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G7 unity linked to Sanatan blast?


It is slowly becoming clear that the Group Seven of the coalition partners in the Digambar Kamat government is united over just not dropping a minister, but also not to implicate transport minister Sudin Dhawalikar’s family in the case of Margao bomb blast by Sanatan Saunstha.

The G7 yesterday met chief minister Kamat, urging him not to drop any minister from their group. The group had earlier met Nationalist Congress Party supremo Sharad Pawar, to resolve their unity once again.
The group was claiming that they met the chief minister to convey the message of their meeting with Pawar. However, the inside news was leaked by a local SMS news service, stating that they had unitedly opposed to frame ‘a minister's wife in the bomb blast case.'

The group suddenly went into defensive mood as soon as the news was leaked out. "No such issue was discussed at the meeting", claimed revenue minister Jose Philip D'Souza, the leader of G7.

Dipak Dhawalikar, the MGP MLA and Sudin's brother, also termed the news itself as a frame-up, when media persons asked him about framing up his sister-in-law in the Sanatan bomb blast.

Sudin also denied having any knowledge of it. He however added: "my family is involved in spiritual work for several centuries now. My wife does it now and will continue doing it."

Sources however claim that the Congress high command had given green signal to Mr Kamat to drop Sudin from the cabinet, apparently because of his links with the Sanatan Saunstha.

Sanatan activist killed in scooter blastTwo of Sanatan activists were killed in a blast as the bomb they had brought got exploded in the scooter itself when they reached Margao on the eve of Diwali. The plan allegedly was to engineer the blast at the Narakasur competition in Margao, attended by chief minister himself.

Similar unexploded bomb was also found at Sancoale, near another Narakasur competition, the same night.  The police had then arrested few activists of Sanatan Saunstha. The case is now being probed by the National Intelligence Agency.

Sudin's wife was reportedly handling accounts of Sanatan Saunstha and had shared the Sanatan platform publicly on many occasions.

Dhawalikar brothers however claim that he had his family is unnecessarily being implicated in it for ‘political reasons'. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Yes Neha, what you wrote now makes complete sense. This is what I wanted out of you. Here you are very very right. On this comment of yours, I second you. Like you said a few MLAs do something for their constituency. For example our Valpoi MLA and the Hon. Health Minister Mr. Vishwajit Rane (Baba). Whatever others may say of him, he started development of Valpoi before the elections and has continued till now. Though I am out of Goa now, I still keep a track of these developlments. Furthermore he has given countless jobs to people of the consitituency. He has put up 18 PSIs from there all free of charge (of course the jobs are legally free). But unlike other crooks he has not taken a single pie from the candidates. He has filled up the Health dept with our youth and deserving candidates for the jobs. Yes Neha there are people who can do the job right. I only wish he gives up the (group of 7) G7. He has acquired his father’s qualities and he does not have any ego problem in him. At the same time let me tell you that I have not received any single favour from him. My son is still jobless. Yet I can say that he has done for us in general. I hope he breaks away from the G7. Neha it was wonderful to hear the plain and simple truth of the rogues (politicians) from you and in a befitting manner – Menino (Valpoi)

Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK) , United Kingdom of Great Britain

well may be a politcian or some other person! why somebody will keep any proofs???

whatever that happens is known to evry comman man! but what i mean is ... AS SAID EARLIER BY SOMEBODY... abt POLITICIANS BRAINS!

Today politics is another word for corruption as known to everybody! Why it has been so! i feel ITS not only politicians here... but also the all vice versa... when there is demand... der is supply!

we always blame only politicians...! ofcourse dey r definitely to be blamed! but on the same side we say dey use money in elections...! what about the voters.... can we say dey use this money in elections...? its all two sided... of course as once elected politicians are corrupt more as compared to comman man! bt yes the fact should not be ignored!

its one and d same politicians buy voted ans voters sell votes? who is to be blamed here?

n its yah y somebdy will keep proofs for doing wrong thgs? if its der also any criminal will try hard to hide them off! well SO it can be the person accused or somebdy else too? who knows? so until something has been reveald why simply -vely comment on someone unnecessarily!

It may also happen nothing would be revealed anywhere!

there are 40 MLAS out of which we will say all 40 Corrupt!

out of this 40 there r some MLAs..consider some 10 who have also done something for society! i wont say any MLA is good!

definietely the proportion of their work compared to their corruption is less! but yes dey have done something which should not be ignored!

@ menino! i would appreciate you comments! i dont mean dey r honest n all...but yes we also have to consider one thing... dat they r sitting in the legislative assembly bcoz of the people of GOA... bcoz of sold votes!!!

So India' Politics is corrupt not just bcoz of corrupt people! its also bcoz of corrupt voters!

Neha P , Madgao

Dear Neha,

Having read the comments of both of you, yours and Joe’s, I would like to say something in neutrality. Neha, first of all let me put it to you this way. These politicians are so shrewd that they don’t leave any proof of their wrong doings. They do it in someone else’s name and when some smoke comes out of the chimney, then they put water on the fire and put it out. I hope you understand the meaning of what I say.

Joe is not wrong in what he said; only difference is that he used it more out of frustration than an explanation. These crooked politicians can never be good. If you believe that you need some proof of their wrong doings, then just forget it. I’ll tell you something cursing them is a very lesser form of description of them.

If you are looking for such proofs, then I can say that all the politicians and the ministers are good and honest people around and that they are the saviours of Goa and lovers of people and they serve faithfully the nation without doing anything bad. If proofs are required, then all these politicians are God fearing and gentle and non-corrupt. All this is according to your say Neha. What good I have spoken of the politicians and ministers is according to your say dear Neha, that you are asking proof.

In reality, truth is far from what it seems to you Neha. According to you they are all good. Please do not take this personally as I have only tried to bring before you a short sight of politicians – Menino (Valpoi)

Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK) , United Kingdom of Great Britain

My dear Neha P (Margao) & Joe Rebello (Panjim), Why are you 2 simply joking about each other's comments? Cool down Goenkars.... and i have a suggestion, why don't you both come and meet each other at Cortalim Bridge and discuss face to face issues related to DIRTY POLITICIANS of GOA??? Can anybody tell me the outcome Report of NIA, handling this case? What did Indian Home Ministry ask MP - Mr. Shantaram Naik and for what reports were asked to be prepared from State Govt. of Goa? Just go back and try to get a clear picture of this case and prospects till date?

"Behind every Creation there is a human brain and if somebody does not like that creation, logically tells you that he or she does not like that brain as well" Quiet Similar with the Organisation of Sanatan Saunstha and it's supporters. No matter Who that Person is. Which Religion he belongs to? Anybody Found Guilty should be Punished. Now, can somebody go and ASK the Goa Chief Minister as to WHY there is STILL NO REPLY for REPORTS Requested By Indian Home Ministry in Delhi??? Actually Goa needs Politicians like - Luis Alex Cardozo(MAMA), Manohar Parikar to name the few.

Joe Ganja , Overseas

@ joe

well the way you are cursing him it seems as if you have got some favours to write bad about him!!!

Speaking about who is involved and who is not involved in the blast.... that's neither my work to decide upon it nor yours! So unless you have something to prove on it, please don't defame any personality ! I will definitely support you joe if you find some proofs and have weights for what you speak!

this is a comman platform to comment! Nobody gets anything to comment here! Henceforth please note this!

What I have said in my statement is all wrt to news and not anything in favor of anyone!

the point here is not discussing Dhavalikar but instead of cursing every politician here. There are lot of things you can do to people of Goa! so please Change your attitudes... THINK OF GOANS AND THEN OF POLITICIANS! What we do is exactly opposite!

As cursing them won't give anything better to Goa, it will just waste time !

and yah before giving any adjectives to any person see that you have some legal frames!

As deterioration without any proof is crime!

Neha P , Madgao

No body feels ashamed about the present day degenerated system, when a Hon. High Court Judge gives a statement that it would take 320 more years to clear the backlog of the pending cases! What kind of justice delivery system is this? Is this not disgusting? Is there no need to bring in improvements?

vishwas prabhudesai , loliem

Neha go to sleep and wake up only when your house is flattened by a bomb. Looks like you have received some favours from Dhavlikar and his wife, the way you are sidelining her and her terrorist hubby. Have you ever ventured into the political arena? These fellows can go to any extent to safeguard themselves and their chair. Anyway there is no use explaining to the naive.

Joe Rebello , Panjim

I agree with you, but it does not happen in India, that is why we say Oh! Darling ye Hai India,

Eg.,:- Mr. Mahanand Naik is acquitted in 2 cases (there should not be any surprise if one day Criminal Mahanand will be called Honorable Mahanand Naik – Minister of XYZ Dept. – (preferably Home Ministry or Law Ministry)

Eg.:- Afzal Guru – Enjoying after sentence to death

Eg.:- Kasab – He is the safest man in india right now

The list will go on and on………………………

Lastly, but not the end, is hundreds of ministers cutting across the party line are charged with corruption, but till today no one - literally no one - is convicted…….

That’s why we say Oh! Darling ye Hai India………………..

S Puru , Ponda

well! It can be cleary understood that Minister's wife in the case was a frame up in the news for political gains!

As far as the links of ministers are concerned, kindly please go back and have a look... some card showing the signs of minister and his wife are shown which were given as wishes of diwali. While it's not necessary that you are a criminal if you buy the card from some organisation and that organisation indulges in some criminal activities!

It was a TOTAL FRAME UP! any comman man can understand it!

A total frame up for political gains! And of course involving politician's family without a reason second time in Goa! Politics is getting more worse!! Yet I would urge people instead of cursing our politicians and voting for the same, please dare to step in!

Neha P , MAdgao

Every person indulging in criminal activities should get punishment irrespective of his religion or affiliation to Political Party! Justice should be quick and not delayed for decades !

Vishwas Prabhudesai , Loliem



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