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Caitu is Portuguese, not Indian citizen, states union home ministry


The union home ministry has passed an order that Goa Vikas Party’s Benaulim MLA Caitan Silva is not an Indian citizen, but a Portuguese citizen.

The ministry has upheld the petition filed by John Fernandes, challenging citizenship of Silva, more popularly known as Caitu.

Fernandes received the communication today, signed by Under Secretary Home of the Union government, dated 20 November, filed under Section 9 (2) of the Indian Citizenship Act, 1955.

Adv Radharao Gracias, the lawyer of Fernandes, said he would now approach all the possible authorities to get the MLA disqualified.

The union home ministry had referred the matter to the Indian Embassy in Portugal, which confirmed that Caitu is a Portuguese National from 21 July 2010 as his birth having been registered in Lisbon under No.977517/2010.

While the ministry had also issued notice to Caitu to seek his reply, the GVP MLA had denied that he was a Portuguese national.

He had also rejected the request to cross examine him, claiming that it was not provided under the rules.

This is a second case within a week, after ruling Bharatiya Janata Party’s Aldona MLA Glen Ticlo was established to be the Portuguese citizen (and not Indian citizen) when he contested Assembly election held last year.

The union home minister had received a communication from the Indian embassy in Portugal stating that Ticlo had surrendered his Portuguese citizenship in January this year.

However, the union home ministry is yet to pass the order in Ticlo’s case.

As no foreign national can contest any civic election in Indian union, Gracias now plans to file a plea seeking his disqualification, before all the authorities.

“We will file petitions before the Governor, the Speaker of Goa Assembly, the Election Commission of India and all other concerned authorities”, said Gracias.

He appeared confident that Caitu cannot remain the member of Goa Legislative Assembly any more.

However, the decision could come only after the appropriate authority takes a decision to disqualify him.

Till then, Caitu would continue to be the MLA.

The two-member Goa Vikas Party, headed by Nuvem MLA Mickky Pacheco, is presently supporting the BJP-led coalition government, headed by Manohar Parrikar.

According to Gracias, Caitu now ceases to be an Indian National in terms of Art.9 of the Constitution of India and thus his name needs to be struck down from the electoral roll.

Gracias also observed that this order would have far reaching consequences as hundreds of Goans have registered their births in Portugal under bonafide belief that such registration does not confer Portuguese Citizenship on them.

“It is up to the Government of India to take this peculiar situation into account and find a solution”, he said. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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take back all his salary which is given to him for 5 years. What is election comissioner was doing while giving the ticket. This world is for cheaters

Edwin , Calangute

It is time Valanka , Churchill & Radharao realise that Goans are not "stupid" anymore.

The last elections proved their own stupidity, when they were unceremoniously defeated and now pretty much consigned to history.

If Valanka and Churchill ) & (including their roguish Advocates)knew all along that Caitu was ineligible to contest he election, why did they wait till the elections were over and they were defeated & completed annihilated?.

Was the shame at losing unbearable?

This is a classic case of "Vindictive" politics.

Valanka and the other Alemaos were certain & cock-sure they would win the elections as they are deluded that there are no others like them. They believe kissing the bible and a pilgrimage to Valiankani guarantees them success.

The only thing that nearly every Goans can guarantee about the Alemaos,North ,South ,East & West and all over the world now too, is they are Masters at the "Looting Games".

They have now announced , along with their Advocates,that a couple of Lok sabha canditates are also holding Portuguese Passports.

From this we can deduce that the Alemao`s are knowingly abetting an election crime.

I guess if they win the crime disappears & all will be well and if they lose, the crime will make headlines and sent to the "Prescribed Authority " in New Delhi for their decision.

In conducting some research in Goa over the last few days, it has become apparent that many Goans now detest the Alemaos. The elderly Goans have even cast their "curses" upon this family.

My research has also confirmed that Caitu, Avertano and Benjamin Silva are held in high esteem. Vijay Sardesai is viewed as a "time -server" and "fair weather-cock". Vijay Sardesai is also viewed as a "Closet Alemao" ( an Alemao except by name).

The common factor & theme I hear from every one, is that the Alemao`s are "Hypocrites" "Mega Cheats" & have stolen food from the mouths of Goans.

For every Rs 500?= they bribe the electorate with at elections, they have looted Rs 50000 per Goan once elected.

Forums from around the world too are awash with negative comments and curses on the Alemao family.

N.Fernandes , London

This case speaks volumes about the Alemao family, Radharao Gracias and John Fernandes.

Churchill , Valanka and Radharao Gracias are known to contest elections.

So why have they used a proxy & most likely a "Puppet" ,in John Fernandes to file cases on their behalf.

I wonder what interest John Fernandes has in this issue ,other than to lick the boots of the Alemao family& , derive forms of financial benefits albeit alleged or known to be looted from the Goan exchequer.

Why hasn`t Valanka filed cases in the Supreme Court on this issue? Why just Goa?.

N.Fernandes , UK

I wonder and surprised why Valanka and rest so rude and

frustrated about Portuguese nationality those who granted

by Portuguese government. Goans are rude and jealous

each other. Turn around other states in India there are not

identical people like goans who kick each other back pull

each other legs. In india so many are foreign citizen but

they never pull each other curtains why goans? why goans

are ignorant and bullish like valanka and others this is just

political revenge nothing else. to gain power like Churchill

Alemao. Empty drum always make more sound same way

like nuts politicians in Goa.


Sanjay Kumar , Goa

Churchill is pouring crores earned through corruption in PWD and by using his influence in Centre. He will never succeed. The same Churchill is touring London at the cost of Portuguese nationals of Goan original and have used British MP Keith Vaz to canvass for his daughter in last assembly elections.

Goa for Goans , Goa



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