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Bicholim MLA Patnekar quits BJP to join Cong, Juwarkar also joins for Panaji


Rajesh Patnekar, after quitting BJP

Bicholim MLA Rajesh Patnekar quit the Bharatiya Janata Party today, to join the ruling Congress in next eight days.

On the other hand, former Taleigao MLA Somanath Juwarkar also joined the Congress, to contest from Panaji against opposition leader Manohar Parrikar.

Patnekar, who served as the BJP MLA for two terms, admitted that he joined the Congress as he has been assured 100 jobs by the ruling party.

“This statement itself is more than enough of a proof of corruption”, said Parrikar, while alleging both direct and indirect flow of money in his legislator weakening the party.

Patnekar submitted his resignation to speaker Pratapsing Rane today morning.

While the Assembly is now being reduced to 39, the opposition BJP got weakened to 13.

“My ticket is confirmed by Congress observer J S Brar, chief minister Digambar Kamat, GPCC chief Subhash Shirodkar and health minister Vishwajeet Rane”, claimed Patnekar.

Vishwajeet, the mastermind behind Patnekar’s joining the Congress also welcomed his decision.

“Patnekar is a dedicated and sincere politician and a very good human being”, he said.

Naresh Sawal, who was projected as the Congress candidate all this time even by Vishwajeet, however said his claim over Bicholim ticket would continue.

Sawal has even been supported by the Bicholim PCC and Mahila Congress presidents, claiming that he has strengthened the Congress in Bicholim.

Patnekar said the government had assured developmental works of Bicholim town worth Rs 25 crore, which would begin by next week.

Patnekar also claims that his stand against medium of instruction policy of the Congress government would continue even after joining the ruling party.

On the other hand, former Taleigao MLA Somanath Juwarkar joined the Congress today evening. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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in this case what if Naresh Sawal loyal congresman comes with BJP will that effect patnekars chances of retaining Bicholim ,this is Goa anything can happen.In Politics no one is permenant friend or enemy.

naresh , bahrain

To Melvyn, I fully agree with you, let us give BJP a chance to make a change and remove corruption.

Congress in Goa is no more a democratic party, it is more like a family business.

John W D Souza , Margoa Goa

Hi Vishwas Prabhudesai:::what guides most Goan Politicians is not Policies or ideologies...but raw greed & the propensity to loot in daylight.As you well know, many Goan MLA`s are "highly un-educated.There are a few holding Cabinet Posts or Portfolios.The term Policy to them does not mean or have any reference or link to dogma /belief/ ideology. To them ,they think that it is a "LIFE INSURANCE POLICY".If one asks the Education Minister , Babush Monseratte,what "Policy" means, he is more than likely to think it is a name for the "POLICE" in a foreign language or some other dialect!!!! .

N.Fernandes , London

Hi Abdul- USA::These 100 jobs promised free of charge by the Congress Party in Goa,to entice Mr Patnekar, has a re-sale value.It is a well known fact that many MLA`s & Ministers in Goa actually sell these jobs for a few Lahks of rupees.The minimm rates for a Government job these days are Rs 3 Lakhs +.No doubt some of the money Mr Patnekar collects from the sale of these jobs will be siphoned off to some foreign shores or placed in a maze of "Benami" accounts.If Mr Patnekar is currently the owner of a small hut , house or flat...he will soon be the proud owner of a Palace or palatial House and several Luxury cars, in double or triple quick time.Perhaps he could also follow the latest fashion of many Congress Legislators by having a Vote bank slum dwelling or shanti town named "PATNEKAR NAGAR".They seem to be mushrooming all over Goa to its detriment

N.Fernandes , London

All Goans need to rise and vote against Congress which is spreading corruption by creating and selling silly and useless jobs. No private sector companies are coming in to Goa.

We need to get BJP back to power with full support.

Melvyn , Goa

It all looks, like a form of the "FLESH TRADE", taking place, in Goa`s Legsilature /Politics. It could be comparable to the oldest known profession of "Prostitution". For 100 jobs and Rs 25 Crores development..."I THEE, Mr. R. PATNEKAR, ENDOW (sell) MY BODY TO YOU". Forget MORALS,IDEOLOGIES OR is the money that counts.

N.Fernandes , London

It is sad that in Goan democracy, a sitting member of house could be bought over for 100 jobs.

Shameful indeed.

Abdul , USA

शंभर नोकरेचे भिकेक बळी पडलो ?

फाल्या सकाळी कोणी दोनशी दिता म्हटल्यार XXX खातलो काय कितेरे?

Jagan , USA

Shame on you !! Mr Patnekar. What do you mean 100 jobs.. aren't they suppose to be on Merit. Where was this concern for these 2 terms .

regis , uk

Gone are the days when the politicians were sticking to ideologies. Now the ideologies are changed to suit the political party affiliation. May be the framers of our Constitution never envisaged such people could grab power and perpetuate dynasty rule by sheer strength of money and muscle power. Opportunistic politics coupled with liberal use of money and muscle power in a fragmented society could end up in chaos and disgrace....

vishwas prabhudesai , loliem



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