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Why Parrikar can’t overscore Ravi to stop Ram Sene?


The issue is not whether chief minister Manohar Parrikar will accept the invitation of Pramod Muthalik to open Sri Ram Sene’s branch in Goa or not. The issue is whether Parrikar will allow SRS in Goa or not.

The issue is not whether chief minister Manohar Parrikar will accept the invitation of Pramod Muthalik to open Sri Ram Sene’s branch in Goa or not. The issue is whether Parrikar will allow SRS in Goa or not.

Three years ago, in April 2009, when Muthalik had expressed his desire to start SRS branch in Goa, then home minister Ravi Naik had said his government would not allow Muthalik to enter the state. As such, Muthalik had not entered Goa since then.

But now he comes, attends a Hindu convention, joins the Hindu fundamentalists to demand Hindu nation in a multi-religious secular India and then says ‘confidently’ that he would invite the chief minister (also the home minister) to inaugurate his branch.

The obvious reaction of the home minister (who is also the chief minister) to this should have been to reiterate the same bold statement of his predecessor that SRS and Muthalik would not be allowed to enter Goa.

Unfortunately, there is no such statement from the State while Muthalik enters the state and practically challenges the secular fabric of Goa as well as India. He even goes to the extent of saying that his ‘young Goan brigade’ which is interested in joining SRS would act like Bhagat Singh and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, and not like Gandhi, with violent action against the bar and pub culture in the tourist state.

“We are aggressive in our approach and that is the only way to protect the country”, says Muthalik while indicating that similar kind of actions of beating up youth sitting in pubs would repeat in the tourist state. At the same time, he conveniently brands Bhagat Singh and Subhash Bose as fanatics like him or his SRS, when actually they never followed such fanatic political ideology.

In retaliation, chief minister Parrikar once states that he would break hands of anybody who takes law in his hands. At another press conference held yesterday, he asks: “Is the chief minister so cheap that he would accept invitations of such 'altu faltu' people?” But, surprisingly, on both the occasions, he does not utter a single word of now allowing Muthalik or his SRS to enter Goa.

Of course, banning such religious fanatic organisations, which resort to violence and disrupt communal harmony of the state, is not at all in the hands of any state government. The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967 is the prerogative of the central government. The state government can only recommend it.

In spite of beating up youngsters in the pubs at Mangalore in January 2009 and making violent statements against the spirit of Indian Constitution, the Karnataka government (incidentally the BJP) has not recommended banning SRS. As a result, the SRS today has branches in 22 out of 30 districts of Karnataka, with 5500 “active” workers and around four lakh members.

When Muthalik then in April 2009 wanted also to enter Goa, then home minister Ravi decided to prohibit him from entering the state, using the powers the state government is having under the Preventive Detention Act. It worked. Muthalik stayed away from Goa. But in 2012, incidentally after the BJP came to power, Muthalik enters the state, demands Hindu Nation and announces setting up a branch in Goa to ‘deal’ with the pub and dancing  culture of the tourist state.

The question is simple. If Ravi could do it, why Parrikar is not doing it? It simply does not matter that Ravi’s was the Congress government and Parrikar belongs to the BJP, when every chief minister is duty-bound to uphold the Indian constitution and protect its spirit of communal harmony and brotherhood. In spite of this, why is Parrikar silent on prohibiting Muthalik’s entry in Goa? Why is he not responding to the demands of the youth, who stood like a rock behind him in the last election and voted him to power?


Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

Goa was NEVER secular. even England and U.S.A are NOT secular..its a myth ! But for Disraeli ,there was NEVER a non -protestant P.M. in U.K. Disraeli was a Jew and was an exception ! Why,even cathlolic person CANNOT become a P.M. of U.K. !..let alone a muslim,hindu,jain,budhhist,tao,zorastrian sikh ...ONLY A PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN ! how can one call this communal nation SECULAR ? take ,U.S.A. John F.Kennedy was the only exception in the history of USA in the last 240 years ! He was the ONLY Catholic president and he was soon shot dead in Dallas,Texas ! By whom ? Oswald who was shot by Jack Ruby ? all other about 45/50 presidents were non=catholic christians ! again ,no non=christians ! S E C U L A R ????? haa haa haa...

abdul |

People like Pramod Muthalik who are full of venom for those who are not from his religion should not be allowed to sow seeds of divide among Goans who are well known for their secular approach.

The secular fabric of Goa should not be allowed to be disturbed.

keep them at arm's length.

Francisco G. Lourenco |

Vinayak Naik.... appreciate your polite comment.

India, as we all know is a Country, with Multi- faiths or Multi- Religions.

What we should be careful about is, intolerance, and religious BIGOTS (or extreme fundamentalists),spreading their "New Age " muck.

Goa has a notable & commendable, Religious harmony.

Anyone trying to disturb the balance and use violent means to acheive their goals, should be treated with extreme caution.

Nearly every Religion that I know , has extremists and a fair share of historical persecutions.

N Fernandes-London |

Lina Vaz....You asked for more information , and I have provided it.And so have others,kindly.The rest of you comment is irrelevant,discourteous & out of context.

N Fernandes-London |

N Fernandes, in short what I mean is that, treat everyone equally, secularism means treating every religion equally, but our political parties have redefined the word “secularism”, for Congress giving priorities to certain religion/religions means secularism, by dividing society in the name of secularism forms such extremist groups, treat everyone same, deal with all the issues equally and then only we will be able to form a true secular society, in India whatever a Muslim does becomes his right where as the same if a Hindu does becomes a crime, our political parties should first learn to treat crime as a crime and not as per their vote bank, I’m not against any Muslim or Christian, I have many Catholic friends, and I know they are very humble and trustworthy people, I’m only against the religious organizations who believe in spreading their religion in the name of God’s service, which subsequently leads to other incidences and then our political parties deal with these incidences as per their preferences and vote bank.

Vinayak Naik |

I think ,we Goans are always divided society from the time immemorial ! If we read our history ,written before the the Portuguese ,or after ,written by our own historians or by the Europeans or Muslims ,we find that we were NEVER united on a single point ! Be it religion ,supporting or not supporting the non-Goan masters ,education,dress,eating habits ,drinking,dancing,rituals or politics . We had two or more streams -always ! Its a bitter truth ..v difficult to digest but true ,nevertheless ! Take for example the liberation of our Goa from Portugal ; About 75% Goans were v happy to shed the foreign yoke and breath free for the first time in generations; but there were others who cried ,literally as if their parents had died ! There are Goans even today ,who feel it was not liberation but invasion by Indians ! They refuse to accept that we were,we are and we will be the part of India ...they even refuse to accept that the Portuguese themselves called Goa as Indie Portuguese ! ..Then there were the first elections ; divided again ,we stood miles apart in two different Hindu or Konkannes and other catholics ! The beloved congress of some Goans today WAS WIPED OFF ,in that election ...not a single catholic voted for the congress ,then ! Later ,there was the linguistic divide ..a wider one ; then there was the Konkan railway; then we had anti-ghatti riots ; in between we had four bomb blasts -all by our own Goans ,blowin off our 4 bridges ..dividing us wider ! Mopa ; Moi ; Bjp vs Congress ; Sanatan ; Margao blasts ; Ram sena ; then there are the major issues like drugs,pubs,massage parlours ,rave parties ,speeding and accidents ,looting,dacoities ,robberies,murders and most imp rapes ! on each of these issues ,we ARE divided ! Tourists ; white foreigners and our local tourists ; then we have our media is also divided on every issue ...some may call this healthy democracy foot ! in fact the media thrives because of the divisions in the society ...they are equally responsible..they also add fuel to the fire ..or else they`ll be out of ideas and jobs ! So,when some one blames some other person of dividing us ,he is a no 1 phony guy ...he must open his eyes and look around the ground reality and then blame ! The best thing for ME is to introspect ! ..but who has time and maka tem podlele naa !

.Dalvi,Goa . |

Dear N.F. u want me to believe ,what the BBC that case v,WHY DON`T u believe ,what the BBC says about our clergy/padres / cardinals ,who ,according to the BBC ,have exploited our catholic kids as young as 6 years.. ? not only that ,THESE CLERGIES have paid a HUGE COMPENSATION ...and this sene ,if at all this muthalik is ,indeed ,a culprit,..WHY IS HE NOT BEHIND THE BARS ? another commenter says ,about Malegaon...fir is that case ..why is he SCOT FREE ? if he is free to only means that there is NO EVIDENCE against him...only hearsaY ..LIKE ON nett....but ..WHY DO U HAVE TO BE A COMMUNAL ?U CLAIM u r in LONDON ,the mother place of DEMOCRACY...and still U HAVE NOT GROWN UP ? r u in 16th/17th century Goa of INQUISITION days ?

Lina Vaz |

What exchange of ideas on a simple matter and when choked, one says it is ‘miskut’ of thoughts. Wah re wah.

Is there a warrant against Mutalik? Charge sheet? Huh. Raja, Kalamadi, Kanimauli, even Babushs and many many social workers, congressman, bjpman they go free.

Parrikar is strong to take on any nuisance and working hard. We point at its mistakes when we swallowed many problems 8 years, like land grab, gang wars, drugs, prostitution. You are all eager to corner him anyways. Someone mentioned swords, what happened in that case?

Please we are trivialising. We need good governance and law and order. Things will fall in place. We be patient and form citizens group and bring out the mess in clear open here. Not from London, Paris or Washington.

savita naik |

Vinayak seem to be losing the plot on this article.

I have not discussed about Churches in my comments.

The UK & the BBC are free & democratic , and you are at liberty to complain to the BBC about any News item or report you have found to be mis-leading.The BBC is a world reputed News Channel ,well trusted & impartial. You are also free or at liberty to comment on any other UK News Sites .

Your reference to the Iskon Temple incident , bears no reliability ,is more than likely "hearsay" & has never been reported.Unless you can prove it .My research indicates otherwise.The BBC archives all reported News.GOOGLE too doesn`t provide any info on the Iskon Incident .

This comment, bears no prejudice or malice towards you.It is purely for your information

N Fernandes-London |

Jawaharlal Nehru had said ," Gova ke log ajeeb hai " loosely translates that the Goans are a peculier people ! Yes,we Goans ARE peculier....if our clergy asks our gullibles ,to vote for a particular catholic only candidate..the clergy is NOT communal ,as the clergy is catholic !..but just assume a Hindu/Konkanno swami asks his Hindus to do the same....HE IS RABID COMMUNAL....if a Goan kills/robs/rapes ..its all right...but a migrant...we detest by calling him GHATTI ...and blame him from our rooftops ! Actually drugs / pubs / rave parties / extra marital sex are a menace / a curse to any civilized society...actually the church in Goa should have taken the initiative...but NOTHING is done...and when some wants to rectify these evils it is immediately branded as blood thirsty...only because ..THEY are from the alien religion and they are ghattis...let us ask ourselves a questian....wd we have reacted the way we are...IF THE ARCHBISHOP had taken the initiative ? And is this campaign really religious ? OR against social evils ?

cruz |

Vinayak Naik.......I am purely providing "LINA" with a news item about the Ram Sene as she kindly requested.Please refer to her request in comment.

Your responses & comments seem to be turning out to be a "MIXED PICKLE", of various unrelated ingredients.!

N Fernandes-London |

N Fernandes, well you have posted this comment below about the BBC News, first BBC should introspect about the biased treatment meted out to the minority community within UK, there are many such incidents, one of the recent ones was the stoning of ISKON Temple in England, also you mentioned about the attack on Churches, have you ever realized why Christian Religion is hated so much by people associated with Pagan Religions? It’s because of its deeds in past and present, there’s a very famous line, “you reap what you sow”, what Christian Religion has done in past is what it is getting, attacks happening on Churches is like a joke if you compare it to the actions of the Church in the past where they had destroyed so many Pagan Temples associated with Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, the African Pagan Temples etc. I’m not saying what Hindu Organizations are doing is right but there is an universal saying “every action has an opposite reaction”, the anger, hatred, biased attitude of the Govt. etc. leads to such incidences, it is all a vengeance that comes out with such reaction, it’s all a universal cycle, you get what you do. Jai Hind - Vinayak.

Vinayak Naik |

Mr. Prabhudesai, one thing that you must agree is that Congress Party only corners Hindus and Hindu Organizations and gives free hand and negligence towards the activities of Muslim or Christian Groups/Organizations, and this is what brings in the division in the society, the more you will corner one particular section of society/religion, the more that religion will develop hatred towards the religions which are being favored by the Government, by living in a Hindu Nation, Hindus don’t feel secured and protected, every time there is a biased attitude towards Hindus and Hindu Groups/Organizations, and this is what exactly leads to formation of Extremist Groups and Ideology, if Hindus don’t get good treatment in their own land, what can we expect from the other countries, example being condition of Hindus in Pakistan and condition of Hindus in the parts of their own country like Kashmir, North-East etc. “For every action there is an opposite reaction”. Jai Hind - Vinayak

Vinayak Naik |

Lina:::: Here is some more info Courtesty of BBC News.

Do we need this in Peaceful Goa? And do we need an Office, for such blood-letting characters?

.Hindu group 'flew Pakistan flag to create tension'By Habib Beary


The flag raised in Sindgi. The incident caused increased communal tension Fresh violence rocks Indian state

Six members of a right-wing Hindu group have been arrested in India's southern Karnataka state for raising Pakistan's national flag on a government building.

Police say those arrested belong to the Sri Rama Sena group.

The flag was raised in Sindgi, near Bijapur, on 1 January, leading to angry protests by Hindu organisations and the stoning of a Muslim prayer hall.

Police say Sri Rama Sena was trying to create "communal disharmony" in an area with a sizeable Muslim presence.

Sri Rama Sena is a fringe group that claimed responsibility for attacking women outside a pub in the coastal district of Mangalore in 2009, saying that allowing females in pubs was against Indian culture.

'Dividing society'

Inspector general of police Charan Reddy told the BBC the situation in Sindgi was "now peaceful".

"It seems they were out to create communal disharmony," he said.

Hindu organisations had called for strikes in a number of towns around Bijapur to protest against the flag-raising.

But Mr Reddy said police investigations had led them to members of the Sri Rama Sena, a group founded by Pramod Muthalik after it broke away from the Bajrang Dal, an affiliate of the long-standing Hindu nationalist organisation, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

Mr Muthalik is the leading suspect in the attack on the women in Mangalore.

Former chief minister and Janata Dal Secular party leader HD Kumaraswamy said of the flag-raising: "It is such a shame. I blame the RSS and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the incident. They want to divide society on religious lines."

Bijapur is close to Hyderabad in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh and is a historic town with a sizeable Muslim population.

Police arrested Sri Rama Sena members for the desecration of a mosque in Mysore a few years ago.

The carcass of a pig was thrown near the prayer hall, an act that triggered major riots between Hindus and Muslims.

Karnataka was also rocked by a series of attacks on churches by right-wing groups in 2008, immediately after the BJP came to power.


N Fernandes-London |

Mr Vinayak Naik, I am fully with you in condemning ex-home minister Ravi Naik for his failure in tackling issues of Sanatan, Swords, and even drugs. But I also appreciate his stand to prevent Muthalik from entering Goa, by using the legal methods to protect our communal harmony. I also expect Mr Parrikar to take a similar step.

Sandesh Prabhudesai |

Lina.....The best "all in one " place of reference, I can offer you is ...

There are several links here that will give you a broader picture of the activities of Ram Sene.


This world ,we live in, is full of "Greedy" and "blood-thirsty" individuals & Groups.

India ,through the centuries & through its history,has remained very religiously & ethnically diverse.

Instead of promoting harmony,Groups like the Ram Sene find lame excuses to promote discord...and very often for their own personal & financial benefit ,and self aggrandisment of its leaders.

It is rather sad,in my opinion, that it is the poor & uneducated in India, that usually tend to get sucked up, in the "Vortex of Evil", propogated by groups like Ram Sena.

N Fernandes-London |

N Fernandes, definitely not, I do not support Mutalik or for that matter anybody taking Law in hand, I only said as a citizen of this country he has full right to go anywhere within this country and express his ideology, as long as he does not take Law in his hand, I don’t support anybody beating young girls/boys because they go to pubs/discs and get drunk and display uncultured behaviour, rather they can be handed over to people who deal with Law, the Police Dept., what Mutalik says is also not wrong but nobody has right to take Law in hand, Editor in this article praises ex-Home Minister Ravi Naik for banning him to enter in Goa during his tenure but he forgets that the same Home Minister could not do anything to other organizations who were involved in illegal activities, for example Sanatan bomb blast issue was never handled in right manner when some of its people were involved in Margao blast, same Home Minister was talking of banning the organization but then what happened, absolutely nothing, another example was the involvement of Believer Missionaries and JW Missionaries in activities of forceful conversions in Mapusa and Margao respectively and creating tensed situation in these areas, similarly sword case on Monte Hill in Margao, truck load of swords were brought by Muslim Fanatics from Karnataka, finally nothing happened in this case too, people involved are roaming freely now, I wanted to focus and bring limelight on these political gimmicks of these incompetent politicians like Ravi Naik, who work according to their convenience and vote bank, and this is what I said in my earlier posts too, if you want to act on something which you feel is not right according to the Law then do not act biased on any issue, treat everyone as same, irrespective of which religion that organization or person belong to, I hope you are getting my point N Fernandes. Jai Hind - Vinayak

Vinayak Naik |

and by the way the girls whom muthaliks goons attacked, their cloths torned and made nacked in public were all hindu girls. No one tried to stop them out of fear. Only one boy in the crowd fought with them so save those girls. His name is mark. He is a catholic.

Supreme court web site is available on google.

Sweet dreams, gods angels guard you. No muthalics can harm you. God loves you.

peter |

dear lina,

Muthalik is not only fird but also chargesheeted in malegao bomb blast case. The case against muthalik was filed by ats chief hament karkare who died fighting muslim terrorist ajmal kassab in bombay. since you are so much interested please follow malegao bomb blast case better known as purohit case in supreme court for more information. There is a long list of firs against him. He is a known history sheeter.

And for the record, anyone can file fir but a person is chargesheeted only when the court finds that there is a prima facie case against a person. That is on the basis of evidence on record it is seen that a person has committed the crime. This is just 1 example.

2nd is entire india is witness to muthalik taking money to organise riot on sting operation on t v.

3rd example is again entire india is witness to muthalics physical attacks and molestation of women in manglore. You are a woman and muthalik is the bad guy your mother wared you to be safe from. Good night be safe take care. Proof of poison is not in drinking.

peter |

Dear Mr.N.Fernandes.thanks for replying ,a nobody ,like me ...thanx again...I only hope you `ll continue to reply ,in this forum..and not shy away ..when difficult questions are asked ,which you may not like...fair ? please permit me to ask you..tell me the blood stained hands of shri mutalik ...where ? When ? How ?whom ? Mutalik stained his HANDS ? Please Furnish me with the deatails F.I .R ...what police station ?when ? Where ? I want to go to the higher authorities giving your reference ! Common ...shoot ..and if you do not have any proofs ...YOU ARE EXPOSED ! not only me ,but most readers need the answers from you...Pl Oblige...absolutely NO OFFENCE MEANT...seeking the truth from YOU !

Lina |

Lina...with respect ...I am commenting on the "topic in hand".There is no point or relevance, commenting or expressing an opinion, on an unrelated subject.

However since you have asked.....the Pakistani Men you question in my opinion are pure sexual peverts.If you wish to label them as terrorists, then let's plainly label them as "Perverted Sexual Terrorists".I am happy to call them that.

Do not forget about sexual crimes that take place in Goa and India.Don`t forget that even 4 yr. olds get raped & sexually abused in Goa,these days.

Muthalick has drawn blood of innocent people in Banglore.In furtherance of his Personal cause, he has also used extortion... another form of terror to obtain money.

Also remember, from ACORNS...grow huge OAK trees.

People with blood on their "mind" & proven blood on their "hands", should be anhilated & disabled and not be given a respectful place in any civilised Society.

In my opinion and observation Hindus now celebrate Valentines day far more & with more enthisiasm than Christians do.Have a look at the expressions & tokens of love on Newspapers on Valentines day .

N Fernandes-London |

Dear Mr.N.Fernandes ...I like to read your comments when they are about general subjects ...but when it comes to religion...yours or some one else`s are v v narrow minded and bised...I am sorry to say the way why don`t you write about the white minor girls..mainly British christian...who were sexually exploited by many Pakistani muslims ? Rochdale,yess ...if any reader is interested type Rochdale sex scandal ..and read what the leading dailies like Guardian,Sun,Times ,New York Times ,Tribune say and comment about these satans who raped some girls as young as 13 year olds collectively by upto 23 sex starved guys...77 years severe punishment is awarded to many of them...common educate us about this Al Qaida sex jihad sena ....

lina |

Vinayak Naik....I omitted to mention that a Terrorist is not defined by his Country......he is defined by his actions.

Muthalick has been known to commit criminal/ terrorist actions to further his pointless & fruitless cause.

I am happy to learn you do not support his actions.

N Fernandes-London |

Vinayak Naik......In that case, Muthalik has not learnt from the past history you portray, & and neither have you.

Religious Conversion & terrorism (blood-letting), are 2 different issues.

It is very clear you are anti- Christian, and you are still possessed by the Ghosts of conversions.The world has moved on since then.

Dont forget the work done by Christian Missionaries in India

I guess it will be pointless telling you that "prevention is better than a cure".

N Fernandes-London |

N Fernandes, you can’t compare Al Queda and Osama to Mutalik and if that is so then I too can compare Vatican and Romans to these terrorist organisations for sure, as they were largely responsible for finishing most of the Pagan Religions in the world, not to forget Hinduism and Zoroastrianism survived in-spite of Vatican trying their best, if you want Mutalik to be banned, I have no issues, let’s ban these Christian Missionaries too who spread Christianity in the name of poverty and service, Africa being the Christian dominated continent, they feel it necessary to come to non-Christian Asian countries to fulfill their crooked and cunning ambitions, and if they really want to help poor then m sure they can do it without conversations right?, I think you should read the books written by your own Christian Authors, who gave up Christianity after knowing the truth, who called Vatican the biggest political house and said that it’s ambitions are much bigger than even that of White House (US Parliament considered to be the most crooked and cunning place for politicians to breed their political ideas).

And for your information, I’m not the supporter of Mutalik, I only said if he remains within the boundaries of Law, he cannot be punished and if he does anything wrong, I’m sure that an able politician like Parrikar won’t tolerate him long. And of course he is a citizen of this country and has right to go anything within this country, if he breaks the Law, the Law will break him, also let me enlighten your knowledge that people associated with Al Queda or Osama are not the citizens of this country ;-) Jai Hind - Vinayak

Vinayak Naik |

Some commentators does write lot of things bellow, it raises some questions:

1. Some one says Mutalik is RSS person, do they have any proof about this?

2. Some one sayd Mutalik came, he gave open threat to pay him hafta to run pubs and went any proof about this? Is so give it to police so action can be taken.

3. Some body says RSS people are defending Muthalic, utter nonsense, RSS people are trying and defending CM ‘s position.

4. Muthalik said he will call PArrikar to open his branch in Goa, like that he may 2morrow say he will bring Barak Obama, what does it mean? Its his wish, any body can say any thing, here is democracy. It does mean they have come.

5. I seriously have apprehension that Mr. Ravi said he will not allow Muthalik and he did not come, I think to say this is mental disorder, if so that in Bomb blast case he would have imposed ban on SANATHAN, he had both in his side Central and State Govt. and more over it’s a favorite subject Central Home minister he has already named it as SAFFRON TERROR, no other terrorist activities are named by any color (including 26/11) and that is acceptable to many of below writer who are in forefront in praising Congress Ministers. Question is in spite of having such a favorable situation why he did not do so? This shows his actual performance, something which is not there in the state credit can easily be taken about it but what about the thing which is present in the state? Also was it not a failure of intelligence and our police due to which balst took place on the eve of Diwali and thousand of lives were put to risk? Nobody raised the issues?

6. There is lot more to say one more example, is during Ravi’s tenure of HM, hundreds of Temples and churches were burgled or vandalized, what he did than? He arrested one mentally ill person and did nothing else.

If once can write about predecessor of and out going Govt. one book can be written, so do not bash parrikar for not reason, to travel in this country , every person (Indian citizen) have equal right so no body can ban any india citizen from coming in Goa(some people are still thinking that Goa is a colony of Portuguese but wake up its not), yes if some wrong doing happens, action should be taken for that nobody should have different opinion. In our Goa BATLOO was staying for months, Ravi was had done nothing about it, so please this is not about somebody coming in goa or not its about if Law and order situation comes, and lastly few people and reporters expects CM of a state who happens to be HM also to give statement on something which should not be given any importance and if at all to be dealt than it should be at the level of PSI, talking about that by CM relay undermines his position.

Purushottam |

I fully endorse Jayesh Nayak`s views...we goans badly need our bars/pubs/taverns/rave parties/drugs/sex /pedos/hooqah parlours...who are these monkeys to stop us ? if our goan kids want to go to hell,who are these monkeys stopping them ? let our kids kill their own grnnys/grandpas/ pops /moms for money...who r these monkeys stopping us ?we only want white tourists ,whom we loot...overcharge....we do not want ghattis telling us what is good or bad for our kids...long live

cruz gomes |

RSS supporters have a lot of free time to send letters to oppose every criticism and every issue raised whthout realising that this becomes counterproductive to their own govt. Congress doesnt care about criticism because they are shameless but that helps them to tom tom that they are democrats. defending self when in opposition is ok but when you are in power you have to distinguish between criticism and issues raised. Sandesh prabhudessai has raised a valid issue, if illeterate ravi can say i will not allow muthalik in goa and mutalik does not dare to come. whereas he jumps in as soon as bjp comes to power and dare to invite the educated parrikar to open his branch. And who is this Mutalik? a sting operation showed to the people of india that he is a man who organises criminal riots for money. He comes to goa and threatens everyone that he will not allow pubs till they give him hafta. And every tom dick and harry of rss is here defending him as if he is parrikar's son-in-law. Aare what is this 'give time to parrikar' business, mutalik came, he gave open threat to pay him hafta to run pubs and went. what did parrikar do? nothing. all is not lost if instead of defending parrikar, you parrikar supporters ask him to take action against muthalik and ban him. things will be alright. Parrikar has grown up and become mature in politics and so have goan voters. when will his supporters grow up?

Jayesh Nayak |

Vinayak Naik:::: The foreigners that you mention,did not come to finish off Hinduism.

They came to assist in disputes with warring factions and to exploit India's wealth & resources.

It seems like you would be happy for Osama Bin Laden & Al-queda or even the Taliban & such groups,to happily operate in Goa / India.

All madmen have a doctrine.They just execute it with terrorism ,terror tactics and violence.They love the spilling & taste of blood.

Open your eyes and look 360 degrees around you.

Their Doctrine & self-promotion is much more sacred then human life.

N Fernandes-London |

Why should he stop as long as Mutalik is not doing anything wrong? And for that matter when Ravi Naik was Home Minister, there use to be many such seminars conducted by VHP, Sanatan, Hindu Jan Jagruti etc. in his own constituency Ponda, why is media talking about it now only when BJP is in power? If he takes law in his hand, I’m sure Parrikar will punish him. But as long as he remains within the boundaries of law, why shouldn’t he be allowed to enter Goa? He is a citizen of India and every citizen has right to enter anywhere in the country. I see all biased articles being posted in Goa News, definitely Goa News has encouraged anti-Hindu sentiments to flourish. Moguls, Portuguese, Britishers etc. could not finish this great religion, Hinduism is immortal and too pure for these anti-Hindu elements to accomplish their intensions. Jai Hind. Vinayak - 9767948243

Vinayak Naik |

some writers i think has not read the article correctly hence they start bashing BJP, nothing wrong in it because any thing happens in country BJP is responsible for it and hence start bashing BJP that is the fashion today.

One of the writer has divided the issue as Cristian vs Hindus, thanks to sandesh, your gr8 efforts has tried hand sunk in and started to take effect, kudos to you for dividing the society on communal line.

I would only say that your credibility is at stake sandesh when you compare Parrikar vs Ravi and give weightage to Ravi. A IIT person gold medalist vs 4 st standred fail.

Grate thank you.

Purushottam |

so parrikar supporters have started campaign against the editor. Sandesh dont listen to them. Goa is with you. I have relatives in manglore and i know firsthand how catholics in manglore have suffered in bjpsponsored riots there. Catholics never burned any temples but this bjp goondas burnt churches and attacked us. This muthalik who heads the bjps private army there will start his rioting business in goa. All he has to do is bring his karnataka 'workers' in railway at start mass looting. As it is everyone has seen on tv live that he does it for money. saying this is not supporting congress. Congress stinks bjp is evil.

peter |

Mr, Sandesh,

After your controversial column about Konkani/Marathi and Maharashtra, it looks like you were in desperation to sweam against the current ie, when majority of Goans desired change in Governance, you are supporting the people like Ravi/Degambar/Babush/Rane Son and Moon, i really don't understand your way of thinking, has the mind set become currept?

by no mence you or for that matter any one in this country can compair Mr. M. Parrikar and Ravi.

u need to compare apple whit apple and not apples with may be rotten Mangos which are thrown our by goans.

Change your mind set please.

Purushottam |


Which Goan law has Muthalik violated? Since when is demanding a Hindu nation illegal in India? Are you a fascist that you want people's right to free speech banned just because you don't like what you hear? Unless Muthalik indulges in violence or incites it through his activities in Goa, why should Parrikar pay any attention to this insignificant man?

How come you didn't have questions about the many other things Ravi Naik did during his tenure? You journos were curiously silent about all the corruption and dubious activities. Now you want Parrikar to emulate him.

Rajan Parrikar |

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