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Political parties battle over Caitu's Portuguese citizenship


Political parties in Goa have already started battling over Benaulim MLA Caitan alias Caitu Silva’s Portuguese citizenship while it is still not known whether and when he would be disqualified.

The Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party have already demanded resignation of Caitu, since he ceases to be Indian citizen.

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party in Goa however has firmly stood behind Caitu, terming the union home ministry’s order to declare Caitu a Portuguese national (and not an Indian citizen) a politically motivated move.

Caitu belongs to the two-member Goa Vikas Party, representing Benaulim constituency.

Calling it an administrative order and not judicial order, BJP vice president Dr Wilfred Mesquita alleged that the order is an attempt to hurt the BJP government in Goa by the central government headed by the Congress.

GPCC president Subhash Shirodkar however felt either Caitu should resign or the authorities like the Election Commission of India or the Goa governor should disqualify him since Assembly is a very sensitive institution.

NCP’s senior vice president Jose Philip D’Souza has gone a step ahead, demanding that chief minister Manohar Parrikar should file a perjury case against Caitu for swearing a false affidavit before the election commission that he is Indian citizen, while filing his nomination for Assembly election.

Claiming that he continues to be Indian citizen, Caitu is however planning to move to the Delhi high court against the order of the union home ministry.

“I have never renounced my Indian citizenship and I continue to hold Indian passport”, states Caitu.

John Fernandes, who had petitioned the MHA regarding Caitu’s Portuguese citizenship, now also plans to write to the Passport office, demanding that the latter’s Indian passport be withdrawn.


On his behalf, his counsel Radharao Gracias has already approached Goa governor, seeking Caitu’s disqualification.

As he claimed, Goa Governor Bharat Vir Wanchoo has assured them to refer the matter to Election Commission of India.

Both Fernandes and Gracias were accompanied to the Raj Bhavan by Congress leader Churchill Alemao, whose daughter Valanka was defeated by Caitu in the last Assembly election.

Though they were found together, Gracias said his United Goans Democratic Party would contest the by-election of Benaulim if Caitu is disqualified.

On the other hand, Valanka has approached the high court with a prayer to disqualify Caitu and declare her as the Benaulim MLA.

The petition filed long ago is still pending before the Bombay high court at Panaji.

It is thus clear that Gracias and Alemao are together to get Caitu disqualified but would cross swords if by-election is declared.

“We will firmly stand behind Caitu in his struggle”, the BJP vice president Mesquita however has announced.

Fatorda independent MLA Vijay Sardesai however gives a completely different twist to the whole controversy while recalling the Shuddhikaran performed by then Vasco’s BJP leader Rajendra Arlekar (Goa Assembly Speaker today), when Portuguese ship NRP Sagres had arrived in Goa.

“Will Arlekar now perform similar Shuddhikaran of Goa Assembly since two Portuguese citizens (Aldona MLA Glen Ticlo and Caitu) have occupied MLAs’ seats in the House”, he asked.

It is not known where the battle will reach finally, but it is clear that the issue of Ticlo and Caitu’s  citizenship would be a new tool the opposition would now use to try and weaken the BJP government in Goa. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Stop this Portuguese issue. What is the problems with

those oppose or Portuguese Passport or Citizenship. Do

they have nothing to do except such issue. Congress,

lawyers etc. are empty drum Valanka taking revenge of

Caitu Bai Valanka and Lawyers do your law practice and

leave meddling unwanted issue. Next election do not even

think you have place to bear it.

Domnick Rodrigues , Goa

The UGDP reminds me of a wild -life Hyenas,who loiter around ,for their pound of flesh, after a lion has made its kill or is intending to make a kill.

In the canine (dog) world, there is a breed called a Blood -Hound". It is known to detect blood easily. which best describes this Party`s "Activity.

I would certainly not extend the 2 members of the UGDP the "Honour" of being called an Activists. They are certainly very far away from that honour.

They should be rightly describer as an "All words,more words, even more words & No action" speices, where activism or bringing any change, is concerned.

In the last few days, following the Portuguese Citizenship issue, the Vice President cum Spokesperson has decided to become & started behaving as Goa`s super sleuth.

I wonder if he has inherited the mantle or ghost of Inspector Clouseau, from the "Pink Panther Films" or even Hercule Poirot from the Agatha Christie novels.?

He seems to have detected a lot of Citizenship issues in Goa.

I wonder how many cases or causes these UGDP Activists, have taken up or challenged as Activists? The short answer is none .... or none of any merit or note-worthy.

From what we know, they are more likely to surface when there is a smell of "moolah" to make, most notably during elections.

Somehow they revive a completely dead Political Party (UGDP) for this purpose.

The UGDP has become a laughing stock in Political circles & the electorate alike.

There may be some hope ,if they invite the Freedom Fighters,to wash their Party, a little .

Perhaps, this time and planting fear amongst Goans, they envisage many Goans will now be running to them for Citizenship advice.

If the UGDP is seriously concerned about the Citizenship of many Goans & how it impacts on their personal life & beliefs, they should do the honourable thing & bring it to the attention of the "Prescribed Authority" or "appropriate Authorities",themselves.

They should stop appointing "Puppets" (like John de Varca) & Stooges or a 3rd Party, for this purpose and file cases in their own name. After all Advocates and should be "Competent" to defend the Law.

For the moment, it seems like Adv Gracias is taking Goans on a "Wild Goose chase" and plainly speaking "beating around the bush".

Strangley & wisely, many Goans do not buy his form of "Activism" or "causes".

Just today, a friend of mine from Goa described the UGDP as Tiatrist of the " Legal" profession. No other Goan Political Party has achieved this distinction.

They are currently preparing & practising their repertoires.

N.Fernandes , London



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