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The Unquiet HJS, Sanatan & the Quiet State


We are making a gross error by considering the activities of such Hindu outfits as a threat only to minorities in India. Growing Hindu fundamentalism results in no gain for the Hindu majority. No community is safe once fundamentalists take charge of politics and governance, says PRABHAKAR TIMBLE.

The congregation of more than 150 Hindu organisations under the leadership of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) at Sanathan Sanstha (SS) headquarters in Goa to discuss the "Road Map to the Establishment Of The Hindu Rashtra" by 2023 is an issue much larger than what meets the eye. It has the trappings to emerge as the key plank of BJP campaign for national elections in 2019. Though appears to be the handiwork of periphery groups, it’s a hydra headed monster meant to breathe and vomit communal fire to engulf the state of India. It is in consonance with the vision of the RSS and the agenda of the BJP kept hidden till the secular fabric of India is gradually torn into bits and pieces and today’s resounding voice of the secular forces turns pale and dim. It is relevant to recall how a ‘masjid-mandir’ conflict in a tiny corner at Ayodhya was initiated by fringe groups, irrigated by RSS and later blown up by BJP into a national election campaign polarizing communities for reaping electoral dividends and how later it was abandoned once again for additional electoral gains. Now, it’s a designed plan to keep alive beef politics and ‘hindu rashtra’ nationalism by the fringe groups and the RSS to step in once the issues gathers the requisite spin. The baton would be picked up by the BJP either in 2019 or 2024 depending on the assessment of the spread of the communal virus and the shape of the opposition forces. The latest example is the appointment of Yogi Adityanath as the Chief Minister of UP once the BJP tasted the luxury of numbers and gained the unassailable position.

Majority unsafe, not just minority

What happened at the HJS conference cannot be pinned to Goa and Goans alone. The activities of these fringe elements are a threat to all communities including Hindus. The risk is to India to sustain as a liberal secular democracy.  We are making a gross error by considering the activities of such Hindu outfits as a threat only to minorities in India. Growing Hindu fundamentalism results in no gain for the Hindu majority. No community is safe once fundamentalists take charge of politics and governance. It is a paradox that the architects of fanaticism leading to Hindu terrorism have their operational headquarters in the land which proudly boasts of a harmonious community which cherishes liberal and secular values.

Any individual or group is free to hold whatever beliefs and however progressive or regressive they may be. There is no issue as long as the beliefs are not forced down the throats of others.  There is also no harm in propagating the same through peaceful, non-coercive and constitutionally acceptable means. The Sadaks and Sadhavis of HJS conduct themselves as self-appointed messengers of Hindu Gods. They also proliferate in the realm of the State and pontificate on freedoms and restrictions. This is the stage when the state needs to intervene and invoke the laws to maintain supremacy of the law and the constitution.

At the recently concluded HJS conference, self-styled Sadhvi Saraswati exhorted Hindus to arm themselves to “save our women from love jihad”. She gave a call for public execution by government of those who harm cow and eat beef. The discharge against Muslims, “seculars” and Hindus who do not toe the Sanathan line was appalling and unspeakable. “"Pehle Hindu ko hi Hindu banana hai “, she roared underlining that these seculars are the first who will be attacked. It is quite clear that the intention is to promote feelings of enmity or hatred within the Hindus and also between different communities. The Sadhvi is a well known habitual offender propagating Hindus to stock weapons and lynch “vidharmis” who eat beef. The HJS has publicly expressed its contempt for the Constitution of India, holding that for them ‘the constitution is one that was written by Ram and Krishna”. Whatever is dished out by the HJS has the pernicious tendency and intention of creating disorder and disturbance in the community.

Invoke laws, stop appeasement

 The stand of the local politicians that they will stand as “rakshaks” to guard interests of minorities in Goa is a weak proposition. What we need is for the law to step in and act. An individual as protector of democracy and freedom is uncivilized approach as we have entered the stage of “government by laws” as opposed to “government by men”. The state and its instrumentalities should invoke Sections 153A, 153B and 505 of the Indian Penal Code against all such elements and the organizations. As a contrast, the May 2017 central government notification called the Prevention of Animal Cruelty Act (Regulation of Livestock Markets) appears to be an appeasement of the divisive forces. The central government has clearly stepped into the domain of State List under the devolution of powers almost causing an “effective” nationwide ban on cattle slaughter. The stoic silence of the state of Goa is shocking.

 The CBI has found credible links of HJS and the so called Sadhavis and Sadkas involved in the murder of rationalists and social reformers Narendra Dabholkar, Comrade Pansare and Prof. Kalburgi. The Maharashtra government has sent a proposal to the Centre seeking a ban on right wing organisation Sanatan Sanstha under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), in April this year. With headquarters of Sanatan in Goa, it is a unpleasant surprise that the state government has not joined hands with the Maharashtra government. I would not demand a ban even on organizations drenched or floating in the muddy waters of communalism and cultural fundamentalism. They have a point of view, though regressive and perverted. But, certainly, the state and the government should invoke the criminal and revenue laws at its command rather than providing the unrestricted field to graze at whims and leisure.

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

Who is this Saadhvi or whatever, why are you giving her so much importance by taking pains to write this crappy article? Go to any masjid on Jumma or listen to some 'Holy Father' and you will hear similar crap albeit directed at opposing religions. Self-styled secular pundits such as yourself give credence and publicity to these guys who are desperately hungry for it. What is your take on Mother Teresa who collected money from the rich, corrupt. one and all and used it to built Nun houses and facilities for them?


Rajan Kamat,

Sanatan are no different from many Islamic, Christian and other ideologies spewing venom in the name of religion. Besides majority of the Hindus don't even care about these organization as Hinduism is not an organized religion. I'm sure you yourself must be falling at the feet of wader swamy?

As such, Rajan Kamat, why don't you drop the veil or ghungat of 'secularism' or ' progressive' or 'social intellectual' or whatever, and file a police case against these Hindu organizations and take them to court.

Jagan Kamat |

Kudos to you, Prabhakarbab for being so bold. But be careful while you go on your morning walk. These guys are expert assassins.they might come for you.

And now Bhai seems to have got into the action with an eye on Panaji by election through his so called self professed celebrities .

A pop singer who cries at the drop of a hat because Bhai starves for the public and clown who claims to be a cinematographer without any credible work under his name , and who survives on doles from BJP to carry out propaganda on social media have taken a lead to announce a programme of demonstration on 16 July , What a joke!

If these so called celebrities were genuine , they should have demanded the arrest of Jayant Athavale who is the mastermind behind everything. He brought his cult from Sion, Mumbai to Goa in 90s and has been gathering a large number of followers, who are mostly school dropouts, mentally disturbed due to family , social, financial or other issues who are in search of a Guru to fix their problems. He has expanded his business with the help of a former MP and a permanent minister in the Goa government. He claims to be the Avatar of Lord Krishna. His cult members whom he apparently controls with a use of psychedelic substances and mass hypnosis actually dressed him like Krishna and Ram on his birthday. An old man in a mythological outfit, wearing glasses did cut a sorry figure.

He is training his cult followers wage a war against the state and no one including so called progressive elements claiming to take Goa forward have guts to file sedition case against Athavale and his cult members.

Bhai is a wily politician. He knows when to bark and when to pull his tail between legs. His eight beef eating MLAs are also silent. Govind has become another Kovind. Vjay and Rohan are both blue eyed boys of ailing Bhai, thanks to their pedigree.

Reginald Lourenco and Girish Chodankar did make a noise but their criticism is brushed aside as a political stunt.

Goa is slowly going into the hands of these uneducated fundamentalists and everyone seems helpless either because they are scared or have been beneficiaries of Bhai's favours.

Who will save Goa when the majority itself is quiet?

Rajan kamat |

Prabhakar, your profile reads as educationist & legal expert. How I wish it read peace loving human being.

As someone who is given the privilege of writing a blog (as a pundit), I expect you to rise above 'ifs and buts', to deviate from 'roar and shor', and instead focus on spreading goodwill and trust.

The world is full of gossip mongers. Don't add to that list by one. Extreme elements, as you fear, have been a part & parcel of society for ages. The solution to such idiosyncratics is not to join forces with them, albeit on the opposite side, but to have a world full of peace & calm, so beautiful that those who wish to join your opponents or think of joining them are compelled to see the difference. And be left with only one choice.

Your tendency to speculate & then gesticulate may give you many more innings here. But in your vahi-khata of life your balance will be in the negative.

Bas karo na yaar, bahut ho gaya yeh Hindu-Muslim, Sikh-Isai mein galat fehmi failana. The media is already doing that. And driving many to insanity. Can we, as sane individuals, be different?

Vivek G. Prabhudesai |

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