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All for Lion’s share!


The reason for going alone sounds logical. The logic however sounds politically illogical.

Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party has apparently decided to walk out of the coalition government. Not a big news since the politicians have no role to play in the governance during election time. Secondly, Sudin Dhawalikar is the sole MGP minister in the government. The party itself is represented by only two MLAs, second being his younger brother Dipak. In fact the party that rules for the first 17 years has boiled down to the MDP – Madkai Dhawalikar Party!

The reason for distancing MGP away from the Congress is that the oldest regional party wants to go alone in the election. In spite of being part of the coalition government along with the Nationalist Congress Party, they don’t want to face the electorate together. Even in 2007 election, MGP had gone alone, fielding 26 candidates against the Congress and the BJP.

The reason for going alone sounds logical. The MGP may lose recognition and the Lion symbol if it does not perform. Earlier, the requirement for continuing its registration and recognition was six per cent of total votes polled and minimum two MLAs in the House. The MGP gained 8.65 per cent votes and both Dhawalikar brothers got elected as the MLAs. The votes polled by the MGP were 61,493.

The rule has now changed. It’s eight per cent of total votes polled, contesting from minimum five constituencies and getting minimum three legislators elected. The MGP leadership is eyeing for minimum 80,000 votes to retain its registration. That’s the reason, they say, they want to go alone.

The logic however sounds politically illogical. In the last election, two Dhawalikar brothers got total 22,732 votes. Sudin got 12,141 in Madkai and Dipak polled 10,591 in Priol. This is more than one fourth of what MGP needs even today. If they go for alliance, obviously the number of winners’ votes would swell further. In addition, more votes for the MGP in other constituencies too. They could easily achieve the target of 80,000 even with five constituencies.

The alliance may be little difficult with the Congress, which is already negotiating very hard with the NCP for 13 seats it is asking for. But the alliance with the BJP could easily give them more than five seats to contest, 80,000 votes with MGP-BJP combine and three MLAs.

But then the MGP loses a chance of aligning with the Congress if the ruling party once again gets more seats, but not the majority enough to form the government. On the other hand, if the BJP gets more seats but not simple majority, the MGP stands a chance on the saffron side too. The MGP, like last time, gains more if it goes alone and not by aligning. More in terms of lucrative portfolios as well as the nuisance value.

The MGP is definitely not going alone with a fear of losing its symbol – Lion. In fact it’s going alone to get the Lion’s share in the government; no matter who forms it – the Congress or the BJP.

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

Say suppose BJP comes to power with Shripad Naik and Manohar Parrikar in assembly, won't it be situation like congress? Infights! which are erupting now openly. all the best TO all parties to give us good GOVERNMENT.

Sanjay Borkar |

bjp should be ready to give 6 seats to MGP because that will give minimum 5 more seats to BJP from 11 at the moment

gurudas sawal |

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