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G(reedy) 7 !


The basic principle of G7 is, not believing in any principle. However, G7 has a principal agenda, or a Common Minimum Programme – GREED!

At international level, G7 is a prestige.

It's a meeting of the finance ministers from a group of seven industrialized nations - Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and United States. They meet to discuss economic policies and strengthen their financial ties.

In Goa, G7 is a nuisance.

It's a group of seven politicians, belonging to four different groups - the Nationalist Congress Party, the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party, the United Goans Democratic Party and an independent. They meet to trouble their own government and weaken financial position of Goa, by toppling the government on finance bills.

The international G7 is based upon principles.

The basic principle of Goa's G7 is, not believing in any principle.

However, Goa's G7 has a principal agenda, or a Common Minimum Programme - GREED!

They believe in Unity in Diversity. They unite on the matter of greed. They betray each other, also, on the matter of greed.

To satisfy their greed, they speak anything. They stoop down to any level (in fact no level).

They simply don't trust each other.

Still, they claim to be United.

Few days ago, the G7 announced that their spokesperson is revenue minister Jose Philip D'Souza.

He told us: "we have come together to strengthen the hands of our beloved chief minister Digambar Kamat."

Within a week, he announced: "we will not support chief minister Digambar Kamat on the finance bill if Churchill and Mauvin do not apologise."

Today, they are sitting in the Assembly, under the directives of their high command bosses, with a clear directive to support the finance bills in the Assembly.

Even my kids behave in a much sensible manner than these so called matured politicians of our state, in whose hands we have handed over our treasury worth crores of rupees.

A simple question arises in my mind. What's the logic in ‘coming together' as a separate group within the government, to support the government from within?

What's the logic to decide to suddenly withdraw this ‘strong and wholehearted' support?

And, now, what's the logic to backtrack on the issue and sit in the House like a foolish child, to support the government?

But, they are definitely not childish. They have ‘rich' histories to prove more than enough that they are fully grown up elders. Either some of them or their family members are involved in crimes from bigamy to rape on minors.

Following such histories, these ‘rich' men now run our state. They are in power. They are to be respected. We should call them Honourable!

In democracy, every elected representative has a right to support or withdraw the support to the government, provided there is a public issue or in public interest.

G7 was formed long ago, to accommodate themselves in the cabinet. Later, the group fizzled out....

But it all re-started little before 26 February. They were united once again. What was the public issue? What was that public interest?

Digambar Kamat wanted to drop Sudin Dhawalikar from the cabinet, to accommodate his party colleague (of ST) Pandurang Madkaikar. Involvement of Dhawalikar and his family members in bomb-blast fame Sanatan Saunstha is a matter of debate today, even in Delhi.

With the intervention of civil aviation minister and NCP leader Praful Patel, he however succeeded in retaining his cabinet berth, till date.

What a public issue!

Then came Zilla panchayat elections. Congress swept the polls while NCP leaders clashed with the Congress leaders in some constituencies. PWD minister Churchill Alemao and deputy speaker Mauvin Godinho came down heavily on the NCP. Churchill even suggested that the Congress-NCP should not have poll alliance in future.

The G7 got together and warned the chief minister - tell Churchill and Mauvin to apologise or we withdraw our support.   

Wow! What a great public issue!

The matter reached ‘up' and the high command observers had to finally intervene. On the eve of the crucial Assembly session that began on 22 March, a compromise was reached  in Mumbai not to topple the government, but to sort out the issues by 31 March, after the session.

What are those issues they would sort out?

Not dropping Dhawalikar?

Going soft on the probe of Sanatan Saunstha's alleged terrorist and anti-national activities?

Telling Churchill not to shout at Mickky?

Telling Mauvin not to interfere in Jose Philip's constituency?

Telling Mickky not to eye on Aleixo Sequeira's Nuvem constituency?

Or is the hidden truth entirely different?

Is it true that three files of one minister - related to his big private business - are held up with the chief minister?

Is it true that a close aide of one minister was raided by IT authorities few days ago to trap and blackmail him?

Is it true that some of the G7 ministers are disturbed over Congress ministers minting money with their lucrative portfolios while G7 members are left high and dry with ‘minor' portfolios with no enough ‘weight'?

Is it true that one of the central minister's land conversion proposal, falling in the green zone in the Regional Plan, is pending before the state government?

The issues posed by G7 as ‘real' obviously sound foolish.

The real hidden issues, if they really exist, are purely personal, related to nothing but their selfish greed.

The greed is everywhere, both in the Congress as well as the G7.

It's a clear-cut battle of Greed v/s Greed!!!

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

G7 is nothing but a joke of d century. but its not their fault, its V who have given them a chance to sit in the assembly. I am sorry Mr. Prabhudessai, but d media is also responsible for making them Heroes. V should ignore them & rather focus on developing d youth of Goa, which is getting spoiled. No Revolution can take place without d youth's participation. Do something, I am with You. But let us Save Goa or one day Goa will be d worst nightmare in history of India.

rish |

Excellent assessment.

Anyway, IMHO, not just Greedy-7, most of the 40s are the same, greedy, dirty rogues.

I think the people who elect these rogues are more at fault then the scoundrels themselves.

Jayant |

I was just wondering for so many days as to why this CRAZY group is called G7 in Goa?....Eureka....eureka, eureka! i Shouted from my toilet and came out because i found the answer..." Alphabet 'G' of G7 is the 7th alphabet ..... that means it is Number '77' again and reverse is '7G'. The number 77 means the whole group members are Double LONGDE (Handicaps) and the reverse 7G stands for Shaven Goats. " My kind request to all you G7 members...... if it is possible for you people, There are 7 Big Bridges all over Goa - today or tommorow just go to the top and commit SUICIDE. Atleast people of Goa will remember you people and ReName every 7 Bridges with your dirty Names because we know very well that everytime every bridge is WASHED with flowing water and so do your names will also be washed away.

Joe Ganja |

G 7 is a group of Business people. They are in lucrative business. They are enjoying at the cost of AAM ADMI and AMM ADMI has to suffer.

Sanjay p Sawant Dessai |

The fear is after the next elections Their tribe

may grow!!!!!!!

cleofato |

PWD, home, TCPB, power, revenue, tourism and Industries & Mines, make plum depts for only G-7. Where are for the rest? May be underground right now, would come out in the open if Kodel starts shaking.

Jai Goa!

Kalidas Sawkar |

I have read that in Pune, (or, for that matter, anywhere in India) posting of constables at red light areas demands highest bribes to the top brass. In Goa, the same principles are followed for plum cabinets.

Kalidas Sawkar |

G8(Great) work Sandesh, you have unearthed Goa's G7's hidden agenda. Coaltion politics always on the edge of blackmailing and pressure tactics. Only what we can pray for -May god bless us and our Goa from G7.

Paresh Desai |

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