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Young brigade upholds written exam in Konkani or Marathi for Govt jobs


The young brigade belonging to Facebook group “Mr Digambar Kamat Get Well Soon” has denounced Congress state working president Francisco Sardinha for opposing written examination in Konkani or Marathi for English medium primary students, for government jobs.

Sardinha, while opposing written examination selectively for English medium students, has demanded that oral interview be conducted of candidates only in Konkani and not in Marathi.

The young brigade however looks at this stand as ‘enslavement to English’ and ‘abhorrence of one’s own mother tongue’.

According to a press note released by Yugank Naik, the leader of the FB group of youth, there is nothing wrong in conducting such proficiency examination for aspiring candidates, who have come from English primary schooling.

In fact Naik goes one step forward stating that any non-Goan and non-Konkani candidate should also be asked to clear this examination within a year.

Discarding the existing system of having working knowledge of Konkani compulsory for every candidate and knowledge of Marathi desirable, chief minister Manohar Parrikar has announced that he plans to have a written examination either in Konkani or Marathi, only for those who have studied in English medium at primary level.

While supporting this decision, the FB group however has reiterated its demand that grants to English medium schools be stopped by Parrikar.

The young brigade has also cautioned Parrikar to understand the nefarious design that the Church-run Diocesan Society of Education may tomorrow object to teach Hindi subject, claiming that English medium students cannot understand Devnagari script.

Naik feels that the ultimate aim of the Diocesan schools is to completely destroy the use of Indian languages in general and Konkani in particular.  

Sardinha, on the other hand, has demanded that one subject – Konkani or Marathi – be made compulsory for all the English medium students from standard III to X.

While opposing inclusion of written examination in Marathi, Sardinha said: “all Goans knowing Marathi know Konkani; but all Goans knowing Konkani may not know Marathi.”

He also recalled how making knowledge of Konkani or Marathi compulsory for Post and Telegraphs jobs had provided opportunity to almost 50 per cent Maharashtrian candidates to take up jobs in Goa.   

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Goa language is Konkani there is no doubt about that.

Again backdoor using sound like Marathi. What Marathi

have to do in Goa, Marathi language and official place

for Marathi in Maharashtra and not Goa. So do not

compare with Marathi and Konkani. Even some still

have dream to merge with Maharashtra. Now

mahrashtra coming closer with Mopa airport what is

next, goan must act now. Marathi has no place in Goa

right place for marathi in Maharashtra..l

Sanjay Kumar , Goa

Charity begins at home.

After reading so much in the print media about MOI issue, it is very clear as how the current power brokers in Goa have 'managed' to create a rift in the ranks of BBSM and Mr. Digambar Kamat Get Well Soon( are they suffering from inertia or are they scared of wishing MP well, who is capable of making them unwell in a jiffy?).

And as we are addicted to age old themes, the drama that unfolds has an excellent plot of son leading the youth brigade in the streets, while the veteran writer leading the 'aye' men in the system.

Ajeeb hein hum Goa ke Log

Rajan Kamat , Feira Alto Mapusa