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Will Congress self-criticise within 100 days?


But Mr Rane, people are waiting for something else; not your views on the BJP-led government, at this moment. In fact, within these 100 days.

Leader of Opposition Pratapsing Rane has said they would wait for 100 days to judge performance of the Manohar Parrikar government before commenting on his governance. Fair enough for any opposition, either because they have no issues to oppose or they really mean it. Nice gesture as a healthy opposition, if they really want to be so.

But Mr Rane, people are waiting for something else; not your views on the BJP-led government, at this moment. In fact, within these 100 days. People want to hear from you, as a veteran and longest serving legislator, why your Congress party lost so miserably. Why did ‘the ocean’ dry up?  The people are also waiting for the official version of the party on its debacle.

There are some reasons thrown up by party president Subhash Shirodkar, working president Francisco Sardinha, former chief minister Digambar Kamat and even the ‘family raj’ Budvont (head of the family) Churchill Alemao. Some say it was indecision on Regional Plan 2021 and Medium of Instruction while some say appeasement of Family Raj. Some feel K Hariprasad would have not been withdrawn as the observer while some say tickets were ‘sold’. Churchill even goes to the extent of Electronic Voting Machines being tampered with.

May be some are true while some are just mere excuses. But even if they are true, that is not the root cause of the disease. These are just symptoms. What is the disease or the diseases Congress is suffering from?

What was that feeling which brought even the Church and the RSS– without even talking to each other – on the same wavelength? What enraged the youth and the first-time voter students to vote en masse against the Congress and the NCP? What made even the ardent and traditional Congress voters to painfully ‘not to vote’ for Hand? What made the minorities feel that they would be much safer in the hands of the saffron party but not the Congress?

Whole Goa and even the BJP knows that the vote was not ‘for’ the BJP. It was more ‘not for’ the Congress. That’s why Goa elected five independents and many more. They wanted to defeat even more, but could not succeed. The vote was against corruption. The vote was against arrogance. The vote was against dadagiri and goondagiri. The vote was against money games played all these years. The vote was against divide and rule. The vote was simply against taking the people for granted.

Mr Rane and dear Congressmen, let Manohar Parrikar rule for 100 days without your opposition. But let Congress not sit idle for these 100 days. People have stripped you nude in this election. There is nothing to hide. But Goans are really interested to hear it from you – all the so called Congress leaders – in what way you plan to clean up the Congress.

Because, Goa also deserves a good opposition. Frank and bold just not in criticism, also self-criticism!

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

Role reversals are difficult to practice. Mamata is ruling as if it is CPM who is the Govt. with herself opposing; on the other hand, Congress in Goa has always ruled, especially its current leader of the opposition. Even when he was with his parent party, in MGP, he was ruling. Now, tell me isn't he finding it very difficult to oppose BJP? He had found it so in 2000 as well. He wasted his opportunity when the Miramar Beach development project of Mr. Parrikar came up.

Self criticism? By Congress?

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