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Can 2012 be NEW?


Can 2012 be really New? It can; at societal as well as personal level. The decision is left to US, or – rather – ME.

Every new year is an excitement for everybody at 12 midnight on 31 December and the next day, unless something depressing happens in his or her life at that moment.  The rest of the days are usual routine. Some people make new resolution. Very few stick to it judiciously.

Can 2012 be really New?

It can; at societal as well as personal level. The decision is left to US, or – rather – ME.

Assembly election for Goa is scheduled for 3 March. If we decide, we can bring something NEW. Well, new means a new trend. Not toppling Congress and brining BJP to power. There is an anti-corruption wave throughout the country. Even Goan voter can ride on this wave to drown all the corrupt – no matter they belong to the Congress, the BJP, the MGP, the UGDP or any new outfit or an independent.

The normal trend among the so called ‘educated’ is not to go to vote, arguing that “I have no good choice.” It means no party has fielded a good candidate. It also means good (but poor) independent candidates are not considered to be ‘good’. If we change this thinking, it would definitely result into something good, and something new.

Well, it may result into no party getting proper majority to rule. It may result into instability. Doesn’t matter. Who has given us a stable and non-corrupt government in spite of electing them with majority? Let the parties realize that they would be pushed into minority if they don’t field non-corrupt good candidates with clean image.

The second NEW is a real big challenge. It’s a personal vow. To be non-corrupt personally. No giving bribe, not taking bribe. No taking illegal favour, no making illegal favours. Let the world be corrupt, but we would live a clean life. It’s possible if each one of us does it. It’s not impossible, if all of us are determined.

 Yes, we can.

Will we?

May we wish ourselves a happy NEW year?

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

You are right, absolutely right but who follows the non-corruption principle in present life. Corruption is becoming a part and parcel of life. Everybody wants favours and money is the only factor behind taking favours.

Its the people who will have to change first.

Its the PRAJA who forces the RAJA to do corruption.

Politician who pay the electricity and water bills of voters for 5 years get 11,000 votes.

Politician who gives ration (rice, wheat, dal, oil etc.) during festivals for 5 years get 10,000 votes.

Politician who sponsors tournaments remains favourite politician of youths.

There are many more examples one can give as this is the present day trend in society.

so something NEW IS EXPECTED FROM PEOPLE in this direction. Politicians will change automatically.

Dr Vidhyadatta Verenkar |

Well begun Mr. Editor. Give us a daily edit..Crisp, Crackling, Ambot-tik n invigorating.

Prabhakar Timble |

Sandeshbab, i agree with you in totality,though it is a difficult task! As you have rightly said "Nothing Is Impossible"! Only the Youth, have to take initiative and as we say in Marathi 'Zokun Dil Pahize', they have to keep aside their routines for some time,till elections and take up the Drive of convincing/educating the people in villages (more so) alongwith Urbah areas and see that they are not mis-guided at the last moment! Ek Hi Nara Hona Hai-Hum Sab Bharatiya Hain,Hum Sab Goan Hain! Humko Hamara DESH AUR PRADESH BACHANA HAI!

satish pai dhungat |

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