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‘Akashdivo’ of writers and fighters enlightens the real spirit of Diwali


Comes Diwali and the artists display their talent by making different kinds of Akashdive (sky lanterns). But stands among all is the Akashdivo made by student-activist Yugank Naik this year, in his tiny village of Volvoi.

It’s a normal traditional Akashdivo, but with a difference as all four sides are lit with four legendary figures – Dr Narendra Dabholkar, Com Govind Pansare, Prof M M Kalburgi and Fr Bismarque Dias.

Yugank, a non-believer otherwise, believes strongly in the community spirit of festivals like Chovoth, Diwali or Christmas.

“My Akashdivo keeps the tradition of secularism as high as the lanterns hung high in our village. This is our real tradition, not the ones made by fundamental organisations like Sanatan, whose round-shaped lanterns put radical slogans slandering other communities”, Yugank tells

A son of two eminent writers of Goa – Pundalik Naik and Hema Naik, Yugank even has plans to make a big Akashdivo of the same kind and take at a village competition, to spread the message of these writers and fighters, who laid down their lives for a humane society.

“I have deliberately not put their names of these four legends. People sometimes ask me who they are and I tell their life stories”, he says proudly.

Says Yugank:

Fr Bismarque spoke against religious institutions even while being a priest and fought all kinds of illegalities in the society.

Dr Dabholkar was rationalist, who believed in religion but fought against unscientific superstitions practiced in the society.

Com Pansare, a hard-core communist, always propagated scientific temperament and brought out the real image of Shivaji, who respected all religions and never believed in Hindu Rashtra.

Prof Kalburgi was also a rationalist writer, who dedicated all his literary works to establish communal harmony and not hatred in the society.

Yugank’s writer parents are proud of their son’s concept of Akashdivo.

"All four of them were the fighters of truth. And truth is like light, the rays penetrate through darkness. They are not amongst us to see the light of this Diwali, but their life itself is the light which glows through this Akashdivo," says Pundalik Naik.

"Our festivals should be celebrated with new thoughts and spirit. Diwali, a festival of lights, should enlighten our conscience. It is our bounden duty to take ahead the legacy of these four uncompromising fighters,” says Hema Naik.

The Akashdivo, thus, becomes special. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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I feel Yugank wants publicity by simply speaking against Sanatan Sanstha. It has become a trend nowadays that if you want publicity, you speak against Sanatan Sanstha.

Every festival, big or small, celebrated by Hindus has a reason behind it.

If Yugank, or any Sanatan Hater, had any doubts, then he Should have come to the open debate programme held on 8th November 2015. You could have cleared you doubts. Why do you speak unnecessarily against Sanatan? Why do you mum on other issues like illegal Cow Slaughtering or illegal use of sound systems during Narkasur competition.

Vaidehi , Ponda

I think Yugank should also speak on recent murders of Poojary and Kuttappa by minority communal people, Otherwise it looks like Yugank is a congress puppet, speaking only against Hindu Organisation.

Vinay , Ponda