Thursday 30 March 2023

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Sour grapes of jobs!


During election, the ruling party maintains silence and opposition cries. The Congress was crying when the BJP was in power and the vice versa today.

Everything comes to a standstill once the election code of conduct comes into force. No policy decision and no implementation at government level, provided the implementation process is not halfway. It applies to any developmental work like roads, bridges etc as well as government jobs. As the Election Commission implements it, no road work can start even if tender is issued and no job letter can be issued even if selection is made.

That is the reason Goa’s election commission office has frozen the process of almost 417 jobs in six different departments, for which candidates were already selected. In fact, the heads of the departments are now under EC scanner for violating the code of conduct. The opposition BJP, while complaining, has also brought to the light how in one day some government offices completed the whole process for which otherwise it takes months together.

The Election Commission definitely deserves appreciation for coming down with a firm hand on all the politicians who think they can do anything even when the code of conduct is into force. The voters need to provide them a moral boost with public appreciation.

But the EC regime begins only after the election is announced. Here, this time, it was announced on 24 December. The EC can do nothing even when everybody knows how several government departments were working overnight to issue appointment letters by 23 December. Obviously, this was a revenue-generating exercise for some politicians and also a vote-investment for everybody.

In fact the Digambar Kamat government has created almost 4900 new posts this year, in addition to 5600 posts created during rest of the four years. Almost 50 per cent more in the last election-year! In the bargain, the number of government servants has gone up to 57,000. How much of it was actually necessary to run the state efficiently? And at whose cost?

The BJP, on the other hand, is crying hoax because they could not invest in it. During Manohar Parrikar’s regime, he skillfully announced voluntary retirement scheme and invested into jobs. In addition, the pre-employment scheme was announced to recruit thousands of youngsters as trainees. Many cabinet colleagues of his defied the rule and made direct recruitment. He could do nothing. Now, the BJP has succeeded in putting hundreds of posts on hold, with a hope that they could review these appointments if they come to power after election. Dr Wilfred Mesquita has openly admitted it in a TV debate.

Dr Mesquita’s natural argument is that they want to review the appointments because they are not on merit. In reality, the real merit is loyalty to the party or the MLA. During election, the ruling party maintains silence and opposition cries. The Congress was crying when the BJP was in power and the vice versa today. Ultimately, the grapes are sour when you can’t jump enough to catch it….


Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

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