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Exam in Konkani OR Marathi is ‘Advantage Maharashtra’


It simply means that any Maharashtrian candidate, who has studied in Marathi at primary level can ‘manage’ a fake domicile certificate, appear for an interview and get a government job in Goa. Thanks to “mission confusion” of chief minister Manohar Parrikar!

Chief minister Manohar Parrikar appears to be on ‘mission confusion’, as far as language issue is concerned. The language issue related to Medium of Instruction at primary level and also language issue related to government jobs. He is throwing googlies one by one and the players in the social field are simply getting confused.

He has almost succeeded in pacifying all the players in the Medium of Instruction issue by giving a political solution, which is welcomed by everybody – those demanding grants to English medium primary schools, those opposing grants to English medium schools and even the opposition Congress. In reality, he has given grants to all the English medium schools, which were demanding conversion from Konkani to English. Around 127 (or 132) schools and around 25 to 30,000 students!

This adds to over 140 schools and 33,000 students already studying in English medium at primary level. The total students studying in English medium at primary level thus would be around 63,000 or 61 per cent. Marathi medium students, which would hopefully be untouched, would be around 38,000 or 37 per cent. Konkani would suffer the most with only 2 to 3000 students or 3 to 4 per cent. In spite of this, stalwarts of Konkani movement have by and large welcomed Parrikar’s MoI policy, thanks to his ‘mission confusion’.

The second one now is regarding making knowledge of local language compulsory for government jobs. He has announced that he would now make a ‘written’ examination, either in Konkani or Marathi, compulsory for government jobs. But this would be applicable only for those candidates who have studied at primary level in English medium. The CM has also empathically said that the examination would not be necessary if the candidate has passed out his primary education in Konkani or Marathi.

Unfortunately, the young brigade, who has opposed Parrikar’s MoI policy of giving grants to 127 English medium primary schools, has welcomed the job-related new language policy of the BJP-led coalition government. Without understanding yet another confusion Parrikar is creating and the danger behind it. In fact, it needs to be studied more deeply whether the new policy of Konkani OR Marathi examination would benefit the young Goan candidates or deprive them from getting jobs.

Almost a decade ago, the then young Turks had come on the streets with violent actions to demand making knowledge of ‘only’ Konkani compulsory for government jobs, while agreeing to keep knowledge of Marathi ‘desirable’. Both the proposals – Konkani AND Marathi as well as Konkani OR Marathi – were opposed. Obviously, knowledge of Konkani and Marathi would deprive government jobs to those who have not studied Marathi. On the other hand, the provision of Konkani or Marathi could open the floodgates to ten times bigger state of Maharashtra to come and get jobs.

And it actually happened. Hundreds of candidates came down from Maharashtra for the Post and Telegraph departmental examination for vacancies in Goa, because the clause stated that knowledge of Konkani OR Marathi was compulsory.   While this was the central government department, Goa government jobs had another clause of 15-year domicile certificate. But this was not considered a deterrent since producing fake domicile certificates is very easy in the corrupt system we are living in. The government thus finally agreed that ‘working knowledge’ of Konkani, and only Konkani, will be compulsory.

Mixing up this provision with MoI issue, chief minister Parrikar now wants to take it further to written examination, but in Konkani OR Marathi. It means person not knowing Konkani but only Marathi could answer this examination, if he or she has studied in English medium. Well, this is not a relief for those Goans who have studied in Konkani or Marathi at primary level. On the contrary, it is dangerous that Parrikar wants to scrap the examination, of any kind, for those who have studied in Konkani OR Marathi at primary level. It simply means that any Maharashtrian candidate, who has studied in Marathi at primary level can ‘manage’ a fake domicile certificate, appear for an interview and get a government job in Goa. Thanks to “mission confusion” of chief minister Manohar Parrikar!

Instead, what is needed is making Konkani subject compulsory at primary level from Std I to Std X, to all the mediums – Konkani, Marathi or English. Because language is a subject in itself, which even Konkani medium student needs to study. Everybody needs to study it. Konkani is the official language of Goa. It is compulsory for government jobs. Even the courts have upheld the provision. Make Konkani subject compulsory and then make a written examination in Konkani also compulsory for government jobs. It would give respectability to Konkani and, obviously, those who have studied in Konkani would excel in the written examination. It would also help the number of Konkani students rise. 

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

Should I agree with your argument,I shall be stamped as the biggest snob ! You yourself state ,in your defence,that you studied in Marathi up to your X th .for all of us ,this disqualifies you from any job in our Goa,be it Govt or private. Now ,you have a job at the GOA news . Actually,according to your argument,this job should have gone to a Goan who has studied in Konkani and NOT YOU ! You have actually deprived a Goan ,who studied in Konkani A JOB---this also applies to all those who studied in English,Kannada or any other language BUT KONKANI ! Pl RESIGN AT ONCE AND MIGRATE TO MAHARASHTRA !

cruz gomes |

Dear Sandesh,

Though at the outset one can smell this article has anti-Marathi (we are aware how much you hate Marathi).

With all the respect to your haterate of Marathi, you are raising one serious issue of corruption, because managing domicile in Goa meance an act of corruption from both ends.

Secondly, with a prominent Marathi hater like you raising the issue, meance there is substances in it so you need to come out in the open and help government by giving such cases otherwise you need to take back your words about managing fake Domicile Certificate. It is corruption and also criminal act.

Further, why you have only quoted Marathi or Maharashtra in your article, does it mean that if such act is done by Karnataki person then it is acceptable to Goa? Or Marathi hater like you? Then its grate because legal and illegal in Goa will be decided on the basis of who has done it and not on culpability.

I don’t feel that Mr. CM is confused, he and all of us need to understand one thing that Govt. schools has not delivered as much as they should have, take a look at latest SSC and HSSC result it is visible.

The Exam in Konkani or Marathi alongwith Domicile is just one way to attract the student at primary level for MIBHAS. (I am sure if congress Govt. come to power again they will scrap this idea and you will love it).

Any genuine effort taken by the Govt. of day to promote MIBHAS has to be appreciated, it is unfortunate in the state of our Goa that today we are in a situation where in MIBHAS has to be promoted that itself is a defeat of us (Proud Goans) this has happen, because thanks to people like you, who is always indulge in provoking Marathi V/s Konkani and arranging Cockfights between them.

I will urge you not to do so in future because lovers and saviors of both Konkani and Marathi have joined hands together, that is best way forward, because Goa have both in their blood, you can see it every morning Marathi news papers in every bodies hands and they read Marathi and discuss / argue about Goan politics in Konkani isn’t it the best view to understand what we are?

Hope this bring some kind of seas fire between Konkani Mogis and Marathi Premis.

Purushottam |

Sandesh baab,

With all due respect to you, this article is messed up. If it is very easy to get a domicile certificate by people from other Indian states, this is a very serious issue. We should fix that at the earliest and if you can give some instances of such cases to Manohar Parrikar. He will definitely act on it.

If people from other states can get a domicile certificate, they can study Konkani as well by taking some classes. How does forcing Konkani on everyone help ?



Ranjit Naik |

...and what about the konkani speaking guys from karnataka,kerala,maharashtra and gulf/ u.k./usa/canada/australia ?Are they okay with your BIASED views ? And what about our Goans who have plum posts in Maharashtra/Karnataka/ or abroad ?...yours is a self defeating statement ! Goans who have learnt in Marathi have also got jobs in Mumbai...what about them ? Should they be thrown out to your place ? and finally ,what if the gulf Arabs decide exactly like you ...not wanting any Goans ? What if all the foreign lands throw out all the gOANS ONE FINE MORNING ? WD YOU ,goa news ,PROVIDE JOBS/BREAD BUTTER TO ALL OF THEM ?iNTROSPECT ...AND THEn write ! of course ,you guys are not like those editors who admit their mistakes and PUBLISH opposite and a counter view...I know that my bitter truth wont be published ....

abdul |

for govt jobs birth in goa and knowledge of konkani marati to make firm. high time, govt should start use our languages for all communication. Take northern sates and tamil nadu and maharshtra. Start all mamletdar and collector transactions recorded in our languages. no claim we dont understand. did we know portugese when all recordings made in foreign language?

even the high and mighty ias/ips must learn to use and be conversant. why only this UT cadre be exempt. even goan ias officers posted outside know thiose languages.

francis pereira |

As Mr. Francis Pereira has opined, it is very important to provide statistics. data and facts before making any loud statements by painting a picture of fear and destitution.

The number 1 criterion for getting a govt. job is domicile, knowledge of language comes secondary. Implementing no. 1 criterion diligently will make sure deserving people get the jobs they deserve. Having said this, certain posts should not adhere to the requirements of domicile/language as Goa might need talent that is not available among locals.

SP, The following quote from the above sermon epitomizes your ignorance and hatred for Marathi/ Maharashtrians whose culture the Goan Hindus share.

"On the other hand, the provision of Konkani or Marathi could open the floodgates to ten times bigger state of Maharashtra to come and get jobs"

Jagan Kamat |

Reading the heated comments on this topic,it seems like we may have to yet again invite the British or Portuguese to resolve the Marathi vs. Konkani issue.

Is history repetaing it self , with this modern day "Language WAR"?

N.Fernandes |

bab sandesh,

do you have statistics of how many from maharashtra and karnatak are occupying government jobs. Do not point at maharshtra alone just because they speak marati to which you do lip service as you are aware there is readership.

from sange, savorde, ponda to valpoi you will find kannada everywhere. PWD, electricity also have kannad people who also get better promotions than goans( find how many chief engineers are goans) and they always bring kith and kin.

one example of telephone department is narrow view you take.

both konkani and marati be allow in all government offices and even in courts....

francis pereira |

Dear Somnath-bhai/Percivel,

I normally never participate in a discussion taking place on what I write. But intervening here just to clarify certain matters.

I am a Marathi lover, studied Marathi medium till X, still read Marathi literature, write in Marathi (besides Konkani and English) and simply love it. In fact I don't hate any language - even Portuguese.

The issue of recruitment has nothing to do with our age-old society-dividing language controversy. This is a system, which is prevalent in all the states including Maharashtra, that has also been adopted in Goa to restrain outsider candidates to come and take up jobs, at the cost of deserving Goan candidates. This formula has been accepted long ago. I have just reminded the government about it.

There is nothing against Marathi or Maharashtra in this. It is the same principle which Maharashtra also follows to restrain outside candidates from taking up their government jobs, at the cost of deserving Marathi candidates. The official language has been used as a tool in the interest of Goa and Goans. In fact we have a clause - Marathi desirable - to show our respect to Marathi.

Sandesh Prabhudesai |

Sandeshbab,How long are you going to use that MAHARASTRA scarecrow to fuel anti-marathi sentiments and appease the konkani protagonists. Instead of creating a rift between the lovers of these languages by blaming marathi and Maharashtrians it would be beneficial in the interest of Konkani to strengthen her by producing better literature.

Somnath Naik |

I fully agree and endorse the views expressed by all others ,bur Sandesh ,the Marathi hater ! We have all the freedom !Why were ALL the manuscripts / stone carving writings in Velus/Bandorra /are In The Hated Language ? why Krishnadas Shama ?/ Father Stephen /? Konkanakyan was Written in the the language Sandesh HATES ?

Percival |

Dear Surel,

I don't suspect good intention of your group "Mr Digambar Kamat Get Well Soon" to save Goa and Goyakarpan. But silence is consent.

The press note of the group conveniently neglects the issue of exam in Marathi and says "there is nothing wrong in conducting such proficiency examination for aspiring candidates who have come from English primary schooling background."

The issue is just not conducting exam in Marathi, when knowledge of only Konkani is compulsory. The bigger issue is that no examination for those who have studied in Konkani or Maarathi medium at primary level.

Mixing up recruitment rule and medium of instruction will only create confusion. Purpose of both the things are completely different. They cannot be combined and should not be combined.

All the best to you all.

Sandesh Prabhudesai |

Get well soon in its press release has not stated anywhr tht thy welcome the job related policy of the govt. They have opposed the statement of Mr. Sardhin for abolishing such test for candidates from English Medium. Their motto in the said press release was to make CM aware of the intension of some people to destroy our devnagari script. They still follow the principal tht Goans shld be given the first preferance in Govt Jobs.

They have also said that if for any reason a non Goan is appointed than he should answer the test in KONKANI within one year.

And about the Konkani and/or Marathi, grp is very clear what is stated in the official language act n what you all, looking at whom grp members have learnt, had demanded few years back and i assure you that same ideologies, GOY, GOYKAY, GOYKARPAN, will be carried forward and grp will make our stand clear within few days.....

We expect you support in saving our language and our Goa....

Surel Tilve |

How about advantage Karwar and N. Karnataka. They speaks Konkani too. What a jerk man you are.

Vinay |

You are writing rubbish. And you do so because you HATE marathi. You are talking about probabilities, i.e., is somebody gets a FAKE domicile, etc. Likewise, a Keralite/karantaki can not get a fake certificate on Konkani/Marathi language?

Can you explain why the number of Marathi newspapers in Goa is growing crazily, whereas the only Konkani Sunaparant is barely surviving.

Jagan Kamat |

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