Thursday 30 November 2023

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Centre may waive slaughter tax in Goa

The central cabinet is expected to take up the issue of dropping Goa from applying the exorbitant amount of service tax on animal slaughter, since its sole meat complex in the tourist state is virtually ... READ

Centre favours Goa for air cargo complex

Goa is being considered an ideal place by the union commerce ministry to set up a cargo complex to export perishable goods, besides starting a permanent commercial exhibition centre here for the western region, on ... READ

Goa demands 50 % weightage for performance criteria

Development of the tourist state of Goa, especially in the infrastructural sector, appears bleak in the near future unless the central authorities give more weightage to the performance criteria while allocating central assistance to the ... READ

Willy to review all privatisation plans

Getting back to serious work one and a half months later after his coalition government was installed, Goa chief minister Dr Wilfred de Souza has decided to review all the privatisation plans in the infrastructural ... READ

Cosmetic to medicine costs Old Spice Rs 40 crore

Is the after shave lotion a cosmetic or a medicine ? The 13-year long controversy in Goa seems to have come to an end with the state authorities ultimately reversing its own decision and classifying ... READ

Salaries to eat up central aid

The BJP-led government's new policy towards central assistance to the states is definitely a sigh of relief for a tiny state of Goa, which is presently undergoing acute financial crisis.The additional benefit would be at ... READ

Tourists targeted for surplus budget

Giving big boost to the computer software and cell phone industry, the Goa government has presented a surplus budget, which would cost Goans as well as the tourists visiting the state.Chief Minister Pratapsing Rane, while ... READ

Goa plans interim budget with taxation measures

Perhaps it's for the first time the tourist state of Goa is presenting an interim budget with taxation measures, without waiting for the central sanction.The state budgets are gone haywire everywhere with central government still ... READ

Coastal politician fished by IT men

Goa may not have scored well in VDIS collections. But perhaps it is the first state to clamp down upon the tax evaders, beginning with a politician-turned-real estate agent of the famous coastal village of ... READ

Goa lotteries to go online

INTERNET would be now used for "legal gambling", the on-line lotteries, if Goa succeeds in its hi-tech plans.On the other hand, the local Congress government has also planned series of court petitions against any state, ... READ