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Let Cuisine unite Konkanis


Konkani cuisine is one of the richest in India. The culture of co-existence has found roads to travel this cuisine by breaking all the barriers of caste, religion, regions and countries. It is thus ideal to suggest that only the barrier-free Konkani cuisine can break all the barriers we have built around us. READ

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While the BJP is desperate to retain its power with the help of minorities, the RSS wants to establish the power of majority. READ

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Lessons of ZP for “Finale 2017”


What are the lessons the politicians need to learn from this historic ZP election?READ

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कोसंबी घराण्याचा ‘वारसा’ सांगणारी मीरा


कुठलंही विधान नुसता अंदाज बांधून करायचं नाही ही त्यांची भुमिका एका संशोधकाला शोभण्यासारखीच होती. आपणास ठाऊक नसलेली गोष्ट समजून घेताना एखाद्या विद्यार्थ्यासारख्या नम्र होत. परंतु एखादी गोष्ट पटली की मग अजिबात मागे-पुढं पहात नसत. कुणाचाही मुलाहिजा न बाळगता बेधडकपणे ती समाजापुढं मांडत. READ

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

Take Oath of Transparency, not Secrecy, Mr Minister


The heads of the bureaucracy, the ministers, still attain the office after taking ‘oath of secrecy,’ in violation of the spirit of 'transparency' the Indian Constitution stands for. READ

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

Kadamba glorification at Kranti Maidan?


Why should this autocratic dynasty rule have a place at a symbol of a struggle for Democratic Rule? Like the ‘colonial hangover’ of the Portuguese era, we also need to give up the ‘feudalism hangover’ of the 16 dynasties Goa faced, from almost second century till the 20th century. READ

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

Who divided Konkani?


How got the Konkani movement divided? Who divided it? Why? What was the benefit?READ

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

गांधीबाबा थोर आहे


जोशात साजरी केली जाईल निष्क्रियांची गांधी जयंती घाणेरड्यांचा स्वच्छता दिनREAD

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

Did Bhau support ‘Hindu Rashtra’?


‘Hindu Rashtra’ was neither his slogan nor the agenda of the party he founded, unlike his successors in the MGP today. In fact, he was a Royist, believed strongly in the leftist humanist theory of ‘Radical Humanism’ of M N Roy. READ

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

आम्ही पत्रकार पोरके झालो


कोणत्याही विशिष्ट इझमपेक्षा मानवतावाद हाच श्रेष्ठ असतो, परंतु त्याचवेळी विज्ञाननिष्ठ नजरही तेवढीच महत्वाची असते हे पत्रकारितेच्या वैचारिक बैठकीचे बाळकडू मीं त्यांच्याकडूनच पिलो. READ

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

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Goa Forward Party will merge or form alliance with Congress after election!!!!

Jack De Goan |

There is no such thing as Goyekarponn. Because of liberal Portuguese rule we were sparred to congress policies and moral policing of Indian constitution till 70s. That is why we are liberal.

There is nothing different about Goan DNA. All this talk is nothing but to appropriate leadership of all Goans and pretence to speak on behalf of others.

All the talk against urbanization is absolutely stupid. People moving to urban areas is good for Goans. Places like Sandesh's hometown Loliem are nothing but hell-holes. More people move out better it is. Sandesh made a good life only because he left that place else he would have been gathering coconuts in his Bhaat.

We need good rule of law and nothing specific to Goans.

I want to sell my land at highest price possible and if that makes land more expensive for others I don't really care. I don't see why I should lose my profits to benefit someone else.

Aryan |

In Goa, political parties never care for Goans or Goa, everybody is there to make a buck for themselves and protect their narrow interest be it be caste, money, religion, or mining related.

The so-called Goa Forward is no different, its association, and the finances and other supports it receives smacks of an idea to create political players to protect 'certain interests', I have no problems with that-- only thing I cannot comprehend is that a man of integrity, Mr. Timble fell for this nonsense. After all money is indeed able to buy anything and anybody!

J. Adhikari |

Courageous confrontation Mr. Sandesh. After a long time, i am reading something valuable from our journalists, without the 'I scratch your back and you scratch mine' attitude. No one can deny the fact the party is formed with the sole ambitious motive of trying to make Vijai the CM of Goa, however, with his astute mind he may succeed in doing so by fooling the vulnerable Catholic community of Goa, who fall prey to every stupidity presented by politicians. With the current status that Goa is reeling under, wherein the BJP has given a damn about being a "party with a difference", goans will definitely go with any other party- especially a new one- that once again offers hope albeit in words.

Second reaction is to Dr. Oscar's subtle poke at you. Though till today i respect Dotor, i feel he is one of the major traitors, who left the hopes of goans and goenkarponn hanging in the air, by getting out of the active protests he had managed to galvanize. (i stand to be corrected though). Dotor, if you still feel AAP is the solution, you need to do a small clean up within your Goa unit- you should know what the reference is. I sure wish goenkaars like Oscar take the lead to jump into politics and save our goenkaarponn through some "kick arse action". GOA anik Goenkarponn Bachao!!!!!!!!!. You guys have a moral duty to do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaret de Silva |

You have raised some vital issues.But what's disturbing me is the continuous inflow of migrants in Goa to work in factories and industry where goans refuse to work. Goa has become El dorado for them. Secondly as you've said hung assembly if is the status than what will GF do. Naturally it will go with Congress. Can they authoritatively say that we will remain unalligned.

Parag Hede |

I have missed the counts of political parties which have sprung up on Goan political soil like "taikhillo". All these parties had noble ideals. GF is another entrant who have added many more newer ideals. Was Goa Congress, UGDP, Goa Vikas Party, Save Goa Party, Bhabango, Janata Aghadi, Rajeev Congress, etc etc bad? Even founders of these parties would not remember these parties. GF should first guarantee that they would not be "taikhillo" but "maad".

Madhav Bastodker |

Excellent analysis

Ranjana |

Ah , my dear Sandesh, all our old friends , don't seem to be getting it right huh??


The solution, to Goa's ills ,'must be an all out electoral assault on BOTH the Congress and the BJP and their benevolent benefactors, lurking in the shadows.

For this you and I and ALL goans must back financially, morally and ideologically the only solution that is visible to the naked eye.

Look within yourself..The obvious answer lies there..AAP ke andar jawab hai!!!

Hope you are done with EDITHINKING now and ready for some kick ass action.

Oscar Rebelo |

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