the agricultural prospects in Goa, officials said today. READ

Monsoon disappearance worries Goan farmers

Goa's agriculture department is worried as the rain deficit in the first month after arrival of south west monsoon may pose problems for farming activity in the state. READ

Govt to demolish illegal 'farm houses' run commercially

Goa government has decided to come down heavily on the illegal farm houses spread all over Goa, presumably around 5000, run for commercial purpose, even by demolishing structures. READ

Coconut production in Goa slips down

After an upswing for two years, coconut cultivation in Goa has witnessed a downfall with production dipping rapidly during the last fiscal, according to government records. READ

Goa Dairy shouldn't export milk, reduce price: CM

Goa Dairy, Goa’s sole milk packaging unit, was today advised to reduce its price while also not exporting its milk outside Goa when Goa has to import milk to meet the needs of the state. ... READ

Goa to revive Pusa Basmati cultivation

Agricultural scientists in Goa are trying to revive the cultivation of Pusa variety of Basmati rice, which was tried unsuccessfully in the coastal state about a decade back. READ

Rains may damage paddy crop

Incessant rains lashing Goa has worried paddy farmers in the state as inundation in low lying areas may damage cultivation. READ