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ISIS is puppet of enemies of Islam: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind


We condemn ISIS and their activities. In fact they are causing more harm to Muslims and Islam than the enemies of Islam.

Syed Sadatullah Hussaini was in Goa last week to deliver public lectures on ‘Unveiling Jihad.’ He is the Vice-President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, an organization known countrywide for its progressive and reformist thoughts. Hussaini, the National President of Students Islamic Organisation of India from 1999 to 2003, is today also the member of the Central Advisory Council of JIH. While being an engineer by profession and co-owning a Hyderabad-based software firm, he has written 7 books and hundreds of articles in English and Urdu.

goanews.com spoke to Hussaini at length to know more about his organization and their views about growing terrorism in the world as well as in India.

Is Jamaat-e-Islami Hind a political organization?

Not from election point of view. We don’t participate in electoral politics of our country. But we want to promote value-based politics in India, based on ethics and morality. Criminalisation and Communalisation of politics we want to get away with. We are opposed to the politics that creates social and economic divide in the society. We are for inclusive policies.

 So which political party do you support?

Any party that is actually working to clean up the political system from divisive politics and unite the people of India on pluralistic lines. We want the political system that would guard the principles enshrined in the Constitution of India.

How do you perceive the role of Sangh Parivar in this context?

Policies of certain elements of Sangh Parivar are definitely threatening, for example the statements made by Sakhshi Maharaj and Sadhvi Prachi. More alarming is that they are part of the government.

But the government has not supported them…

True, but they have also not opposed them. In fact the silence of the Prime Minister is a cause of concern. If the BJP and the government do not approve of their statements and actions, then they should openly say it and distance themselves from such elements. But that is not happening. They are a threat not just to minorities but to the democracy and age old secular fabric of our country. The spirit of Indianness is under threat from such elements.

What is the spirit of Indianness and nationalism among Muslims of India?

Muslims love India as much as Indians belonging to any other religions do. Love and affection to your own country is part of the teachings of Islam. But Islam does not preach that nationalism means supremacy of any particular culture. We are opposed to that.

Can you elaborate?

Nationalism is different from majoritarianism. India is a nation of multiple religions, communities and ethnicities. All together form India and its nationalism. Indianness means not ambitions and aspirations of majority culture, but represented by the plural character of India and combined aspirations of all the communities. Muslims love their nation and patriotism, but definitely not the majoritarianism promoted in the name of nationalism.

And what about the patriotism ISIS is practicing in the name of Jihad?

Such elements can neither be true Muslims nor are they practicing Jihad, based on the teachings of Islam. They are functioning against the very fundamentals of Islam. Therefore we condemn ISIS and their activities. In fact they are causing more harm to Muslims and Islam than the enemies of Islam. They have harmed our religion more than the enemies. In fact we strongly feel that they are the puppets in the hands of the enemies of Islam. Because even on the war front, they have been targeting Muslims and Islamic movements. They have no right to represent Islam nor can they call themselves Muslims. And mind you, this is a feeling of the whole mainstream Muslim world, just not Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. 

Is ISIS the biggest threat to India at this moment?

Certainly it is one of the threats. But I feel a bigger threat than just one ISIS are all such kind of communal forces which are trying to create a rift between us and divide the country on communal lines. Rising intolerance is a matter of serious concern. Democratic values, plural character and communal harmony are the biggest strength of India. All these communal forces are trying to destroy our foundation and an Idea of this nation.

How to overcome the increasing intolerance?

With the help of tolerance, obviously. May be the intolerance is rising, but not the whole country is becoming intolerant. In fact tolerance is deeply rooted in our country. For hundreds of years communities have been living here together, doing business together, getting educated together and trusting each other. You don’t find trust deficit amongst individuals and families. That has been the inherent strength of India. Unfortunately, certain forces in our country have been taking forward their vested agenda, through the acts of intolerance. People need to realize this gameplan and not allow these forces to win. 

How do you analyse JNU episode with this perspective?

Personally, as a part of the student movement during my college days, I condemn if somebody has raised anti-national slogans in the campus. But at the same time, I also condemn the interference of politicians and the role of government agencies in trying and killing the democratic spirit that prevails in the campus, by using police force in a brutal manner.

Is the face of JNU changing?

JNU is the brain of our country. It creates policy makers and academicians of India. The real strength of such universities is the freedom of thought, expression, dialogues and debates.  Any university is supposed to be the centre of free intellectual discourse. That is being curbed down. The fundamental character of JNU is being assassinated.

And what about the Muslim youth getting involved in terror cases?

Terror has no religion. It is spread in the name of religion. Jamaat has no sympathy for terrorists. If anybody is involved in terrorism, then such terrorists must be punished. But no innocent youth should be framed and falsely implicated.

What makes you think that?

There are so many cases where Muslim youth have been accused and arrested for terror activities. But not a single suspect has been convicted in last one decade. That makes us think that there could be a systemic pattern to these terror attacks.

What pattern?

Well, you see the terror activities have been on rise in India for the last 10 years now. Who were alleged to have been involved in terror activities, arrested and faced the trials while who benefited from these activities? What was the outcome of these trials? If you analyse it well, you will find a systematic pattern in this. Whenever any ruling party or an influential politician is in trouble for various reasons, a terror incident strikes there. They get political mileage out of it, some youth are arrested, the whole community stands by them because they are innocent and finally they get acquitted for having no evidence against them.

What role the Jamaat-e-Islam Hind plays in such a situation?

We tell the people of our community what the real Islam is. Teachings of Islam are well documented in our Quran. The life history of Prophet Muhammad is also a live document. That leaves hardly any scope for misinterpretation. However, we submit two aspects very frankly before our community. We admit that the Muslim society across the world is not truly representing Islam and reforms are needed. Secondly, we present Islamic teachings from humanitarian point of view, which is the core of Islam.

You said Muslim society needs reforms…

Yes, we do need. The prime focus of Islam is morality and a code of ethics defined in it. It includes business, inter-personal relationships, community relations, role of women etc etc. Many things are not followed. These reforms are a must. Jamaat-e-Islam Hind works for these reforms.

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u ppl r puppets of modi nd u sacrifice every thing for the sake of ur country nd u should be ashemed while linking urself vid jammati Islami.

Kaisir rashid , srinagar kashmir

Assalamu Alaikum

Jazaka Allah

Jabeevllah Mohammad , Vijayawada,Ap,INDIA



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