Thursday 30 March 2023

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Goa tops IS hitlist in India, foreign tourists a target

Goa tops the list of Islamic State (IS) targets in India, the interrogation of suspected members of the terror organisation by enforcement agencies has revealed. READ

Pope Francis approves sainthood for Mother Teresa

Pope Francis on Tuesday formally approved sainthood for Mother Teresa and set September 4 as the date for her canonisation. READ

'Palkhi' for non-Mahajans tomorrow, but Navdurga Mahajans hold their objection

While the hearing of the case of replacing the idol of Devi Navdurga of Madkai is yet to begin, the temple Mahajans have come up with a fresh application, prohibiting the non-Mahajans from performing in ... READ

Navdurga Mahajans wanted to install idol on 29 Feb, HC dismissed their appeal

The Bombay high court has not only withdrawn the interim relief granted in the case of replacing idol of Devi Navdurga of Madkai, but it has also dismissed the appeals made by the temple committee. ... READ

ISIS is puppet of enemies of Islam: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind

We condemn ISIS and their activities. In fact they are causing more harm to Muslims and Islam than the enemies of Islam. READ

HC directs Navdurga Mahajans not to replace the idol until District Court decides the issue

In an interesting move, the high court today took undertaking from Mahajans that the idol of Devi Navdurga would not be replaced for the next 30 days, while also directing the district case to decide ... READ

After HC relief, Madkaikars keep 24-hr vigil at Navdurga temple

Keeping strict vigil fearing attempts to replace the idol of Goddess Navdurga, Madkai villagers have been camping in the temple in shifts since yesterday. READ

Madkai Mahajans get HC relief to change Navdurga idol, but…

The controversy over changing Devi Navdurga’s idol in Madkai seems becoming interesting as the Devasthan Mahajan today succeeded in getting the district court’s order ‘temporarily stayed’ by the high court. READ

Court stays idol replacing ceremony of Madkai’s Navdurga

Villagers of Madkai have temporarily won the battle against the temple committee of Devi Navdurga at Madkai with the district court staying the controversial ceremony of replacing the idol. READ

Madkai temple row is beyond idol; villagers want ‘public ownership’

Are villagers of Madkai merely opposing replacement of the idol of Devi Navdurga? Or is it a stepping stone for a much wider struggle, demanding ownership of the temples? READ