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‘Shevtto’ declared Goa’s State Fish


Goa, known for its fish-curry and rice, surprisingly did not have a State Fish till date. But now, ‘Shevtto’ will be the State Fish of Goa.

Shevtto, known worldwide as striped grey mullet, has a scientific name Mugil Cephalus.

A formal announcement in this regard would be made at a public function on 7 January while the fisheries department has already notified it.

But why Shevtto, when Goa’s more than 50% catch is Mackerel (Bangddo) and Sardine (Tallo)?

“For the simple reason that it is the most loved fish of Goa”, says Dr Shamila Monteiro, director of fisheries.

While Mackerels and Sardines are available all along the Konkan coast, Shevtto is available everywhere or anywhere in Goa, says Dr Monteiro.

“You find Shevtto on the coast, the jetties, Khajan land, rivers, fresh water and everywhere from North to South of Goa”, she adds.

It appears that the fisheries department has thought quite thoroughly while choosing Goa’s state fish.

As she goes on, Dr Monteiro also points out that Shevtto can be caught in a rampon, katalli, khuttanni, simple net and even with fishing rods or a lambari – almost all the methods used in Goa to catch fish.

 “Striped Grey Mullet (Mugil Cephalus) is a species of Mullet in the Mugihidae family under the order Mugiliforme, states the notification.

Grey mullet are dark green to bluish grey on their backs with silvery grey sides and a white belly.

The fish averages from two to four kilograms and is strong, sturdily built with thick, hard scales.

Grey mullet is a very clean and also considered to be ‘vegetarian fish’, whose roe are also considered a delicacy. 

These fish can live to a reported age of up to 25 years with maturity occurring at 9  years for males and 11 years for females.

Spawning generally occurs from January through April at sea. The eggs develop in the sea and juveniles migrate inshore, colonising the intertidal zone and estuaries.

Grey mullet eat algae and live inshore, entering lagoons, estuaries and rivers.

With the common fish now crowned with the honour of the State Fish, it needs to be seen how much it would be priced  in a tourist state. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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So taxpayer's valuable money will not be wasted on promoting image of some fish ?

Why do we even care to have "state X" ? Why should some government servant's time be spent on comparing crab v/s mullet ?

What is state toilet by the way ? squatting or western?

This is a complete wasteful symbolism.

Aryan , Panaji

Sincerely think more thought could be given in selection.There are more STATELY RESIDENT CONTENDERS !!

Gregory I Pereira , Goa

Very good decision. Goa should declare rice with shenvto curry as state non veg dish and should be served to all the Vip and Vvips.Now I m pray on this issue atleast Goans should not form groups like shenvtowadi, tallowadi, bangdowadi etc. Secondly globally it may be known as "mullet" but let "shenvto" be shenvto.

Madhav Bastodker , Ponda

OH !! that gives them a reason to ban the eating of 'shevtto' (mullet) in Goa.... so that some MFs can make money on exporting the fish to other destinations.

H Rodrigues , Goa