Tuesday 28 November 2023

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Centre moots four free ports

Finally, the cat is out of the bag. Breaking the five-year long suspense over India having a free port, concrete models have been now spelt out by the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.The final proposal ... READ

Convertibility not a hurdle for a free port

India has decided to go ahead with a proposal of a free port even if rupee is made fully convertible. The pattern of a free port however would be decided only after the sub-committee appointed ... READ

MPT plans double reclamation

The Mormugao port trust will acquire more than double of the existing area by reclaiming more land in the Arabian sea, to meet the forthcoming challenges and make it a multi-commodity port by end of ... READ

MPT shifting to multi-commodity port

The Mormugao Port Trust is planning to shift from the mono-commodity iron ore exporting port to multi-commodity port, with various expansion plans for the general cargo traffic, as the iron ore exports are indicating a ... READ

Centre bars total port privatisation

The central government has warned the state government that it would not tolerate total privatisation of minor ports, but would allow only private participation into it, with the ownership being retained with the state authorities.The ... READ