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Centre wants all states to follow Parrikar model on petrol


The Centre wants the other states to follow Goa that came up with a unique solution to the rising petrol prices - slashing the prices by Rs 11 a litre by bring down the value-added tax that goes to the state exchequer.

The Hindustand Times has reported a special story on this, after gathering information from Delhi, Rajasthan and Goa.

A day after the Goa government's decision announced in its budget presentation - Rajasthan also cut petrol prices by Rs 1.06 a litre on the same day in its budget.

Minister of state for parliamentary affairs Rajiv Shukla said on Tuesday: "State governments should think about this (emulating Goa)."

Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar announced the state would levy only 0.1% VAT on petrol.

The move is in accordance with the BJP's poll promise and will bring down the petrol price in Goa from Rs 66 to Rs 55 a litre. 

In Rajasthan, where polls are due next year, chief minister Ashok Gehlot has reduced the VAT on petrol from 28% to 26%.

The Congress government's move will bring down the price of petrol in the state from Rs 69.83 to Rs 68.77 a litre.

Pointing out that the state governments get about Rs 1.6 lakh crore as tax from petroleum products, Shukla said, "The central government had already reduced the custom duty... the share of the state governments is far bigger as far as money generated from petroleum products is concerned."

Consumers in Delhi, even after paying almost Rs 26 as central and state taxes on every litre of petrol - priced at Rs 65.64 a litre in the Capital - are likely to take another hit of Rs 4-5 a litre after an expected hike on March 31.

The proposed hike is being justified in the wake of high oil prices in global markets and the rupee weakening against the dollar.

The central taxes are fixed and do not increase when the base rate is raised, but the VAT - 20% in Delhi -rises with every increase.

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The Golden Liquid may take a way to neighbouring states

with the help of all the concerned authorities and bunk owners. Instead of delivering to the Goa Petrol bunks may deliver it either at karwar, Belgaum,Sawantwadi surrounding petrol bunks. If done so is it beneficial to Goa Government or Loss but those who involve to take the petrol to bordering states will get benefit to a maximum extent.

What Goa Government has taken to check this bypass?

replyreader , goa

Congratulations CM for reducing the cost of petrol in Goa, and also acting as a role model for other states. We goans are proud of you for initiating this in a short time.

Would also appreciate if you could keep a close watch at the Govt. offices. The files keep lying on each table for months together without any action. For one job at the Govt. office, one has to make at least 10 to 15 trips.

Would be nice if Press could depute their representative at Govt offices as well as Police statations for a surprise check and note the common men grivences

cruz Fernandes , Melbourne, Australia

The huge taxes on Petrol and diesel in our country are almost ridiculous...The Petrol and diesel prices add to inflation and have a bad cascading effect...Even the farmers are the worst hit when the cost of diesl and petrol shoot up....More over the inefficiency of the Public Sector Oil Companies is passed on the helpless common man...Needd to reduce the various taxes and come out from the easy option of increasing the prices of these essential commodities and collecting huge wealth from the public....Instead the need is to go in for austerity measures, increasing the efficiency of the oil companies and using blended fuels as done in other countries....

vishwas prabhudesai , loliem

Thanks Mr. Rajiv Shukla for your complements to Mr. Manohar Parrikar.

CM of GOA has not done any miracle to reduce the petrol prices. It is just the will power to do something for a Common Man ( AAM ADMI ). If politicians start thinking of doing something for a common man, automatically the ways or ideas are derived/generated .

It is a lesson to all the politicians that generate the will power to do something for a common man , things will start working.

Just siting on chair and pulling leg of other politicians, doing corruption are not the routine jobs of politicians. They need to go out of way and start thinking for a common man.

We are proud of our GOAn CM for setting the great example for the whole country.

Mahesh Thali , Thane

I am proud of our new CM Mr. Parrikar. Good steps

to correct and put things in proper foam, Others should

follow him and count their steps. Traitor and corrupt

leaders should not give entry in this platform, otherwise it will mess like congress leaders did past

so many years till now in centre. CM first take good step to check mamladar office, collector office, electricity dept, town planning, panchayat, sub registers offices how they handle public. Harasment

bribe and not deliverng goods in time. These office are like casino.

Domnick Rodrigues , Kingdom of Bahrain



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