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Timble resigns as GF President, calls Vijai’s move ‘unprofessional’


It is not known how the constituency of Goa Forward would react to Vijai Sardesai’s decision to join the BJP government led by Manohar Parrikar. But Prabhakar Timble was the first one to resign as the President.

“I have not left the party, but I don’t want to be the face of the party”, he told

It is learnt that Vijai’s decision to join the BJP government was delayed because of strong opposition by some office bearers. But none of them have reacted officially so far, except Timble.

Even Timble doesn’t want to speak for them.

But he has described the move of joining the BJP government as ‘unprofessional’.

“We fought the election on the plank of keeping the BJP out of power. We can’t divorce from the plank and get married immediately”, Timble commented on the development in his own satirical style.

According to him, supporting Congress would have been the first choice. If not satisfied with it, the party was free to go elsewhere, he felt.

“No doubt Congress has ditched us, but still we could have explored the possibility of forming Congress government fully before taking such decision”, he said.

Being an educationist, columnist and political commentator throughout his career, Timble said he had acted as per his temperament.

“I am not a professional politician”, he said.

Timble had stayed away from the confabulation with the BJP and did not accompany his colleagues to Panaji.

After Vijai joined Parrikar to meet the Governor to stake claim, Timble sent his resignation to the party general secretary Mohandas Lolayekar.

Though his letter stated that he does not want to embarrass the party by citing reasons, he spoke to at length.

On the other hand, information reveals that Timble’s other senior colleagues are also upset with Vijai’s decision since they had joined hands with Vijai and formed Goa Forward to keep the BJP out of power. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Vijay Sardessai is a rogue politician, we cannot say cunning but a rogue politician, we can dirty politician, we cannot say a professional politician. He made his campaign against the BJP saying BJP made the coconut as the grass. Now he joined the BJP to eat that grass and not to fight for the coconut. Parrikar is too intelligent and he will throw sardessai when he is ready. At the moment Parrikar need sardessai. Vijai Sardessai will get his due sooner and not later. He just take step to commit suicide and it will be executed soon by the BJP themselves or himself on his own.

Congress delayed unnecessarily. Even for the time being if they had got Vijay sardessai on their side and started and they could

Francisco Fernandes , Dubai ( Goan )

It was master planned by vijay sardesai and may be this lies are new to migrants in Goa but not for Goans.its only a cheat for innocent Goans

This was all preplanned by you and vijay sardesai , Uk

Your True Goan who belives coconut tree is not grass. Thank you.

john lobo , mapusa

your true goan, not betrayor. Love you.

john lobo , mapusa

Vijay should become the CM, why the same old Parrikar.

Vijay have a good talent and can work for Goans but the 'U' turn will damage his image.

Might be He was scared that a non-safron Luizinho become the CM.

the end result: Goans has to suffer for another term.

John W. D'Souza , Sanguem

Mr.Prabhakar Timble is a man of integrity . i salute him.

he showed us Goekarponn . Mr. Vijay Sardesai has shown his true colours...shame on Vijay!!!

Dominick Falcao , Punjab

Late but on right side. It's not Politics but actually Politricks. Use all tricks to full people and come to power.

Rajesh Gaonkar , Ponda Goa

Hats off to you timble Bab , you are a true Goenka

Oswald noronha , Borda



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