Wednesday 21 February 2024

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VDIS suffers, but Goa excels in IT collections

VDIS fared badly in Goa, not because the local income tax department took no efforts but mainly because it otherwise fares well over national average in terms of routine tax collections.The biggest advantage Goans are ... READ

State plans fresh taxation to pay hiked salaries

The tourist state of Goa is planning to announce fresh taxation measures to cover the shortfall, thanks to the government decision to implement the fifth pay commission recommendations from next month.Though a tiny state in ... READ

MLAs do it once in two years

Goa seems to be getting controversial not only in terms of unanimously passing disputable legislations which are still awaiting the governor's assent, but also by creating a record of amending one act over 15 times ... READ

Dandvate agrees to modify formula for central aid

The planning commission is likely to adopt a new formula for central assistance to the states, as smaller states like Goa are being affected severely due to the existing Gadgil-Mukherjee formula.Prof. Madhu Dandvate, vice chairman ... READ

'Generate from lobbies, not the common man'

Goan economists have criticised the local government for promoting tourism and mining by taxing the common man, to confront infrastructural problems created by both these sectors.While Goan economy is developed since its pre-liberation days on ... READ

Goa aims at commercial farming & hi-tech industry

This being the first year of the Ninth Five Year plan, Goa government has laid down a foundation for its future development with altogether new approach of diversifying agricultural land for commercial farming and emphasising ... READ

Budget relies upon private investment for development

The annual budget presented for the tourist state of Goa is striving for a surplus through the additional resources mobilisation estimated at Rs 12 crore, despite showing a deficit of Rs 7.38 crore, with a ... READ

More pension for MLAs

While Goa is still awaiting new tax structure in the annual budget to be presented on March 25, the local Congress government has decided to restructure the pension scheme for the MLAs, with an additional ... READ

'49 per cent of Goa's budget is non-productive'

Goa appears to be one of the richest state, it being an international tourist destination attracting large amount of foreign exchange and having highest per capita income in the country. But the actual figures contradict ... READ

Excise dept. raids two five star hotels

Two five star hotels in South Goa have been partially sealed by the state excise and sales tax authorities for waiving over Rs one crore of sales tax and luxury tax.The Old Anchor run by ... READ