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Whom is this VOTE for?


Enough was enough was the only feeling. Teach them a life-time lesson was the only slogan. Parivartan was the only target. Negation for a positive change.

It was only in 1999 election that Congress had achieved 21 seats. The BJP has done it once again, after 13 years; a lucky number for Manohar Parrikar. Otherwise, hung Assembly has been the tradition of Goa since it has increased its size from 28 to 40 (Daman, Diu excluded).

Also, it is for the first time in the electoral politics of choosing representatives the Goan has come out in a huge number – 82 per cent. Such a huge turnout was otherwise witnessed only once in the past – for the Opinion Poll in 1967.

That vote was to save Goa from Maharashtra and our own people supporting dissolution of our identity. This vote was also to save Goa, from our own people, who wanted to sell out our land, our culture, our ethos and our identity to the whole world.

Enough was enough was the only feeling. Teach them a life-time lesson was the only slogan. Parivartan was the only target. Negation for a positive change.

People searched for alternatives. BJP, obviously, was the first one. The MGP got the advantage only by default. If they had gone alone, their fate would have not been different than the Congress and the NCP. In many places, people chose an independent. For the first time in the history, five independents were elected. We otherwise have a history of electing maximum three independents only twice, in 1984 and 1994.

Ending Family Raj of four Alemaos and two each of Ravi Naiks and Salgaoncars is a big victory. At the same time, electing Family Raj of Ranes, Monserattes and Dhawalikars is a big shame. What does it mean? How do we analyse it?

It’s also not a mandate FOR BJP. It’s a mandate AGAINST THE CORRUPT, RUDE, ARROGANT AND FILTHY Congress. It’s more negative than positive. It’s a desperate hope expressed in the available alternative/s.

But it’s not completely negative. It does have positivism in it. It’s also a mandate for a hope. The hope people have expressed in the leadership of Manohar Parrikar; if not BJP.

 It’s a lesson for the BJP too. Strategically, the Hindutwa party fielded six Christian candidates – Francis D’Souza, Michael Lobo, Glen Ticlo, Carlos Almeida, Matanhy Saldhana and Nilesh Cabral. All six got elected. If not, the BJP could have remained at 15.

The lesson is that Goans don’t vote for communalism. They voted for Congress all these years because it was a conglomeration of all castes and religions. But the Congress, rather than remaining secular, became communal from within. Also became corrupt and arrogant. Made politics initially a business and then a family business.

It’s thus an acid test for Parrikar, who has to prove that he is not communal. He has to prove that the Goa BJP is beyond the communal and fascist agenda of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. It is not hate of any community that can bring anybody in power. It’s love and only love and affection for one and all that can bring any party to power; at least in Goa.

Yesterday, it was the Congress. Today, it is the BJP. Whoever proves it, will continue to be in power. Whoever proves it otherwise, will meet the fate the Congress has met today. A life-time lesson and a one-line statement: Don’t take us for granted!

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

शंड (politically impotent) प्रतापसिंगान आता तिर्थयात्रेक वच्चे.

Is there a bigger shame than to see your rogue son controlling your own destiny?

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