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Cong lost due to its own mistakes: Sardinha


Still smarting under its debacle in the Assembly polls, Goa Congress today said that the party had to pay a heavy price at the hustings owing to its own "mistakes".

"The party was rejected by people because it made mistakes.

We already know what went wrong. People did not want Congress so they voted new people to power," said the working president of the state unit Congress, Fransisco Sardinha.

He was reacting to the setting up of a review committee to study the poll debacle.

A three-member committee, headed by union defence minister A K Anthony, has been formed to study the party's poor performance in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Goa.

Congress could win only nine seats in the Assembly polls, while BJP in alliance with Maharashtravadi Gomantak Party (MGP) swept the poll to rule the 40-member House.

Sardinha, who was inducted as the working president of the party during Goa polls, said that "the state government had to go because it committed mistakes".

He said that after a defeat, the local party unit is in a state of shock.

"For any party, after the poll defeat, they are bound to be in shock," Sardinha said refusing to set up any deadline for rejuvenation of the party in the state.

He also ruled out the possibility of Manohar Parrikar government engaging into a witch-hunting against Congress.

"Only fools will go after the person to take revenge when they are already refused by the electorate," Sardinha observed.

He informed  that a three-member committee headed by Union Defense Minister A K Anthony is studying party’s poor performance in Goa, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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One must not forget that Francisco Sardinha has made some rash and stupid decisions in hus time in power.He was proved wrong, when he disqualified the Late Mathany Saldanha.

Just because Mr Sardinha comes from a prevliedged and an upper caste family background,does not mean he was automatically and unconditionally gifted by God, to become a Ruler/ Administrator.He was voiceless, knowing very well, that many of his Congress colleagues, were very corrupt and committing blatant criminality.Was he in the minority or was he also an accessory?.He couldn`t change his Party from within.He turned a "blind eye" to the going-ons.How come his eyes have suddenly opened?If he didn`t know what was going on while he was the President of the GPCC,How come he knows it now and much better?.He played a major part in the allocation of Tickets, along with Jagmeet Brar and Oscar Fernandes.He mis-calculated & mis-judged the outcome, and for this he should resign and consider retiring,instead to holding on to his "dear life" of the Congress order for Congress to move forward, it should recruit young and foward looking members,not some old fuddy-duddy or stale "old codgers"(old men).

N.Fernandes , London

As per Press reports today in the news media, the reason for Congress Party`s defeat as narrated by Francisco Sardinha, differs from that of his other senior Party Colleagues.The Congress Part no longers looks unified. Looks like Mr Sardinha,, has avoided mentioning "Family RAJ".Is this because he suffers from "SELECTIVE MEMORY" or because his son Shalom was due to contest on the "FAMILY RAJ TICKET" and was denied it or opted out?.His ommission of this reason is bewildering.Looks like Francisco Sardinha,has been educated,indoctrinated and inspired in the School of Excuses, of Churchill Alemao.Churchill`s reason for the his personal & Congress failure was, Priests,EVM`s, Digamber Kamat.The guys who must be having the last laugh, are Jagmeet Brar and Oscar Fernandes.They surely sauntered off to New Delhi,with suitcases & crores of Rupees for their efforts,in promoting Family Raj. Will the failed Congress candidates exact their "REVENGE"...not "ACCOUNTABILITY", on Sardinha, Brar & "Sleepy Joe" & "dodo" , Oscar Ferandes

N.Fernandes , London

Why was Mr. Sardinha not given a berth in Union Cabinet? Goa needed some representation in the Union Cabinet and Mr. Sardinha could have been easily accommodated there...Considering the type of Politicians presently being rewarded with Ministerial Berths in Delhi,---Mr Sardinha would have shown much better performance compared to most of the others... Why was Goa given a step motherly treatment.?..Was it used only to take away huge revenue to Delhi and sending the HC emissaries for every silly issue here? It was a disgrace to find the HC emissaries coming here almost every alternate day..God knows what they did here ....Let us have some self esteem left in us....

vishwas prabhudesai , loliem

Mr. Sardinha, you expose a wide canyon of ignorance in your press statement, unbecoming of any teacher which I believe was your profession. Maybe the decades spent with uneducated and illiterate colleagues in politics has taken its toll? As a teacher, I presume you should know the meaning of a MISTAKE. Corruption, looting, extortion, abetting crimes, etc.; ARE THIS CALLED MISTAKES??? Secondly, do you know or not the meaning of witch hunting? Going after Criminals and bringing them to face the Law is not witch hunting Mr. Sardinha. Maybe you have a different 'gauntti' dictionary, but the Law follows Oxford!!

Tucarama Naique , Goa

Interesting to read artilce of Mr. Sardinha. He realize

now after rise and fall congress in Goa. He feel people revenge by defeating congress by opposition. This is not true Mr. Sardinha since congress in power so many strange things happen beleive or not..Fall of congress is not the reason what you tell us, the reason

I will tell you frankly and openly you should remember people are not fool . Corruption, bribe, criminal are

main in congress manifesto list. So many crime in

Goa such as goverment hospitak like GMC ignored

top rank doctors and drugs,smuggling god father of ministers and common people neglected.Congress

party corrupt party top to bottom Delhi to Goa..

Sanjay Kumar , Goa

Would someone, meeting Mr Sardinha, a Caste biased elitist Politician,personally explain to him what the word "ACCOUNTABILITY" means in a Democracy.No Goan will ever find peace within himself /herself until ,he/she has got to the bottom of the truth.Their awarness that the State has been looted *& Plundered is profound. The Congress Party is run on Mafiosi principles.When one of them is cornered,they all form a circle around to protect him.They even change Laws or delay inquiries & court cases,to suit their beleagured collegues. Goa`s wealth has been plundered.It is in the hands of a few. It is not the grassroots Congress Party members we are after.It is the head-honchos .Can this landowning"caste elitist" Francisco Sardinha,explain to Goans that no Congress Minister is corrupt and hence revenge would be inappropriate?.Does he have the gall or gumption for it?

N.Fernandes , London

Mr. Sardinha, where is the question of witch-hunting? Whoever has looted and cheated this Motherland Goa should not go unpunished.


sardinhabab, don't live in hope that Mr Manohar Parrikar won't go on a witch-hunting mission againt congress. He will definately punish the culprits and there are signs on it in plenty. The witch-hunting has already started with a FIR being filed against Pandurang Madkaikar.

rajan gaonkar , london

Mr Sardinha......if (quote) "We already know what went wrong. People did not want Congress so they voted new people to power"...can you give us the specifics.Does the word "CORRUPTION" & Family Raj & loot & plunder & black money,not exist in your dictionary.Who are you trying to kid?

N.Fernandes , London

Mr Francisco Sardinha, a has been and an out of touch Politician, need not gives us a lecture or sermon on withc hunting.We are not hunting witches...just plain congress crooks,of who he may be one.Sardinha should know the difference between "revenge" and "Justice".When the Congress or his Congress,have committed criminal acts against the people of Goa,with their corrupt rule,it cannot be described as revenge.The Government elected, is of the people, by the people and for the people. It is the people ,who want wrongs, righted and justice served.Mr Sardinha should consider leaving Goa with his lame ducks and consider camping in New Delhi,with his corrupt cohorts.We do not need his types in Goa.Good riddance to his bad rubbish

N.Fernandes , London



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