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Can there be Amicability on MoI?


There just cannot be amicable solution to this issue. There can be only political solution. Simply because the BJP needs the Church and the Church wants English medium. Just like the Congress.

Everybody is eagerly waiting for a decision on Medium of Instruction from chief minister Manohar Parrikar for the last three months. It’s now expected this week, even may be by today.

The Congress publicly admits that one of the reasons it lost the Assembly election miserably is its decision on Medium of Instruction. It means the people, who defeated Congress, expect the BJP to act otherwise. But what does the BJP manifesto say?

“BJP subscribes to universal scientific principle of primary education in the mother tongue. Grant-in-aid accordingly will be released to primary level schools (1st to 4thstandard) with medium in regional languages. However, keeping in mind the problems faced by a number of schools due to the faulty and legally inferior policy of the Congress government and sentiments of certain sections of the population, BJP assures an amicable solution to the problem.”

Parrikar nowadays has been repeatedly saying that he won’t be able to satisfy any side, fully. He is right. There just cannot be amicable solution to this issue. There can be only political solution. Simply because the BJP needs the Church and the Church wants English medium. Just like the Congress.

It is not a different case with other fighters on the opposite side. The petitions, including Pandurang Nadkarni, withdrew the petition on MoI, based on a mere assurance of the Manohar Parrikar government to withdraw its earlier circular of Digambar Kamat government on MoI. Why it did not make new circular a precondition to withdraw the case is still a question mark.

It is also surprising that the leaders of Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch, especially from Konkani movement, have been hailing Parrikar even before it has made its policy clear on the MoI. Some of them even captured important positions. Rajdeep Naik thus needs to be hailed since he continued refusing the Yuva Chaitanya Puraskar in the Kamat government as well as Parrikar government. Days have come for the elders in the Konkani movement to learn from the youngsters...

Anyway, the question right now is... what will Parrikar do?

He is expected to do three things.

Firstly, he needs to differentiate between elementary education and the rest of education; not primary education and secondary education. The principles of elementary education – till standard Fifth in some states and till standard Fourth in some states – are different from rest of the education, as far as the language of instruction is concerned. If Parrikar believes in it, then he needs to MEAN it.

Secondly, the whole MoI issue in 1991 became a fiasco simply because the teachers were never trained in Konkani in DEd institutes, but only in English, but to teach in Konkani. It needs to be seen if Parrikar now plans to starts teachers’ training in Konkani medium.

The third thing, of course, is which is the mother tongue of Goans? Everybody speaks Konkani. Some of them still call it Konkani the dialect of Marathi while some call it a language in itself. If elementary education should be imparted in mother tongue, will Parrikar clarify which is the mother tongue of Goans? Konkani or Marathi; or both? If both; on what basis?

If not; will we agree to his ‘not satisfying anybody fully’ merely a political solution?

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

The corrupt Ex-Congress MLAs in Goa are like unruly schoolboys.They got their Medium of Instructions(MOI) and Medium of interference (MOI) & Medium of Ineptness (MOI),from New Delhi.

Headmaster was Jagmeet Brar & Principal in Goa, was the ever smiling "Dork" Subash Shirodkar.

DEfinition of DORK as per the dictionary is:::A stupid, inept, or foolish person

N.Fernandes |

Manohar parrikar is better CM than any one of the previous Cm's of Goa because he is intelligent, pragmatic, fearless and don't have high command like congress for any petty decision making, the absolute mandate he got this time I believe he will definitely make Goa one of the best state in India


The only amicable solution is that the govt. should spend the money which it would otherwise give as grants for English primary on teaching good English to those with Konkani primary. That way, all objectives and concerns would be satisfied.


Samir Kelekar |

Every issue need not be misused for dirty Politics...

What education needs to be given to one's own kids, needs to be left for the parents to decide because it is the question of earning bread and butter and supporting family....

Even in a small village like Loliem---it is interesting to observe that majority of the youngsters working on ships , oil rigs, hotels and foreign countries are supporting their families only and only because they know some english....and these people are repatriating a sizable amount of money to keep the economical activities booming --back home...Imagine all this huge labour force coming in Goan Labour market and demanding Govt Jobs.....

The so called educational experts need to understand that every kid can not become an Engineer or Doctor or top matter in which medium you teach them ...

Every issue need not be used for Political mileage....

Let the parents decide as to what is good for their kids and the Govt extend help if it can ..

There seems to be absolutely no need to give Goan Tax payer's money to Kannada/ Tamil/Urdu schools--in Goa...Such thing is going to encourage only ethnic divides based on languages disturbing the tranquility here...

vishwas prabhudesai |

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