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Unemployment doles for what, Mr Faleiro?


The possible has not been made possible. The impossible is sought for. Is that politics to fool the youth of Goa?

Navelim MLA of Congress and ex-labour minister of Goa Luizinho Faleiro is moving a Goa Unemployment Assistance and Self-Employment Scheme Bill 2018 in the July Assembly session. He wants Goan unemployed youth to be paid a monthly dole of Rs 10,000 for four years. And he firmly believes that drug trade is on rise in Goa because of this unemployment.

Faleiro is one of the longest serving members of Goa Assembly since 1980. Elected consistently six times till 2002. Now come back to 2017 Assembly after a spell of 10 years. During this period, he was a Labour & Employment Minister for 8 years: 1990 to 1998. And then the Chief Minister of Goa from November 1998 to November 1999.

A simple question arises; why didn’t he bring this bill, as a government bill, when he was The Government? He had introduced a concept of Land Army when he was the Labour & Employment Minister, on the lines of Karnataka. The southern state introduced this concept in 1971 by forming Land Army Corporation, which was later renamed in 1984 as Karnataka Rural Infrastructure Development Limited (KRIDL). It concentrated on labour intensive infrastructure works vital for development by providing employment opportunities to rural unemployed and under employed to improve their economic conditions. Something like NREG – Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee scheme introduced by the Central Government. The Land Army concept of Faleiro was a big flop in Goa as we have more educated unemployed in Goa and they don’t want labour-intensive jobs.

Faleiro also got one bill passed when he was the Chief Minister. Making it compulsory to give 80 per cent jobs to Goans in the private sector, especially the industrial sector. But Goa Governor did not give assent to the bill, calling it unconstitutional. Because every Indian has a right to seek job anywhere in India. The Goa Assembly can very well pass a legislation to make the knowledge of state official language compulsory for jobs also in the private sector. But the possible has not been made possible. The impossible is sought for. Is that politics to fool the youth of Goa?

And now this bill to give unemployment dole to the Goan unemployed youth. Knowing perhaps very well that this private member’s bill by the opposition will not be passed by the Assembly. And the same Congress party is moving this bill which is criticising the BJP government for the social schemes like Laadli Laxmi, Graha Adhar etc since it has made the youth force idle, lazy and self-sufficiently satisfied. Does Congress want to add one more scheme by making all the unemployed youth idle for four years?

And is there unemployment in Goa? Then what is that space which the migrants are occupying in Goa? Fine, the Goan youth don’t want to do labour-intensive unskilled jobs. But what about the skilled jobs for which educated youth are required? In media itself, the whole Marathi media is today importing skilled youth from the neighbouring Maharashtra. The service industry, including tourism, is booming in Goa. There are jobs as well as entrepreneurship opportunities of various kinds. How many Goan youth are coming forward to seize these opportunities? Why Goan youth are shying away from the field jobs like marketing and prefer only 9 to 5 office-jobs?

What do we require Mr Faleiro, or for that matter all the politicians? The doles sitting at home? Or need-based skill education? Is today’s education related to Goan economy? And should we think of only employment? Not creating employers? The entrepreneurs? Not that no efforts are made in this direction. But they are largely private initiatives, including incubators. The politicians are still chanting Bhajans of employment. Doesn’t the Assembly think about changing the mindset of Goan youth? And what planned efforts are made to stop the out-migration of competent and educated youth of Goa?

In simple, a question with one-sentence Konkani proverb: नाक खंय आनी आदोळी खंय?

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

Congress & BJP instead of talking about jobs to be given to Goans about future Factories & Industries coming in the soil of Goa they should start from today by giving jobs to Goans from the existing Factories & Industries. If they give 80% Jobs for Goans in the existing Factories & Industries and 100% Jobs for Goans in the Government Sectors then no need to built even one single Factory or Industry to accommodate Goan. Existing Factories & Industries and Government Jobs are enough for Goans to accommodate and finish unemployment of Goans in Goa.

Jack De Goan |

HONEST GOANS should file case on Congress and recover Rs.1 Lakh Corers Rupees and distribute the recovered money among the Mining dependent and non-Mining dependent and balance money should invest in Education, Health, Water & Electricity.

Jack De Goan |

Congress is saying that they will give Special Status To Goa if they come to power in 2019!

Why Congress never gave Special Status To Goa when Congress Singh was PM of India and Congress Kamat was CM of Goa?

Special Status is a Political Agenda of Congress and nothing else!

BJP Clearly said that Goa cannot get Special Status even if they want to give.

Jack De Goan |

Well said Sandesh Bab.

Diogo |

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