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Vishnu to take rest at discreet place, discharged from GMC


Deputy Speaker Vishnu Wagh has been discharged from the hospital after surviving a massive heart attack last week. He now plans to go to discreet place to take bed rest.

Wagh was rushed to Goa Medical College hospital on 14th May when he started feeling uneasy while he rose up to speak at the 60th birthday of BJP leader Anil Hoble.

The doctors immediately conducted angioplasty on him as two of his arteries were found to be almost blocked.

He was suffering from hypertension as well as high diabetes.

While he was kept on a ventilator for two days, Wagh has now fully recovered and has been advised by doctor to take bed rest for some days.

The writer-turned-politician thus now plans to go for a short holiday to discreet place to recover fully.

As a matter of gesture, Wagh put a post on social media, thanking his friends and supporters.

Following is the post:

My dear friends and well-wishers...

A very good morning to you all!

By the grace of God Almighty and your kind wishes and heartfelt prayers, I am back home, all hale and Hearty after a weeklong stay at the Goa Medical College.

I know I had very close brush with Death and that is why I fully realise the importance of this recovery. I had a strong cardiac arrest and chances of survival were grim. However, a gutsy and timely initiative by all the Doctors attached to the Cardiac unit brought me back to life.

Thousands of people prayed for my recovery day and night. There were prayers in Churches and Temples. All my staff worked tirelessly for over a week.

Hon CM, Hon Raksha Mantri, Hon Dy CM, other ministers, MLAs and party colleagues as well as friends cutting across party lines paid several visits to check on my health. I am grateful to all of you.

I only have a small request. My doctors have instructed me to strictly have a bed rest for at least one month. I know you are eager to meet me and I am also eager to meet you.

But I will have to pay a heed to medical advice. So I might go on a short holiday to some discreet place.

We shall meet soon. Till then a VERY BIG THANK YOU!

Yours sincerely...

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