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Modi Govt to restore & illuminate Old Goa churches


Churches and convents of Old Goa would be restored and illuminated, thanks to the union budget presented by union finance minister Arun Jaitley today.

He made provision for only two tourism-related aspects, both benefitting Goa along with other states.

The first one is upgrading the 25 Cultural World Heritage sites all over the country. Old Goa is one among them.

The second announcement Jaitley made it to extend VISA on arrival facility to 150 countries.

It was available for only 43 countries till date.

The restoration plan includes landscape restoration; signage and interpretation centres; parking; access for the differently abled; visitors’ amenities, including securities and toilets; illumination and plans for benefiting communities around them.

The nine sites chosen from among 25 Churches and Convents of Old Goa, Hampi in Karnataka,  Elephanta Caves in Mumbai, Kumbalgarh and other Hill Forts of Rajasthan, Raniki Vav, Patan in Gujarat, Leh Palace at Ladakh in J&K, Varanasi Temple town in UP, Jalianwala Bagh, Amritsar, Punjab and Qutub Shahi Tombs at Hyderabad in Telengana. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Once again, the Goan Catholic, is being fooled by the the political parties by hanging a carrot. First the Congress took them for a ride for so many years after liberation, and unfortunately the Goan Catholic is falling prey to the same tactics used by the the BJP. The fault lies not with these political parties, but with the mindset of the Catholic individual, and more so the Goan Catholic Church administrators. One can see from this that much importance is be given overtly churches and monuments related to the Christian faith- a fact that the political parties know very well-, and covertly, decimating the inner temples and churches of the Christian Faith. If only the Goan catholic had woken up from his slumber and begun to use his analytical powers which are currently immortalised to a state of 'KUMBHAKARANISM' by successive ruling parties, the Catholic would see himself in a different avataar by now.

Why do we need to "restore and illuminate Old Goa Churches"? Goenkara, we need to restore and illuminate our faith and ensure that devisive powers do not spoil the tranquility and religious harmony of Goa.

Jaret de Silva , Chandor, Goa

Is there any chance or any hope that Mr Modi will illuminate the mind-set of Goan MLA`s?

Starngely, the BJP has many MLA`s that keep barking up the wrong tree. This is now a daily occurrence.

Mr Parsekar is probably one of the worst CM`s Goa has ever had.

Let is be known, that an academic qualification/s is not a relative, of "Common sense". Common sense is a gift of God and a correct upbringing and cannot be bought.

Academics, however can be purchased. Many Goan MLA`s are known to have purchased their spurious academic qualifications .

Most Goan MLA`s are only interested in how much money (moolah) they can make during their terms in office and how many assets the can acquire in Goa and abroad.

Is there any Goan around, that believes these MLA`s work hard for them and their welfare.?

If so they are either deluded or kidding themselves.

Goan MLA`s are self-centered ,selfish and power hungry....not forgetting corrupt...very corrupt. They love to garnish their egos at ever available opportunity.

N.Fernandes , London