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FIR or a Farce?


Parrikar made an announcement. Filing FIR against two former Congress chief ministers – Pratapsing Rane and Digambar Kamat. Why no FIR against them till date?

At last, the mining department filed the First Information Report against Jitendra Deshprabhu, former mines director Arvind Lolayekar and crime branch DySP Chandrakant Salgaoncar. Deshprabhu apparently was given a trading license by the mines department without having a legal lease to extract the iron ore in his property. Obviously, it’s a clear cut case of illegal mining. Even the file apparently is “missing” in the department.

But, is the file really missing? Was the file prepared? And why the other mining officials are indicted in this case? For destroying evidence? Which office can, through proper procedure, allot a trading license when the lease itself does not exist? Was the license issued through proper procedure? Then why hold other junior officers responsible if the Director issues a license without following proper procedure?

The case of Deshprabhu however was long pending. But it has nothing to do with Justice Shah Commission report. In fact the case of Deshprabhu does not figure in the Shah Commission report.
it is the thus clear that the government wants to create an impression that it has started acting against the violators of mining vis-à-vis Shah Commission report.

A simple question. Soon after Shah Commission report was tabled in the Parliament, Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar moved into action. He suspended all the mining operations and suspended few geologists in the mines department. They were humiliated by making them report at Collector’s office in Margao, which has nothing to do with their office. As a result, one geologist Dattatray Bhave committed suicide. But the wrong action and humiliation of these officers still continues.

Parrikar, at the same time, made another announcement. Filing FIR against two former Congress chief ministers – Pratapsing Rane and Digambar Kamat. What happened to it? Why no FIR against them till date? Parrikar’s action of allowing mine owners to transport and export iron ore at jetties was stopped by the Supreme Court. If Supreme Court is right, then Parrikar was wrong. Also it means he was working for the benefit of the mine owners, who have been termed as thieves in the Shah Commission report.

Is it the same reason why there is no FIR against Rane and Kamat till date? Because all the chief ministers – former or existing – work to serve the same mining lobby? Is this the reason also because no FIR or a case is being filed against a single mine owner or lease holder (for theft) till date by the Parrikar government?

Feathers of the same cap?

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

Jaret chandrapurkar , chandor...Great comment.Well explained

N.Fernandes |

They are not only feathers of the same cap, but beads of the same neclace "soglech mune ekech maleche" hatunt Murtmani konn?

Obviously Manohar has no guts to do anything against Sr. rane and Digamber, they are Brothers in arms.. Rane is his bada bhai and Diggu his chota bhai. Has Parrikar ever moved a finger against Rane in the past, so how can you expect him to do so in the future?

Parrikar has inadvertendly turned out to be the master trikster of goan politics, one who knows how and when to play with people emotions and stupidity at the same time.

The Mining fiasco will mellow down as time passes by, since he has a couple of cheaters from this businnes in his ministry!!!!

Jai Goa!

Jaret chandrapurkar |

It is unlikely that Mr.Parrikar will take any action to file an FIR against this duo immediately. But for sure, he will have to act some way or the other against them as per SHAH Commissions report. He would prefer to keep the fire burning on the issue. He will keep the issue live by his classic periodical statements. The reason, he does not want to act now as Goa congress leaders(sic) would make it an subject of political vendetta against them by BJP and would try to put the spike in his administration. Right now, he has gained speed in executing his schemes and simultaneously has gained control over his ministers. Right now in Goa's political canvas, it is like a ONE MAN SHOW. A perfect CEO of Company STATE GOA.

Mr Parrikar is a shroude businessman imbibed in the garb of politician. He is an executioner and smart administrator. He will try to remain in the good books of the mine owners as well as his predecessors to complete his five year term. The maneuvers will be extraordinary. Once the issue of unemployment and economic crisis faced by truck owners and barge owners subsides, he will take the FIR issue on the forefront. Till that time, you will have to bear with his " I " turns " O " turns and " U " turns. You are at liberty to term his statements and press briefings against Mr. Rane and Mr. Kamat as FARCE!.

Ratikant |

There is a ling line of thieves in the matter. Number one is digambar kamat 12 years mine minister. then Rane 2 years cm and parrikar no 3 cm for 5 years. then are the bigwigs of mine industry, Dattaraj Salgaokar, Shivanand Salgaokar, Anil Salgaokar, Chowgule, Audhut Timble and his son, Bandekar, Bandodkar and everyone who had mining liscences but who did mining beyond their legal liscences. Then there are pure mine mafias like Dinar Tarkar, Rohan Kahaunte, Joking Alemao and Jitendra Deshprabhu. Do you think ever there can be anything in this matter. will parrikar ever file a FIR against himself? We are living in the fools paradise or as the great philosopher and thinker of the 21st century Mr Robert Vadra said we are the Mango People in the Banana Republic!

Jayesh Nayak |

"They were humiliated by making them report at Collector’s office in Margao, which has nothing to do with their office.

--Isn't it a standard procedure to report to Collector's office while one is on suspension?

JayGoa |

I completely agree with the writer. The Govt only pretends to be strong and takes only the smaller players to task, while the bigger giants move away freely. I feel they must be doing some adjustments internally.

I am not againts the govt, neither I am againts sustainable mining; but the persons solely responsible for this illegal or as what govt calls it now " Irregular" minning should be immediately taken to task.

"One can fool some people at sometimes, but one cannot fool all the people at all times."

I Hope that the govt takes this saying seriously and take some serious action againts the responsible people without causing any further delay.

Dattaraj |

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