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Goa will miss Dotor Jalmi...


Dotor Jalmi, as he was widely known all over Goa, was just not a legal luminary or a medical practitioner or a firebrand legislator; he was the most respected Dotor by a common Goenkar. Because - he was just a super fine human being.

Dr Kashinath Jalmi is not just one more ‘Ex’ legislator, who has died. After Matanhy Saldanha, he is the second great loss to Goa, in real terms. Just because he was neither elected nor in power, people might have not felt what Goa has lost. May be Goa would have not cried so much for Matanhy too, if he was not elected and was not a minister.  The only difference is that Matanhy died when he was in power. Dr Jalmi died when he had gone far away from power politics.

But both Matanhy and Dr Jalmi had lots of similarities. Both were basically activists. Both of them had socialism as ideology close to their heart. Both worked among what can be actually called – the toiling masses. Matanhy worked among the downtrodden; Dr Jalmi himself was a downtrodden and had come up hard ways to shine as an icon in Goa’s political arena. Both of them were simpleton, argued vehemently and fought vigorously what ideas they stood for. May be Matanhy was a Konkaniwadi and Dr Jalmi was a Marathiwadi, but right on top of their agenda was Goa (Yes, even Dr Jalmi stood for Goa; not Maharashtra). They fought each other on language issue, but fought several battles together – for Goa and toiling Goans.

Political career was not the ultimate end for both these leaders. They looked at it as the most effective means to achieve the end. But it was upliftment of the society they worked for. Unfortunately, both of them believed in chain-smoking and drinking. Not known whether it is due to these wild habits or the passion with which they worked tirelessly for Goa, but we lost these two great Goans in early 60s – Dr Jalmi at 62 and Matanhy at 64.

Dr Jalmi was a real scholar. In fact such a scholar, who proved that you need not belong to the upper caste to be the scholar. He demolished the so called worn belief that caste counts to be a real scholar. Gawada was a term which Goan society unfortunately used to humiliate anybody. But Dr Jalmi proved it wrong. He proved beyond doubt that Gawada means scholar, intelligent and a real hero of the society. In fact not a single legislator is born till date, who had a deep study of Indian democratic system like Dr Jalmi had or the in depth knowledge of the Parliamentary system and rules and procedures of the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly. He was a walking-talking encyclopedia of the legalities and technicalities of the whole democratic functioning and even its loopholes, which he played upon to corner the rulers and bend it skillfully in favour of the masses.

Dotor Jalmi, as he was widely known all over Goa, was just not a legal luminary or a medical practitioner or a firebrand legislator; he was the most respected Dotor by a common Goenkar. Because - he was just a super fine human being. His best friends were those who were his ardent ideological opponents. Journalists may still remember the way he threw a pin box on his opponent Radharao Gracias in the Assembly when tempers went high and then cried and apologized repeatedly to Radharao in the speaker’s chamber for hurting him. That was Dotor Jalmi.

Even after he lost elections, Dr Jalmi was not out of action; though out of public eyes. In fact he was on the front page and in headlines with his press conferences full of studious statements, hard-hitting exposures and equally humorous wit. But even after he was out of active politics, Dotor Jalmi always remained a guiding force for many legislators, who consistently consulted him on several important matters (even journalists!). He had withdrawn himself from public life due to his ill health, but acted behind the curtain with the same vigour, intelligence and unbeatable expertise. His decision that the Speaker cannot defect might have remained as a landmark decision in the Parliamentary democracy after the Supreme Court upheld it. But the real unforgettable work is the kind of efforts he has put in consistently – to uplift the downtrodden society of Goa.

Goa will REALLY miss Dotor Jalmi

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Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

i am a konkani supporter. I am a goan. I am an indian. Just like mathani. I am not parrikars chamcha, mr pinto. konkani is an indian language whether you use devnagari script or roman script. It will never become dialect of marathi. And it is not goan culture to talk bad about any dead person, so good night. Deo borem korum. May your soul rest in peace.

jayesh nayak |

Usually I wouldn't reply to such comments like the one of Mr. Jayesh Nayak or Mr. Jagan Kamat. But I am forced to answer because you called Niz Goenkars traitors & seperatist.

Niz Goenkar do not mind if you call them so. The history will tell you that whenever someone fights for some rights they are usually branded as terrorists,traitors etc. by the vested people and particularly by the people in power. And you'll are no different. You talk about Matanhy now that he was a great leader just because he sided with BJP. Let me remind you that he was also called anti-national by many all his life. But his resolve to fight for justice never diminished and neither will be mine and other niz goenkars. If you can't recognize your mother tongue what else can be expected of you. It is you'll who have to grow. If you think Marathi is your mother than Goa is not a place for you.

A. Pinto |

you all niz goenkars are the real traitors and seperatist. You think goa is part of portugal and it should be a independent country if not a province of portugal. We indians know that goa is part of india. and both mathani as well as dr jalmi and bandodkar were nationalist goans just like me who believed goa is india. They had different views only on language issues. Dr jalmi was not for merger with maharashtra, that issue was during bandokars time. Most importantly bandodkar himself was not for merger. He saw it that mgp looses so that he can continue to be cm for lifetime. Ask udey bhembre who convinced bandodkar against merger. You people criticise dead persons obutories. Cant u wait for another article atleast.

jayesh nayak |

Pinto-bab grow up. The merger issue with MGP died with the opinion poll. It is irony that it is still morphed in your mentality and of that of your ilks. Mathany and Zalmi were both great goans, you cannot denigrate any one of them. Read further on life and contributions of Zalmi before insulting the dead soul.

As regard to Marathi, you need to educate yourself, the language exist in the blood of every Hindu Goan. So do some research or further reading and come off the ideologies!

Jagan Kamat |

Comparing Dr. Jalmi to Mr. Matanhy Saldanha is not proper. Mr. Matanhy Saldanha was a true Goan who fought for Goa's environment ,statehood & our mother tongue Konkani. Whereas Dr. Jalmi fought for Merger with Maharashtra, and for Marathi. Nobody can call this person patriotic and a Goenkar. Whatever this writer may write and paint the character of Dr.Jalmi , like Mr. D.B. Bandodkar he will always remain a traitor in the eyes of all Niz Goenkars. Of course I do agree with the writer to all other attributes he has mentioned about Dr. Jalmi.

A. Pinto |

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