Tuesday 18 June 2024

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I-cards must in civic polls of 15 Oct

Goa's municipalities will go to polls on 15 October by making it compulsory for a voter to produce documentary evidence of his or her identity, failing which he would be denied his democratic right to ... READ

Govt postpones municipal polls, appoints administrators

In blatant violation of the constitutional provision, the Goa government has decided to appoint administrators on the municipalities and hold elections after six months, though their term expires next month.While announcing the cabinet decision in ... READ

Govt allots negligible powers to ZPs

Politicians in Goa appear to have been making a mockery of the panchayati raj system by snatching every possible opportunity. This time, it is making powerless the zilla panchayats, constituted for the first time in ... READ

ZP-elects plan to apporach court for powers

It appears that judiciary is the only hope for Goa to implement the concept of decentralisation of powers through the panchayati raj system, mooted by the then Congress government in 1993 through 73rd constitutional amendment.Newly ... READ

I-card formula successful, Timble plans a step ahead

He is very happy with the positive response received from the Goan voter to produce their documentary identity during the recently held zilla panchayat elections. Prabhakar Timble, the state election commissioner, now plans a step ... READ

Cong wins ZP polls, except in Meta Strips belt

Congress, presently in the opposition in Goa, has emerged a major winner in the first ever zilla panchayat elections held here while the Bharatiya Janata Party cut a sorry figure.Though Goa is presently ruled by ... READ

Historic ZP polls with I-card compulsion tomorrow

Goa is going for polls once again within four months tomorrow, this time for the first ever zilla panchayat elections, which is being conducted by making mandatory for the voter to bring identity document for ... READ

ZP polls raise controversy over OBC women reservation

Goa is creating another history in the election arena, by holding zilla panchayat elections fully with electronic voting machines, that too by reserving seats for the OBC women among the 33 per cent reserved quota.This ... READ

Cong moots three-tier panchayati system

Implementation of decentralised panchayati raj system and devolution of powers at the grassroot level, the dream of former minister Rajiv Gandhi, has still remained a pipe-dream in Goa, though Congress has been ruling the tourist ... READ

Powerbroker Congress continues to crush panchayati raj

...The system has been captured by the powerbrokers. It is being operated in the interests of the powerbrokers. It is being protected by the powerbrokers... The only way of breaking their stranglehold is for ... READ

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