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Babush joins Goa Forward, to support Parrikar in Panaji


Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and Goa Forward minister Vijai Sardesai have played a master stroke. Babush Monseratte has joined Goa Forward.

Along with him, Goa Forward will now support Parrikar in the forthcoming by-election in Panaji.

Babush was supposed to contest against Parrikar on Congress ticket.

But suddenly Vijai appeared with Babush at a pre-scheduled press conference of GF spokesman Trajano D’Mello, to make the dramatic announcement.

Both the GF ministers – Vinod Palayekar and Jayesh Salgaonkar as well as GF office bearers including general secretary Mohandas Lolayekar and chief spokesperson Prashant Naik were present at the press briefing.

But none of them had any idea who is joining their party.

As usual, Babush said he joining the GF to provide stability to the coalition government led by Parrikar.

Both he and Vijai also made it clear that he was not interested in ministry.


“Congress is not serious about anything. That’s why I decided to join Goa Forward,” he said.

Vijay however made another interesting statement.

He said GF will contest any seat that is vacated by any Congress MLA in future.

He however denied if they have approached anybody in this regard.

Sources do not rule out the possibility of Jennifer Monseratte resigning as the Congress MLA, paving way for Babush to contest from Taleigao.

Sources also do not rule out the possibility of some more Congress MLAs resigning and joining Goa Forward, especially from the North. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Those Political Parties who say themselves Secular Parties are insulting Peace-Loving Hindus!

There is no so call Secular Votes or Secular Parties. Secular Votes directly hurting Hindus!

There are Corrupt Parties, Communal Party and Honest Party.

So, Hindus should never vote for a Secular or Communal Parties but vote for Honest Party.

Hindus should keep away from Secular and Communal Parties and vote only Honest Party.

Hindus-Muslims-Christians-Sikhs-Buddhists = Honest Party (Aam Aadmi Party).

Jack De Goan , Goa

Great o see the journey of Babush from Portugal to Partagal.

Vijay, by hook or crook wants to increase his strength to make an impact in the next elections. He feels he would be able to feed on the Congress which is dormant. His self appointment as the head of his own party means he trusts no one, especially, the bahujan community leaders (sic) in his own party. He is also believed to be close to Govind Gaude these days to lobby for a pro Gaude small time dramatist as the vice chairman of Kala Academy, in a bid to keep Dhavalikar in control.

For him and Parrikar, Babush who cannot be under the pressure of his own community members is a better pawn to handle.than someone from hindu bahujan who can turn around and bite.Majority communitir=es like Bhandari, Gauda and Kharvi had outrightly tejected BJP in the last polls.

"Go BJP Forward; could be the new party.

Vijay, despite using his 'padi budd' is bound to bite the dust sooner or later, hopefully before next elections. If he aspires to be the CM in case Bhai's health deteriorates further ( now itself bhai pants and gets breathless while talking), he will be neither; Gharka; nor ; 'ghaat ka:' because a extreme right wing sanghi lobby within BJP does not trust him at all.

Sources close to Babush suggest that Tony will resign to make way for Babush in St. Cruz and Bhai has a special plan to rehabilitate Tony.

Great to see two saraswats in total control of politics in Goa. They were always the winners and will continue to be so because they beieive that their DNA is much superior than bahujans and 'mistis.

Rajan kamat , Feira Baixo, Mapusa

This is the perfect marriage. Both, Vijay and Babush have so much in common that they were ought to be together some day.

Babush, a small time money lender and a school; drop out from Taleigao rose to be a MLA through sheer hard work of managing goons from Taleigao, Calapor and Merces.

Similarly, Vijay got his formal training in politics from notorious Abdul from Kharebnd.

Both have a great business acumen and have successfully completed several land and property deals by selling same to rich non Goans interested in having assets in Goa.

Both nurture strong political ambitions who know to keep their voters happy..

Now Goa Forward will prosper and their leaders will easily quadruple their assets.

Tony will resign and Bubushnwill contest from St Cruz, BJP Taleigao unit is nit in favour of Jenifer , so she will continue to be Babush's mole in Congress.

Goa is indeed lucky to have such politicians. raj

Rajan kamat , Feira Baixo, Mapusa



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