Monday 17 June 2024

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Bhutia wants land for Football Academy

Indian football team captain Baichung Bhutia dreams of having his own football academy in future, if any state government is ready to part away with 20 to 30 acres of land for it. READ

Pratima's 'blackmailer' coach trnasferred

R Murlidharan, the athletic coach who is suspected to be the cause behind India's silver medallist Pratima Gaonkar's suicide, is transferred to the regional office of the Sports Authority of India at Gandhinagar for further ... READ

Coach blackmailed Pratima ?

The mystery behind suicide of Pratima Gaonkar, the 18-year old sprinter who won silver for India at the ninth Asian Junior Athletic Championship in Brunei, is slowly getting unfolded with needle of suspicion being pointed ... READ

Mystery of Pratima's suicide

A strange mystery shrouded around Pratima Gaonkar, considered to be another P T Usha in-the-making, who committed suicide at the age of 19 years on Tuesday evening.While the sports field in the state was shocked ... READ

Goa Express athlete commits suicide

Pratima Gaonkar, an athletic champion at Asian Athletic Championship, committed suicide last night.Known as 'Goa Express', Pratima had bagged silver medal at the ninth Asian Junior Athletic Championship, held at Brunei from 19 to 22 ... READ