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'Govt Industry' creates 2000 more jobs


Goa government, the biggest employer in the state, today created 1200 more jobs while elections are round the corner.

Eyeing the Assembly poll scheduled by March, the cabinet had created 800 posts in the state administration last week, on 29 July.

The largest number of 700 posts are in Vishwajeet Rane’s health department alone, for the new hospital in Ponda, the constituency represented by home minister Ravi Naik.

Ravi’s home department is also going to recruit 200 personnel in Fire Brigade.

Labour minister Joaquim Alemao-led ESI hospital in Margao, the constituency represented by chief minister Digambar Kamat, would have 160 new posts.

Among the rest 40, few posts are created in agriculture and transport departments as the government would open offices in a newly constituted Dharbandora taluka.

Meanwhile, after the decision of shrinking the boundaries of Mormugao Port Trust (MPT), the biggest port in the state, Goa government has now decided to encourage development of minor ports in the state.

State cabinet today resolved that the Captain of Ports Department would identify the areas around the state, where minor ports could be developed.

"We can later develop these ports by inviting private bidders," chief minister Digambar Kamat told reporters today.

Goa government''s move comes a fortnight after it took a historical decision of approaching the Union Ministry of Shipping with the demand to curb the jurisdiction of MPT.

The MPT has been facing jurisdiction issues with the state government and Kamat had said that it should restrict its activity to the port area and not all across the state.

The jurisdiction of MPT was defined in the year 1961.

Briefing the media after the cabinet meeting, the Chief Minister today said that the exact number of minor ports that could be allowed in the state would be decided only after the Captain of Port Department returns with a detailed study on the issue. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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N. Fernandes,

I like your straight forwardness in putting every aspect in its everyone who just banter with lil knowledge....

Aelred Pereira , Abu Dhabi

i was taught,in the school,in salcette,that,america was discovered ,by columbus/some say, that time,there were the native red indians on the entire,a very small percentage has survived ,the european MASSACRE.anyway,today we see 95%of the population of usa white and a few blacks who were imported as slaves.these whites went there,i think,for tourism/ sight seeing,and all and not to fill their empty bellies.only when indians go abroad it is because of POVERTY.and a recent survey by a HAIG based organisation ,which says,30% of the portuguese waste time in the bars.40% work in germany/france/ as drivers/barmen/bands/cleaners etc.and wives run POUSADEs back home and the rich americans / british / germans /french stay in the pousades and everyone knows who they enjoy with. ALL THESE MUST BE LIES.

pedru peixote , goa

It has been very amusing, to see, that the 2 initial comments I have made , have invited the "wrath" & unwarranted & illogical comments from a couple of deluded "NATIONALISTS". Hitler did not get too far with his delusions of "THE FATHERLAND".

My first comment on this article, was to query whether the welcome jobs, would be allocated to deserving candidates’ or would there be a hefty price to be paid for them, which seems to be the usual trend these days.

My second comment was a comical tongue in cheek comment , based on the current state of the Goa Legislature. This comment should be seen in a comical light.

By commenting from London, it seems like some individuals have been irked & have not been able to separate the "wheat from the chaff". They have turned this into a racist & Nationalistic diatribe. Let it be known that British Imperialism has disappeared and India and the UK and Portugal have good relations in the 21st Century. There is a good exchange of peoples, culture & trade between the 3 countries.

I hope the NATIONALISTS view the world as it is, rather than as it was & barriers ,specially based on Race or caste must be removed.

N.Fernandes , London

To Pedru Pexiote,

I do not believe that any sane person ,voluntarily discards their mother be it human or your poetic or romantic version of one.

As soon as you figure out the unemployment figure in Mother India, and the hunger and starvation that many have to endure, you may be more in tune with ground reality.

When "Mother India ", admittedly cannot provide for all its aspiring citizens,like a normal family/ human mother, than I am sure she will be happy for them to travel abroad, anywhere, to sustain themselves and their families and make a livelihood.

I am not sure yet, and you have not clarified either,what the skin colour of a person or adoptive country has to do with survival or feeding a hungry belly.

The world has moved on and Goa too, since the time you were a Freedom Fighter Soldier. Please apply your Laurels more humanely and with empathy and compassion.Hungry people will not have much time for your romantic notions of Motherhood.

N.Fernandes , London

i never,in my life,have said~mother goa`.i always said mother india.and will continue to do so.i was a soldier of the freedom fighters,and we succeeded in throwing out our colonial for God`s sake,donot compare people from rest of india with our goans going to FOREIGN countries.does anyone considers a texan going to california for a job,a foreigner in his own,i donot and will never consider,a goan going to mumbai/bangalore/pune as going to a foreign land.but yes,a goan indian going to the gulf / canada / australia or any other foreign land is a different thing.we are happy here in our motherland where my forefathers were born.only because some foreignrer is white skinned,i wont like her as my mother ,no matter how brown / dark she is.PERIOD.

pedru peixote , goa

To Pedro Peixote:

I think everyone around the world is aware that there is a Global Financial Crisis.This was caused by the Banks and bad Credit,commonly refered to, or being called "Toxic".

The Japanese earthquake,The Arab Spring" uprisings, the increase in oil prices, slump in world trade,have added further fuel to the crisis.

India is not totally or entirely immune or completely isolated,from this crisis.It is part of the Global economy.It still has to trade with these countries you have mentioned.

Goa`s economy too suffers, due to less arrivals of Tourists and, the money they spend and Foreign Exchange they bring in,for the local economy.

The growth of the Indian economy is partly reliant on inward Foreign Investments.

To call the Goa Government "benevolent" (Charitable) or (doing something, for nothing in return) is a little bit crazy,if not a downright stupid remark.

It is completely ignorant of you to believe that Goans over the centuries, have competely or even partly abandoned Mother Goa.This is very far from the real truth.This argument is usually used by Goans that are feeling & behaving like "envious fish out of water".

I can assure you that 99% of Goans still have a strong Bond to Goa.Take a walk around many villages in Goa, and even if you are blind, you will at least "hear" that every family, has at least one family member or a relative and even a friend /neighbour, working abroad to earn a living to feed their bellies and support their Mother and other elders.Where is the Goa Govt.Benevolence for these aspiring people.?

Based on your remark,we also have to consider that the Goans that work in Mumbai,Banglore, Hyderabad ,on ships etc have discarded their Mother Goa.How stupid is that ?

This is not a plain and simple matter of culture and breeding as you ignorantly state.It is more a matter of "hunger" and "neccessity".

I will leave you with a simple thought :like cows* & lambs/ sheep , humans also have a "Natural" tendency to go and feed & forage where the pastures are greener.

Historically too, India has always been made up of migratory races and people.

Try speaking to a hungry or jobless Bihari or Nepali and he might explain to you, his reason for being in Goa & how he feels abandoning his Mother and to an extent his family for survival.

N.Fernandes , London

london observer/31/july/2011,has published the bad state of european economy.greece and portugal are bailed out .and france,germant uk along with america are not doing well.the riots in london and other cities have also affected the economy.the gulf and arab states are in civil,goan youth must thank their stars and take up these jobs offered by our benevolent govt .despite global eco problems.india is thousand times better.even if there are some poor,we dont discard our mother fot that reason.that is not our culture and breeding like in uk or in usa.

pedru peixote , goa

Hi Yacub Shaikh: Thanks for you comment and views, that the 2000 jobs that are being created,though welcome are highly" unlikely" to be fairly distributed based on merit.

Many employees in Governmental Posts have confirmed that they have had to pay huge fees to get jobs.We are not tallking about a few hundred Rupees,but Lakhs.

All of the 40 MLA`s have charged prospective employees huge sums to fix them a Government job.The only beneficiaries of these jobs will be the lucky ones capable of raising the bribery fees , through fair or foul means.

Abdul Aziz ,on the other hand has failed to see or understand that the millions of Indians living abroad & working for "white Auntie",send huge remittances in Foreign Exchange to India.A lot of it goes to sustain family & relations back in India and indirectly filters into the Indian economy.

Abdul Aziz has rather failed to see that the "White Aunties" he berates, have also outsourced their jobs to India due to low labour & rental costs.This outsourcing,specially in Call Centres, has benefitted many Indians too.

Many "White Aunties" also make huge contributions to Charitable Organisations in India.

Abdul Aziz has also failed to see that a lot of the Black & illegal Money wealth of India,nearly £1.3 Trillion, has been banked in the Countries or Banks of "White Auntie".

"White Auntie" is also investing heavily in India for mutual benefit.Without this India could not become a super power as per Abduls analysis.India too is

now permitted to invest abroad.

Lets hope these views help Abdul Aziz make knowledgable & factual & verifiable based comments.,for the benefit of readers and not crass remarks.

N.Fernandes , London

many western nations are in economic trouble and yet goa has opened up 2000 jobs,its a good news.this proves that india is on the right track.keep it the way,i am here on deputation ,by my indian multi-national co.which has invested in spain.i am very proud to say ,despite global slow down,india has increased its exports by 86%last co.has a small contribution in this success story.i hope goa shines as the strongest state in the indian union,and the world at wishes.


Well, creating jobs is a good thing. but Abdool Aziz, do you think that this jobs were created in public interest? well... atleast i dont think so. the elections are just around the corner and this 2000 jobs will definetely convert to a few thousand votes for congress. so this positions are created in parties interest. and do you think that this jobs will go to the really deserveing and qualified candidates? the answer is a big NO! this jobs will be sold to the highest bidder.

.............. N. Fernandes, well said.

Yacub Shaikh , Saudi Arabia

To abdool aziz , querim**

I do not believe the 600 million poor Indians out of 1Billion will buy your view.

One reason one gets treated as filth is because one behaves like filth,when in another Country.Millions of Indians live all over the world quite happily and have assimilated themselves well.

You certainly will not be mentioning why Mahatma Gandhii and Nehru and others,went to the UK to be taught by the White Auntie.

You have not mentioned about the aid India receives from the "White Auntie" still....£615Million this year from he UK.

You fail to mention the Foreign Direct Investment India receives from White Aunties to partner & propel its economy.You fail to mention statistically, why more Indians wish to leave India than actually return back to it.

What has happened in Britain this week,happens in India too.Riots in India are more frequent.Riots take place eerywhere.It is not the preserve of Britain.

India will surely become an Economic super power since opening its Trade and inward investment.However a Countrys success is also measured in its Peoples welfare and good standard of living.When a Country cannot provide a decent standard of living for its Citizens,when they more than often ,go hungry and live on a "Dollar a day",they will have no other option but to go, just like you & your step brother did, to The Gulf and Europe & elsewhere to see if the "White Auntie" , or for that matter a Brown Auntie or Black Auntie or Yellow Auntie to feed their bellies and develop them selves.This is no illusion but reality.

Your illusion,that made you and your step brother go abroad,probably failed miserably,as you forgot while abroad that famous saying & quote "BEGGARS CANNOT BE CHOOSERS" or Life is what you make of it,not what it makes of you.

Best of luck on your return.

N.Fernandes , London

congrats congress for creating is million times better to serve our forefather`s motherland than serving some white auntie.we have our self respect.lokkwhat is happening in britain.wake up and dont run after an illusion.i was in the fellow religion arabs treated me like filth.then i went to was worse.i am very happy to be back in india. we shouldnot be brain washed the cheap propaganda about our so called poverty,crime, step brother was in portugal.its economy is worse than greece/albania.crime rate is v high.corruption rampant.all are jealous ,because ,india has surpassed,most of the european economies.soon,its going to be a super power.even,the mighty yankees are worried.there credibility is downgraded by an INDIAN officer Me Deven proud.

abdool aziz , querim

To Cruz Rego::::You appear to be a victim of your own follies and grapes are rather sour for you whichever way you tread.

You are providing readers here some incorrect facts,but I am sure they are wise enough to see that.

Firstly ,the riots in the UK recently, was not in London.It took place in other Cities to.

The reason was not due to unemployment.It was triggered by a shooting of a "Black" person. The riots in the rest of the UK were purely "copycat" incidences and an excuse to burn & loot, by criminal elementsl.

Unlike India, jobless UK residents receive Social Security.This is paid from a National Insurance Scheme.Each and every working person pays into this scheme.It works as a mutual benefit.

Racism exists in all Countries including Goa and India.In India it is commonly known as casteism.

In the UK you do not pay a bribe for a job.In india it is extremely common.

There has been a Major Banking Crisis 3 years ago.There are economic issues in several Countires.Unemployment is one such victim of the Banking Crisis.India has been partially insulated from this due to Trade Protectionist Policies.The Rupee is not tied to the Dollar

There are millions of Blacks & Brown that have assimilated themselves with the British way of life.The UK has come a long way from the Racism that existed in the 50`s & 60`s.

Milions of Indians /Goans live in the UK happily and without racism.

You might wish to check & re-visit your facts on unemployment in India.

Hope this comment will enlighten you a little,sweeten your grapes,.and will also aspire you to provide readers with proper, instead of misleading facts or facts created from thin air.

N.Fernandes , London

london and entire uk is burning.lot of unemployment,no jobs ,frustration.its very easy for us goans to criticize our motherland india sitting here in pubs.good that the govt of our state in the indian union is providing so many jobs.even mighty britain dont have jobs.we are not wanted here.the west is against us browns/blacks.we are living here in fools paradise.they make us realize that no matter what,we dont belong here.we are bingtacars for them.we call some others we are paid back in the same coin.india is 1000times better.we are not there is a lot of racial hatred.comgrats goa govt.keep it up.

cruz rego , wembley,u.k.

"This all minister just want to earn from this"... but why they are sucking blood from our body don't know... we students study so hard and complete our studies . and after completion of our studies we do have to suffer for job.. we go on hunting for the jobs in govt sectors .. we apply for the particular post .. we clear all the criteria required for the particular post but at last the candidate who have never appeared for the exams is being selected.. just because he pays the amount which is asked bye the minister of his constituency... why this happens every now and then..

tulsidas gawas , porvorim

Wow........ its raining jobs......

i guess its time to quit my job in saudi, cos the grass is looking definetely greener on the goan side.

Vishwajit...... hau yeta re baba, gulfacha poiche tuka dita.

hey hang on... im getting second thoughts.....

i'd better sell fish in the market and make a decent income then give our rane baba 4-5 lakhs just to earn a poor mans salery.

any suggestions guys???

Yacub Shaikh , Saudi Arabia


In case nobody is interested in these mundane jobs, there will be 40 coming up soon for the Goa State Legislature.

The "maximum" qualification required is STD VII pass or SSC. Fake SSC even from Bandra -Mumbai will be sufficient.

STD VII will guarantee you the prime post or job as Education Minister, Home Minister or better still PWD.

If you have University degrees or qualifications above SSC, you might as well as well reconsider working as a labourer, watchman or Tiatrist. Much simpler, Don`t bother applying

There is a very basic pay for Ministers and MLA, but you can be assured of hefty Bonuses and perks. These will be paid to you from the pockets of "common man" or as well, politely, patronisingly or commonly known, Aam Admi.

The basic pay is in hundred of rupees. The Bonuses and perks will be in Crores. When I say crores...I mean mega crores. You will need to open a Bank Account in either Switzerland or Dubai to store it, for a rainy day. Do not transport it in suitcases or expired travellers cheques via Mumbai airport. It is unsafe. Never declare it also. Benami accounts will be acceptable.

The Crores of bonuses you earn, through hard grafting & sweating, will also be, just about sufficient to maintain 10 of your later family generations, thereafter.

You must have a very good command of Marathi. It will be required for all your travels within India and beyond. It is highly prized in all Indian States and abroad. It is the 21st Century Business language, also.

You will get a State of the Art car. It will be bullet proofed and Goa Police will provide you with security and a motorcade. It can also be used for the private use of yourself and family. Also, you will never be encountering or involved in a traffic jam.

You will have to be a "Master Act" at opening ceremonies and inaugurations. You will have to learn to make false promises. You will also have to publish & felicitate yourself with your foto on Newspapers daily. Who knows, but we may also see your Life size fotos at every corner and available space in Goa.

Finally, don`t forget once you have tasted power & got some experience & skills, you will need to introduce each and every member of your family, bar none to apply for these 40 jobs as MLA`s every 5 years.

If by luck, you get the Job of Chief Minister, do not forget you will have to travel to New Delhi every week and at every opportunity available, good or bad.

Just before I go, do not forget to invest heavily in Vote Banks & Nagars. Migrants are aplenty. Funds for this will be available from the Goan Taxpayers and any money you make from a side or covert business.

N.Fernandes , London

This comes as a suprise to me, that this article regarding openings in the Government sector, as to my knowledge this kind of article never used to be heard forget about the same put on the newspaper. Those who have money please collect it and wait for your turn degrees are not worth

Paul Dias , Santa cruz

A small State with so many Government servants.....Adding to the heavy burden of their salaries, perks and pension liability...More the number of Government servants--more is the red tapism, more greasing the palms, and more delays in decisions and implementations...God save this small State...

vishwas prabhudesai , loliem

Only Goans who have cash to pay a bribe to the Ministers concerned,need apply for these jobs.

Merit, degrees or qualifications are no longer an asset or requirement , for Government Jobs.

Fake degrees will not help...but fake currency may definetely do.

As soon as the Minister concerned or his middle man sees the cash,you will be able to start work the very next day.No interviews will be required.

Best of Luck to any job aspirant, anyway, and welcome to Goa`s traditional job Market.

N.Fernandes , London



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