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Around 50 die every day, 246 Covid deaths in 5 days


As predicted, unfortunately, the month of May is becoming scarier day by day. With an average of around 50 per day, a total 246 Covid deaths have been reported in the last five days against 346 deaths reported in the whole month of April.

The GMC has released a mortality bulletin today, reporting 71 Covid deaths. It includes one death each occurred on 28th April and 1st May. 

In addition, 27 more deaths occurred on 4th May are listed in the bulletin, taking yesterday’s toll to 45. 

And scarier is the number of deaths reported today till the afternoon. Total 42 have lost their lives, not knowing how many more lives the deadly virus would claim by midnight. 

In the last five days, the highest number of deaths reported are 55 each on 1st as well as 3rd May. The second day of the month reported 49 deaths. 

The number has suddenly started shooting up with the beginning of May. 

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Covid deaths had suddenly jumped to second digit with 13 deaths reported on 18th April. Since then, the number started rising and Goa lost 306 lives in the last 13 days of April. This average of the second fortnight was around 24 deaths a day.

But, coincidentally, the number started suddenly zooming with the first day of May reporting 55 deaths against 25 deaths on 30th April. 


The news is filed with a heavy heart, not to create panic but a request with folded hands not to add this deadly number by continuing to remain negligent. 

Mask a must

Social Distancing a norm

Washing Hands repeatedly a habit

Don’t Move Out unless utmost necessary. 

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Oxygen and Vaccine, Where are you? I am coming from the Center. Why so much delay? Why it was not sent, when first phase was over? Because of this delayed, now so many people died!

Jack De Goan , Goa




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