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MGP should apologise for imposing Opinion Poll on Goa: Girish


The Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party should apologise to each and every Goan for unnecessarily imposing Opinion Poll on Goa and dividing Goans on linguistic lines, the Congress has demanded.

The statement was made by All India Congress Committee secretary Girish Chodankar today morning while speaking at 49th Opinion Poll Day function organised by Calangute Panchayat.

The statement becomes pertinent in the background of MGP leader and PWD minister Sudin Dhawalikar demanding apology from Portugal Prime Minister Antonio Costa, of Goan origin, for the colonial rule of Portugal in Goa for 451 years.

Speaking as a chief guest after garlanding the statue of Dr Jack Sequeira, Chodankar said Opinion Poll would have never taken place in Goa if the MGP had not made the demand of Goa’s merger with Maharashtra.

There was no question of merger since Goa always had its unique identity with Konkani as its language and different culture and history than Maharashtra.

“The MGP imposed Opinion Poll on us for their political benefits and divided Goans on religious and linguistic lines. They owe an apology to each and every Goan”, said Chodankar.

Stating further that the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party is expert in misguiding the people, he also said that Goa would have been in Maharashtra today if the BJP existed in 1967.

Chodankar also recalled how the BJP came to power in 2012 election by taking Goans on a ride on several issues of Goan identity like the Regional Plan, Special Status, Mining destruction, Medium of Instruction, Casinos etc.

“The BJP has betrayed Goans today on each and every issue while people wonder whom they hve elected with majority seats”, said Chodankar.

While stating that towering personality like Dr Jack Sequeira is needed more today than in the past, the AICC secretary also wondered whether Goa will have to pass one day Preservation of Goans Act to preserve Goan as an endangered species in its own state.

As the historic Opinion Poll held in 1967 would complete 50 years in 2017, he suggested that the Panchayat should take initiative in felicitating colleagues of Dr Sequeira, who are still living.

Fr Cypriano D’Silva, the parish priest of Calangute church, said Goan identity is under threat from all sides today, not because of outside forces like Maharashtra but our greedy politicians and industry.

“It’s time to wake up and fight to retain our identity, which is under threat from all the sides”, said Fr D’Silva.

The parish priest also spoke passionately about protecting Goa’s coconut, which is being threatened due to the recent amendments to the Preservation of Trees Act passed in the recently concluded winter Assembly session.

Calangute Sarpanch Joseph Sequeira welcomed the gathering.

Dr Jack Sequeira’s daughter Margo Sequeira was also present at the function along with other family members, who paid floral tributes to Dr Sequeira. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Grapes are sour seems to be case here. it is interesting to see that the lust for power- popularity-paisa can lead people to "pozollponn". Although, i agree that the BJP, with MGP as its partner, seems to be more inclined towards Maharashtra, I would also like to bring a few facts to the attention of Girish and readers of this e-media reports, that most of the pillars of the then MGP who supported the merger of Goa into Maharashtra are now a part of the present Congress. These are the same leaders (read ministers) who decided upon Mopa as the spot for the new airport, which was a clear decision to assist Maharashtra. Although, Mr. Girish is a pleasant personality, it would be good if he does a little bit of homework before he is made to bite his tongue. I think a proper- planned- positive campaign would assist the Congress to be back in power, and not BJP bashing, since the arrogant BJP has already done part of it themselves. If the

Jaret de Silva , Chandor, Goa

the mgp still insists in starting their party name with maharashtra. if they were all for goa and goans, they would have modified their name to goa gomantak party to reflect a goan identity.

mgp and their ilk, including rane were the biggest obstacles in recognising konkanni, the mother tongue of ALL goans. it would have been a shame that goans with a rich history and traditions, were to be forced to adopt marathi as mother-tongue. goans thus would be adopted children of maharahstra.

mgp may still be dreaming of their past glory and hope to one-day force goans to be a district of maharashtra! these goan TRAITORS must be eliminated from the goan scene so that we do not have to go to another opinion poll.

the hindus in goa MUST stand up for konkanni and be proud of it not only at home but also at the polls!

the older generation of christians in goa MUST give up clinging to their alphabetic/romi konkanni and embrace the devanagri konkanni, as every child in goa has by now learnt devanagri script and konkanni will help them plan their future.

the only thing that significantly identifies goans is their mother-tongue---konkanni. if KONKANNI survives, goans survive!!

john mascarenhas , goa

Send back all Maharashtrians fighting for Marathi and who wanted Goa to merge with Maharashtra.

They are a curse on peace loving Goans.

d.jUSTIN , Goa

Garish Chodankar what u said is completely right keep u good work and what Congress has done, will should always remember Dr. Jack Sequiera.

vicentin Rebello , United Kingdom



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