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Eduardo appeals to NRIs to apply for PIO


Eduardo Faleiro

Goa’s NRI Commissioner Eduardo Faleiro today said his commissionerate was following up with the centre a crucial issue of 'Goan people with foreign passports', who had to cut short their trip to native county due to short period visas given to them.

Faleiro said all the non resident Goans holding foreign passports should apply at the earliest for a PIO or OCI (Overseas Citizen ofIndia) card which will entitle them to stay in India for 15 years or 30 years respectively.

The NRI commissioner said that many goans having foreign passport rued that they have to arrive in Goa on visas valid for just three to six months.

"I brought this matter to the notice of Union Home Minister who agreed that the procedure being followed is not correct," Faleiro, former union external affairs minister for state, said.

"The minister informed me that his ministry is advising the missions concerned as wel as FRRO (foreigners regional registration office) Goa to ensure that long terms visas are issued to such people and these visas may be extended from time to time," he added.

Faleiro said that he will take up the matter with minister of external affairs and Indian missions abroad.

"I have also spoken to Goa Home Minister Ravi Naik so that the home department and FRRO deal leniently with NRGs even if they hold tourist visas and treat them not as foreigners but as a persons of Indian origin holding foreign passports," the NRI commissioner said. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Hon Faeliro,

You have spoken positive about oci for goan origin person. What about other rights???

What happens to a person born and bought up in Goa most of his life,attains portuguese nationality for sole purpose of better life?Why should not there be different law in regard to attaining other nationality specially for Goans as goa was ennexed forcibly?Why cannot they allow goan to hold both the nationalities vis a vis?Why Is he considered to be a foreigner even after being born in Goa?. When he returns back to Goa, a non goan has more rights than him,can this be justified! In Goa its difficult to attain decent employment due to corrupt practice.

jacintp , u.k

what do you do with nri's who are declared bankrupt ,involved in frauds ,scams and having intentions to commit frauds and open fake companies in india only to realise they have duped the state to of croes of rupees, how is eduardo going to react to it as i have already heard that a women declared bankrupt and who is on the streets is intending to come to goa and will be definetly coming with the intention of committing frauds on property and bank loans as citibank has already borne the brunt of it,

if one has surrendered his indian citizen or accquired one than all rights should be stopped or else giveup your foreign citizenships and be pro indian. how will eduardo protect the country against frauds who will have enough time to hatch, conspire and dissapear.Arey shivaji have you bought a new horse? I AM NOT AGAINST THE GENUINE CASES, HOWEVER ALONG WITH THE GENUINE CASES COME NASTY CHARACTERS THAT WILL LEAVE US ALL FLABBERGASTED.

massimo , emqon

I thought an OCI is entitled to life long visa-free travel to India whereas for PIO cardholder, the period of visa-free travel is 15 years.

Where is it mentioned that it is 30 years visa free travel for an OCI card holder ?

Buchun , USA

I think I have to agree with Mr, JAGAN from USA. What he has mentioned is right. All the Goans who have acquired foreign nationalities do know what to do. They apply for the PIO/OCI as soon as possible. I have done the same. The only thing is that the procedure to get OCI takes almost 4 to 6 months. That needs to be expedited. Those that relax and delay in applying for the OCI and at the nick of time run for a entry visa get the short term visa. It is the fault of the concerned person. The Indian embassies and high commissions do their job well in this field.

Yes indeed Mr. Faleiro must use the funds for the resident Goans and their betterment. What I have written may not be appreciated by some. But this is true - Menino de Valpoi

Menino G.P.T, Fernandes (Valpoi/UK) , United Kingdom of Great Britain

thank you sir,may all the blessings be upon you

i always wanted a dual citizenship mostly my goan background now i wont mind obtaining one

antonio prestly , chinchinim

Mr. Faleiro, Over seas Goans who are interested in PIO, etc. will apply for them, they surely know what to do, etc.

Please try to use your energy and the Govt. funds for the betterment of resident Goans. And not waste resource for personal gains, etc as was smartly brought out recently by Aires.


Hon’ble Eduardo sir,

Thank you! You have done a great service to NRI community. May God bless you!

I had the privilege to know you and work for you for the parliamentary elections during the terms of Froilano Machado & Dr. Luis Proto Barbosa. I am a true Congressman!

You are a dynamic leader. Wish you or Shantaram Naik was the CM of Goa. It would be wise for the Congress party to nominate either one of you as CM at least 6 months before the next Assembly elections to assure the goan electorate. There’s a danger that the Congress may sink before the River Princess.

You have always worked for goan interests. Sir, please do something to restore Goa’s lost glory as a land of peace, harmony & absolute security which our parents & we enjoyed until the few decades back.

Francis Fernandes , Switzerland



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