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Why I Am Not A Nationalist


I cannot paint Historians as western Dictators as men of steel Scientists as fools and jokers God-men and Babas as scientists Or a Muslim boy as Pakistani

That was the time

Of warriors, princely states, Emperors and dynasties

When people were servants

And feudalism reigned


Up to the end of British rule

Bharat was never a nation

The end gave birth to India

A “Union” of  diverse States


Then came the infamous time

When Indira was India

Censure of Indira

Ordained you anti-Indian


Today is the time

When disapproval of Narendra Modi

Dooms you anti-Gujarat

An elevated Modi to PM’s throne

Bumps you as anti-Bharat and anti-Hindu


A doctor’s voice heals

But, Togadia’s tongue kills

A researcher is wedded to Science

But, Dr. Joshi cherishes live-in relationship with astrology


Love is the medium of the guru

But, these ‘shikshaks’  learn and preach hatred

I light a candle dispersing darkess

They light the Bharatiya “samaie”

To worship darkness of religion, caste, rituals and blind faith

And I am told they are nationalists to the core


I say, I am secular

Bharatiya Prerana gurus call me pseudo

I say, I am not a BJP

They say, you are a Congress stooge

I say, I am also not Congress

They say, you are then a pseudo-intellectual


Our tenants to the throne at Raj Bhavans

And the chairs in the Secretariat

Teach us culture, the glory of our past

And move like colonial rulers

With sons, daughters and in-laws cooling as NRIs

Educating us on national pride


I cannot paint

Historians as western

Dictators as men of steel

Scientists as fools and jokers

God-men and Babas as scientists

Or a Muslim boy as Pakistani


I am proud of India’s past

Art, Music, Architecture, Culture, Diversity

Proud of those Indian values which stand universal

And hold a lot with contempt and disdain

I am also ashamed of our past


For me, past cannot be the future

Past was oppressive, future is democratic

Past was exploitative, future is egalitarian

Past was restrictive, future opens choice

Past worshipped exclusion, future belongs to fusion


I can’t dig cricket pitches like the Sainiks

Neither sings blind praises of Shivaji

Nor castigate Aurangzeb

I cannot spit venom like Singhal or Imam’

Neither reiterate Christ as ‘the’ way

Nor join the army of Bajrangs or RSS


I cannot build temple, mosque and Cross at every street corner

Neither demolish to express pride

Or join as ‘sevak’ and ‘sadak’

Celebrating either secularism or nationalism


How can I be a nationalist when my culture is to respect all cultures?

All religions, all faiths, all languages

How can I be a nationalist when my medium of instruction is love?

Transcending boundaries of nation


I cannot lynch my brothers for eating beef

Nor set their establishments on fire

I detest restricting my sisters

In the name of outdated customs


I cannot talk of packing Indian Muslims to Pakistan

Nor Christians to land of Vatican

Or clandestinely work against missionaries

Showing them their place in Hindu India


I neither respect or disrespect religion or God

For me religion is man created good as well as evil

And God just does not exist

Secularism for me is a universal humanistic value

A public virtue, can never be a vice



In context of India today

I am a pseudo-secular or sicular as indoctrinated patriots put it


A pseudo-thinker as I am not in politics of hate


Values for me are neither swadeshi nor videshi

Indian or foreign

Values can be only progressive or regressive

Democracy v/s fascism

Secularism v/s communalism

Love v/s hatred

Equality v/s discrimination

Compassion v/s prejudice

Reason v/s blind faith


As a finale

I am prepared to love for the nation


Will never be ready to die for any Maata

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

Good evening

Read your post on Goa News .

Am throughly impressed, awakened and agitated.

Thank you.

Very rarely this happens and that to , to a mere mortal like me.

Rahul Deshpande

Rahul Deshpande |

Please write about Babush Monseratte and the cancer he is spreading in our society.

Jagdish |

You are basically in a confused state of mind.

You are famous for writing anything which comes to your mind.

You think you are a so called intellectual but you dont even have realised that you are the 2nd jocker after Aieres.

You are a paid servant and a big chamcha of Vijay.

You think you are a judge of Supreme court to give rulings on any issues.


Dilip Nayak |

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