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Budget speech by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar (2012-13)


The election results made me speechless, and now is the time for me to speak and assure the people, that the faith and trust they have put in us, shall be responded and honoured in multiple. Sir, the kind of mandate the people have given to us, is such that today while I speak on the Budget, I can only be kind and kind towards them, leaving cruelty for others who want to be so.


सभापती महाशय,

आज सात वर्सां उपरांत परत एक फावट गोंयचो अर्थसंकल्प वाचपाक उबो रावतना म्हज्या आनंदाक एक अतीव दुख्खाची किनार आसा. आज ह्या सभाघराचो वांगडी, आमचो सगळ्यांचो इश्ट आनी गोंयचो व्हड पूत, माथानी साल्ढाणा आमचे मदीं ना...! एका व्हड आदाराक हांव मुकलां... एका व्हडा सांगताक हांव शेणलां... ह्या वेळार, ताच्या आत्म्याक चिरशांती मेळूं, अशें देवालागीं मागतां आनी गोंय राज्याचो 2012-13 वर्साचो अर्थसंकल्पन, हांव व्हडा नमळायेन माथानी साल्ढाणाच्या पवित्र उगडासाक अर्पण करून सभाघरा मुखार मांडटां...!

2. Sir,

जननी जन्मभूमिश्र्च स्वर्गादपी गरीयसी

Sir, our Mother and Motherland are always supreme. Each one loves his Motherland more than anything this world has to offer and it has been amply proved in this year‟s Election. People have voted in such a large number by displaying un-precedented determination by registering 82 per cent voting turnout, to save our motherland. They have proved to the world that the power of voting and that the 'will of the people' always rules and prevails in a democracy. In all humility, I bow before them, for reposing their faith in us. I promise we will do all that, which is required to be done for our motherland, and this would be a fitting tribute to our beloved friend Mathany Saldanha, who loved his motherland, more than anything.

3. Speaker Sir, the election results made me speechless, and now is the time for me to speak and assure the people, that the faith and trust they have put in us, shall be responded and honoured in multiple.

Sir, the kind of mandate the people have given to us, is such that today while I speak on the Budget, I can only be kind and kind towards them, leaving cruelty for others who want to be so.

Sir, the path ahead is not easy, but I believe in the words of Martin Luther King,

“The ultimate measure of a man, is not when he stands in moments of comfort, but when he stands in times of challenge”.

4. Sir, at the outset, I present a brief profile of the state economy. The Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) at constant prices during the year 2010-11, grew at 8.30 percent, as against 10.63 percent in 2009-10. My Government will leave no stone unturned, to bring back the growth momentum by addressing the issues holding back the growth of the economy. I am confident of achieving the growth rate of 12 percent at constant prices in the next fiscal year, though I am targeting a growth rate of 15 percent.

5. Sir, growth rates in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sectors in 2010-11 at constant prices were (-) 1.46, 6.80 and 11.98 percent respectively whereas the corresponding figures 2009-10 were 14.68, 8.77 and 11.13 percent respectively. Both, the overall GSDP growth rate and the sectoral growth rate have been on decline which indicates sluggishness in the economy.

Budget Estimates for 2012-13

6. Sir, the Revenue Account Expenditure for the fiscal year 2012-13 is estimated at Rs 7116.63 crores as against the Revenue Account Receipt of Rs 7033.73 crores during the same period leaving a marginal Revenue deficit of Rs 82.90 crores, which I hope will be wiped out as the work on planned projects gets underway. I have proposed a Plan Capital Outlay of Rs 1921.03 crores in this Budget. I expect the resultant investment multiplier of the proposed plan capital outlay to generate additional revenue of atleast 15 percent, which would find its way to the Government treasury in the form of various taxes, fees, charges etc. The same has not been taken into consideration while preparing the Annual Financial Statement 2012-13.

Sir, the total budget size for the year 2012-13 has been estimated at Rs 9549 crores as against Rs 8022 crores in 2011-12, showing an increase of 19%. Similarly, the plan size for 2012-13 is estimated at Rs 4154 crores as against Rs 3129 crores in 2011-12, showing an increase of 32.75%.

7. Sir, the Fiscal deficit is estimated at Rs 755 crores which is 3.21 of the estimated GSDP for the year 2012-13. I, estimate the Debt to GSDP Ratio to be marginally lower at 30.08 percent for the year 2012-13 as compared to 31.60 percent for the year 2011-12.

8. Sir, after having explained this, I may say that, it is the time for new beginning and change - a time for Parivartan. It was for seven long years that we sat in the Opposition benches. However, it was period of constructive thinking and reflections about the future of Goa. During this period, I had worked tirelessly, sincerely and to the best of my abilities, and in total consistency with what I had stated in my first Budget, in this very August House eleven years ago.

कर्मण्ये वाधिकारस्ते, मा फलेषु कदाचन

Sir, the people of Goa have once again bestowed their faith in me. This gives me the energy and courage to continue working with renewed vigour and to the best of my abilities……

Administration and Governance

9. Speaker Sir, there is an old saying which I think aptly describes the current state of affairs of the administration…

सुताक चुकल्यार, आंगळाक चुकलो,

आंगळाक चुकल्यार, वेताक चुकलो

वेताक चुकल्यार, वांवांक चुकलो,

वांवांक चुकल्यार, गांवांक चुकलो...

Sir, the victory of my party and our allies in the recent election resonates with a 'rain of hope' from Goans, who want 'clean' and'progressive' governance with „No Scope for Tolerance‟ whatsoever on issues of corruption, inefficiency and indiscipline in the administration. Indeed, I must thank my brothers and sisters, for giving us an absolute mandate to restore the democratic principles and ethos of „Good Governance' in the State thereby re-writing their destiny afresh.

10. Sir, it is said that, “the good plans shape good decisions. That is why good planning helps make exclusive dreams come true”. The expectations cannot be met or ambitions fulfilled, if the programmes are not well-planned, funded or implemented impartially. Our manifesto would be hollow and sound rhetorical, if those are not practical and are not pursued through the budgetary process. My Budget today hopes to turn these dreams into reality. Unlike the previous Government where policies as also day-to-day decisions were remote controlled from Delhi, I promise you as well as the people of Goa that, now onwards Goa will be governed only from Goa and by Goans themselves.

11. The one line theme of this year‟s Budget will be – „all round development of the State’. By development I do not mean only physical development, like infrastructure, but also human resource development in the true sense of the term. Incidentally, the year 2012-13 happens to be first year of the 12th Five Year Plan and also happens to be the First Budget of the newly elected Government. On this auspicious occasion, my Government vows to make this small and beautiful State, the most investor friendly destination.

12. Sir, today people are frustrated by the delay and corruption for getting anything done in Government offices. I want to change this negative perception by delivering services within 24 hours to citizens. Indeed there is a case for procedural simplification, and extension of validity period etc. There is also tremendous scope for expanding the reach of the delivery of these services by strengthening the Multifunctional Common Services Centres and widening the mode of delivery mechanism through use of ICT such as internet, mobile, telephone for payments of taxes, issue of residence certificate, birth/death certificate, etc, and disbursement of financial assistance / pensions etc.

13. Sir, I had announced during my election campaign, that „Lokayukta‟ would be appointed within 100 days of my Government coming to power. I reiterate this commitment and state that no sooner than the assent of the President of India is received, the appointment of „Lokayukta‟ would follow. The matter is being vigorously pursued with the concerned authorities in Delhi.

14. Sir, I would like to introduce compulsory training in Konkani language for all the Officers of All India Services posted in Goa, to enable them to understand issues facing the people and to reduce communication gap between such officers and the people. The officers will be subjected to a comprehensive study tour of the entire State, to acquaint them with the rich history, heritage, culture and the geographical features, and area specific issues of the State. This will enable them to appreciate the ground realities and issues before the administration in order to discharge their administrative responsibilities in a responsive manner.

15. Sir, in order to improve the service delivery, I would like to reward those who perform and penalise those inefficient and corrupt. An appropriate mechanism in this regard would be worked out by the Administrative Reforms and Personnel Department.

16. Sir, even though the Government has been spending huge sums of money every year on strengthening the “e-governance”initiatives, the desired outcomes of these initiatives are yet to be seen and felt by the general public. To change this scenario, I propose that every Department should successfully implement at least one „e-governance‟ initiative, cent percent within the next 06 months and remaining to be completed within 18 months.

In order to ensure strong and continuous technical support, I propose to create a cadre of around 100 IT experts and professionals, in the Directorate of Information Technology, whose services would be placed in each Department. In addition to boosting the e-governance initiative of my Government, it will also help retain the talent which otherwise migrate for lack of opportunities.

17. Sir, transparency in governance demands that the citizens have full knowledge of the functioning, performance and achievements of each Department. It is proposed to place Annual Performance Report of each department in the public domain for information, comments and suggestions of the people. Practical suggestions and comments will be acted upon to improve the performance of the department.

18. Sir, many Government employees wish to take early retirement from service due to various reasons, but are constrained due to loss of terminal benefits. Having deliberated on the matter, I intend to introduce a Special Voluntary Retirement Scheme for those who have completed 15 years in service with full pension on their existing pay and full gratuity.

19. Sir, I intend to make public grievance redressal system more effective, by use of an on-line interface, on-line grievance registration, work-flow based resolution and on-line tracking of the status of the application. Each Department would identify the various citizen-centric services and also mode of delivery. For each such services, timeframes will be prescribed and the same would be publicly announced through their departmental portals, citizen charters etc. Response & resolution time would be specified for each category of services & grievances, through publicly shared service-level performance commitments. Appropriate financial provision for this has been made in the budget. I will also explore the possibility of enacting a legislation, as in Bihar, which will confer statutory right upon the people to demand services within a timeframe, failing which the concerned who delay the service will compensate the citizen from their own salaries.

20. As a measure to contain the growing corruption within the Government, I propose the following:

(a) Re-organize the Secretariat in such a way, so as to introduce proper checks and balances in the system,

(b) To amend the rules of delegation of financial powers to introduce post-tender financial sanctions,

(c) To introduce electronic clearance system in place of issuing cheques,

(d) „e-tendering‟ and „e-procurement‟ systems to be in place in every Department by 30th of June, 2012.

21. Sir, there is backlog of cases belonging to Compassionate Appointments. I propose to clear this backlog on priority. Further, with increase in payment to Group „C‟ and „D‟ employees, after implementation of VI pay scales; minimum income limit prescribed for being eligible under compassionate appointment needs to be enhanced. Therefore, I propose to raise the limit to Rs 2.00 lakhs effective from today.

Further, I propose to permit the family members of the deceased employee, who was residing in Government accommodation at the time of his death, to retain the Government accommodation based on the genuineness of the case. This permission will be for a period of three years, on payment of 50 percent of the market rent as assessed by the PWD prospectively. This measure will go a long way to mitigate the immediate burden of the deceased employee‟s family for searching alternate housing.

22. Sir, my predecessor had, on the occasion of last year‟s Liberation Day celebration, announced a onetime bonus of Rs 5000/- to the Group „C‟ and „D‟ category employees. I believe that Government is a continuous process. The Government employees need not worry as I propose to fulfill this assurance. Further I find no reason to keep out the small number of Group „A‟ and „B‟ employees. I, therefore, announce that all Government and Government aided employees shall be paid a onetime bonus of Rs 5000/- in the month of April, 2012.

23. Speaker Sir, as you are aware the State has been implementing the Unique Identification (UID) Project in the State and have covered nearly 08-lakh population, who will receive AADHAAR number soon. Since substantial money has been spent on the project I would like to derive maximum benefits from the unique number in such a manner that beneficiary oriented schemes are linked to UID. This would facilitate in plugging leakages and possible corrupt practices and help in effective implementation of the schemes. To begin with a few of the schemes like Dayanand Social Security Scheme, Ration cards in Public Distribution System etc. will be linked to UID.

Agriculture and Allied Sector

24. Sir, the growth rate under agriculture and allied sector has been substantially low at 1.77 per cent for the year 2010-11 at constant prices as compared to the growth rate of 3.26 in 2009-10. The Planning Commission has been insisting on a minimum annual growth rate of 4 percent for this sector. It is noteworthy that the previous Government, despite announcing various measures and infusing investment for revival of agriculture and allied sector could not manage to maintain the growth rate achieved during 2009-10. Therefore, it is inevitable for me to have a re-look at the agriculture and allied sectors all over again. I find that lopsided policies of the previous Government had made agriculture an unviable economic proposition.

Sir, I believe that agriculture sector could be revived and rejuvenated by use of intensive farm mechanization, enhanced support price, attractive farm subsidies, adoption of knowledge based approach and training of the farmers.

25. I propose, to frame a new Agricultural Policy for the sustainable development of agricultural sector and address the critical issues of agricultural production, prices, quality, land usage and employment generation. The agricultural experts, farmers‟ representatives, Self Help Groups and various stakeholders will be taken into confidence before carving out a comprehensive policy document.

26. Sir, paddy is largely cultivated to meet the domestic requirements rather than for commercial gain. My Government in 2002, had introduced a support price of Rs 500/- per tonne for paddy. However, over the years considering the increase in cost of cultivation, inflation and rise in the wages, it is proposed to provide an assured price of Rs 17/- per kilogram of paddy sold by the farmers, as against the support price of Rs 7/- per kilogram over and above the price, paid at present. The scheme has been helping about 4000 farmers annually.

Under this programme the difference in the price received by the farmers and the assured price will be paid by the Government to the farmers directly in their bank account. With the present modification it is expected that the farmers will receive remunerative returns from paddy cultivation. I hope that this will bring larger areas under paddy cultivation. It is also proposed, to provide assured price for the cashewnuts, which is major cash crop for the rural people, by assuring a minimum support price of Rs 90/- per kilogram for raw cashew.

27. Sir, to encourage agro-processing industry, co-operative societies shall be encouraged to set up rice mills, for which I have made a provision of Rs 100 lakh.

28. Sir, „kulagar‟ is a unique symbol of our agrarian culture. But today, sadly in course of time, these kulagars are slowly vanishing. Farmers are finding it difficult to cultivate arecanut. Sir, in fact Arecanut cultivation by itself is a separate eco-system, which helps in cultivation of intercrops like spices, bananas, vegetables and several other crops, which are unique to our state. To protect this eco-system and to make it an economically viable activity, it is proposed to provide an assured price of Rs 170/- per kilogram of arecanut sold by the farmers against the assured price of Rs 100/- per kilogram at present.

29. Sir, all of us know that there cannot be a comparison of Goan coconuts with the coconuts cultivated in the other regions, that is why Bakibab said:

माझ्या गोव्याच्या भुमीत, गड्या नारळ मधाचे

But, unfortunately, the price that the Goan coconut growers get is a pittance. I, therefore, want to provide a support price of Rs 8/- per coconut.

30. Sir, further, prices shall be fixed for all locally grown vegetables and fruits. They shall be purchased at the price fixed for the entire season, irrespective of the quantity and changes in market price during the year, and it will be sold at the designated outlets of Horticulture Corporation. The number of outlets will be increased as per requirements.

31. Sir, Sugarcane is another cash crop, which is provided with support price through Sanjivani Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd; by the Co-operation Department. Besides Agriculture Department also provides Rs 500/- per ton. To ensure sustainability of sugarcane farming in the State, I propose an assured price of Rs 2400/- per ton of sugarcane sold by the farmer to the Sanjivani Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd., from April, 2012. For enabling farmers to tide over rising input cost, it is proposed to provide an advance payment of Rs 1000 per tonne in the month of September provided they are regular known supplier to the Sanjivani Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana. The support price will be provided to various crops as mentioned above for which adequate provisions have been made.

32. Sir, cultivation of cashew and other plantation crops like coconut or any other fruit crop shall be provided subsidy for cultivation to the extent of 75% of the cost of cultivation. The assistance received by the farmers from various Government of India programmes would be adjusted within this support. A special programme is proposed to be introduced for the cultivation of groundnut, wherein the entire cost of the seed would be paid by the Government, under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana, I have provided an allocation of Rs 40 crores this year to meet various targets set out.

33. Sir, Reserve Bank of India has introduced Kisan Credit Cards in the State, to provide the credit for the farmers to support the cost of the input during the course of cultivation. However, the number of Kisan Credit Cards in the state is around 7000 which is very low. It is proposed to extend the Kisan Credit Cards to entire farming fraternity, so that credit could be easily available for needy farmers. A special drive for this purpose would be launched shortly.

34. Government of India is implementing programme of Watershed Management in various pockets in the state. It is proposed to set up a autonomous society to speed up implementation of this important programme. This society will consist of representatives of Government, farmers, Self Help Groups etc. The programme is expected to cost Rs 1000 lakhs annually for which, I have provided requisite funds as the State‟s share to supplement the grants received from the Government of India.

35. Large areas within the command area development projects are lying fallow which are required to be brought under effective cultivation. All such lands will be identified through effective command area development team and brought under cultivation by providing incentives in the form of initial capital, mechanization support and free availability of inputs as one time assistance. An amount of Rs 500 lakhs shall be exclusively kept for this purpose by the Water Resource Department and Goa Tillari Irrigation Development Corporation.

36. Due to uncertainties in the weather conditions, vegetables and floriculture are exposed to high risk. Cultivation of such crops under Green House conditions, shaded Net Houses etc. would help in the better security to the farmers. Promotion of cold storage will also help in reducing crop wastages. Government of India provides 50% subsidy support for such infrastructure. It is proposed to provide 100% subsidy on standard cost fixed by the Government of India. Any additional cost over and above this cost shall be provided with interest free loan with linkage to Nationalized or Co-operative Bank. It is proposed to allocate Rs 50.00 lakhs for this programme.

37. Though Government has large number of schemes aimed at upliftment of farmers, it is required to take these schemes to the doorsteps of the farmers. It is therefore, proposed to organize Krishi Rath’ Scheme in every Taluka of the State where in extension personnel from Department of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services, Banks, Agriculture Research Station, Co-operative Department, Rural Development Agency shall be visiting different villages in each Taluka, to explain the beneficiary oriented programme to the farmers. The necessary tools and other input would also be provided to the farmers during this campaign.

38. Speaker Sir, I propose to introduce new scheme for Milk Farmers to increase the local production of milk by incentivizing the milk producers by providing subsidy on green fodder. Further, cattle feed will be made available to them at reasonable price. My Government declares a support price of Rs 30/- per litre for which I have increased the budgetary provision from Rs 1.80 crores to Rs 15 crores.

39. Sir, I will also strengthen the Kamdhenu scheme for which I am providing Rs 10 crores as against Rs 80 lakhs provided last year. Each Veterinary centre will be provided a Doctor and sufficient stock of medicines. Also, the required number of vehicles will be provided to the Veterinary centres for doctors and staff so as enable them to give proper and quick service to the milk farmers. As a first step, I have already sanctioned 60 motor cycles to the Department.

40. Sir, I wish to commit that my Government will ensure that the state will be self sufficient in milk and vegetable production. While achieving this target in four year time frame, I expect gainful employment generation of around 10,000 in rural and tribal areas of the State.

41. The State has large number of water bodies, ponds, lake, which are required to be maintained, developed and de-silted on regular basis. These bodies provide a perennial source of water for agriculture. It is proposed to involve local farmers Groups/Self Help Groups and NGO‟s in this programme. An amount of Rs 100.00 lakhs shall be provided for this programme against the present outlay of Rs 25.00 lakhs.

42. Sir, it is extremely painful to see a farmer collapse under the burden of loans. These deprived farmers suffer the pangs of hunger to keep us free from hunger. The farmers are reluctant to avail the loan for agriculture activities due to high rate of interest, fragmented land holdings and problems in ownership title. Especially marginal farmers cannot afford to take bank loan as large share of their produce is utilized for domestic consumption. As an incentive for availing loan for timely completion of agriculture operations, it is proposed that marginal farmers with upto 1 hectare of land or those availing crop loans of less than Rs 2 lakhs for agriculture activities, shall be provided interest waiver on loan availed by them from any Nationalized or Scheduled Bank. The interest in such case shall be paid separately by the Government directly to the loan account of the farmer. The Government will resolve the problem of non availability of loan to farmers due to defective land title by creating a special Division in Economic Development Corporation which shall extend loan upto Rs 2 lakhs in such deserving cases.

43. Speaker Sir, khazan cultivation is our age-old tradition. Our sluice gates and bundhs are not mere masonry work but are symbols of our rich cultural heritage and engineering skill. However, they are not in a position to withstand the onslaught of nature and test of the times, due to neglect in their maintenance. I propose to introduce, an appropriate scheme under theKhazan Land Development Board for repair of such sluice gates and bundhs, to prevent salination of agricultural land, in order to maintain, protect, and conserve tradition of khazan cultivation.

44. Sir, our traditional salt producers are facing severe financial hardships and are not able to commercially exploit the potential in salt farming, for various reasons. I propose to provide adequate financial support through a scheme, to provide and encourage salt farming in our traditional salt pans. I am of the firm opinion that the State has the responsibility to protect all such traditional occupations which has been a major source of employment, besides preserving the tradition for posterity.


45. Sir, there are numerous demands from the farming community most of which have been addressed by me in my Budget. Those that have not been covered will be attended before the Monsoon Session. I intend to hold interactive sessions with the farmers to ensure that the schemes devised by me are hassle free, farmer friendly and based on mutual trust. I promise to the farming community and this august house that that we will strive to target atleast 6 percent growth in agriculture and allied sector during the year. I am confident that Goa will become self dependent on vegetable and milk within next 4 years, a confidence that is result of my interaction with the farming community during my Jansampark Abhiyaan .


46. Sir, I propose to increase the subsidy on Kerosene used by traditional fishermen from existing level to Rs 50,000/-. Further the subsidy for outboard motors will be enhanced to 50% of its cost price subject to a maximum of Rs 60,000/-.

Sir, I further propose to enhance the subsidy on purchase of fibre glass canoes as also for Fishing Nets to 50%. They will also be permitted to avail this facility every four years instead of twice in their life time. I further propose to provide an assistance of Rs 50,000/- per year to the registered Fishermen Societies to conduct their operations smoothly.

Sir, in order to facilitate better services for the traditional fishermen, I propose to take up construction of fish landing ramps, net mending sheds and slipways, including temporary storage facilities for equipments, accessories etc.

47. Sir, I propose to encourage fresh water fish farming, including fishing activity in ponds, lakes, reservoirs and other water bodies in the State by providing appropriate technical and financial support.

48. Sir, I propose to develop and upgrade the infrastructure of all the fish landing Jetties, including its approach roads. Further, the fishing jetties at Malim, Betim would be provided with state-of-art infrastructure; with modern cold-storage, upgraded ice-plant and other requisite facilities. Additional facilities for those existing at Cutbona, Chapora and Cortalim jetties would be provided during the course of this fiscal. I further propose to increase diesel quota from existing 16 KL to 20 KL thereby ensuring 100 percent VAT refund to trawler operators.

49. Sir, during the last year‟s Assembly session, we in the Opposition, were given an assurance of adequate compensation for those who had lost their lives and missing in cyclone „Phyan‟. However, only Rs 50,000/- was paid. I propose to keep the promise for which sufficient budgetary provision has been made.

Women, Child and Social Welfare

50. Sir, much has been talked about “Family Raaj” during the just concluded elections. My concern however is for the families of the common man. My Government would like to focus on those families and try and make them feel safe and contended. It would be the endeavour of this Government to ensure that every family is assured of help in times of crisis. My Government will stand behind them like „Rock of Gibraltar‟.

51. Sir, almost everyone has felt the impact of spiraling prices, pushing their purchasing power into the negative zone. This has created a situation in the State, where bottom 50 percent in the economic ladder are leading hand to mouth existence. I therefore propose to provide an allowance of Rs 1000/- per month to every housewife, whose annual family income is less than Rs 3 lakhs. I have provided Rs 150 crore in the budget and assure implementation of the scheme before coming Ganesh Chaturthi.

52. Sir, these days, housewives in Goa are facing explosions in kitchens, not because of any accidents, but because of huge rise in price of cooking gas cylinders. Further, the recent Union Budget has threatened to increase prices of LPG for domestic use. Contrary to this, I desire to provide relief to the housewives whose family income is less than Rs 3 lakh, by ensuring that the prices for domestic LPG will remain frozen for a period of 5 years at prices as on 16th March 2012, the date on which Central Government Budget was presented.

53. Sir, marriage is a golden moment in the life of any girl. She enters into wedlock and these golden moments are treasured and cherished throughout her life. All our daughters would have been fortunate to realize their dreams, but for lack of finances. To overcome these financial difficulties, my Government would like to lend a helping hand to her, under the “Laadli Laxmi Scheme” with a package of Rs 1,00,000/- with our sincere blessings. I hope that the scheme discourages the practice of killing a girl child in the womb of the mother which is resulting in to distorted Sex ratio. I have provided Rs 150 crore for the implementation of Ladli Laxmi Scheme.

54. Sir, Goa has got an ancient tradition of land administration. However for last few years we have failed to carry forward this legacy and people are facing numerous problems on this account. There is large pendency of litigations related to land issues. I desire to strengthen the Mamlatdar courts by appointing additional personnel in the cadre, who would dedicatedly handle only such types of cases viz. matters pertaining to mundkar and tenancy, for which fast track Mamlatdar courts would be established with targeted disposal rates.

55. Speaker Sir, I also propose to take appropriate steps to resolve the problems of kumeri and mokashe cultivators. Further, I propose to amend Goa Administration of Evacuee Property Act, 1964 immediately in order to solve problems of the people residing in Mayem and other areas, covered under this Act.

56. Sir, shelter is one of the basic needs and it is disgraceful for us that some people are without proper shelter, even after fifty years of liberation. I acknowledge this issue and I propose to address the same by reintroducing Ambedkar Awaas Yojana, with enhanced benefits and required structural changes in order to provide shelter to the homeless Goans.

57. Sir, all the while I was talking about the problems being faced by the people during their lifetime. However, it is all the more unfortunate that these problems continue to haunt people even after their death, because of lack of final resting place. I feel that people are facing this problem, not because of the lack of availability of land, but due to lack of commitment and sensitivity towards this issue.

Sir, my Government proposes to provide land and financial assistance to construct or expand crematoriums, cemeteries andkabrastan as per requirements of various communities. I also propose to make provision of mobile morgues wherever required.

58. Sir, it is an undisputed fact that the Dhangar community is the most backward community in the State. However due to some technical reasons they could not be conferred ST status. While promising that this issue would be vigorously followed up with the Government of India, in the meanwhile, I wish to extend all the facilities and benefits to Dhangar community on par with the other ST communities in the State.

59. Sir, in the words of Benjamin Disraeli, I wish to state, “Power has only one duty – to secure the social welfare of the people”.

Sir, during my last tenure, I had successfully commenced Dayanand Social Security Scheme (DSSS) to give assistance to the needy senior citizens of the State. This scheme is well appreciated across the society and amongst people of all walks of life.

Sir, I propose to increase the assistance from the existing Rs 1000/- to Rs 2000/- per month, to senior citizens, widows, HIV patients and adult disabled persons. Similarly I propose to increase the assistance to children with below 90% disability, from the existing Rs 1500/- to Rs 2500/- per month. So also for the disabled persons including children with more than 90% disability, the assistance is proposed to be increased from Rs 3000/- to Rs 3500/- per month.

With this I want to send a clear message to the people, that my Government truly cares for the disadvantaged section of society and will stand behind them firmly, all the time. I intend to put in place a system through which this assistance would be disbursed at their doorsteps.

60. Sir, further I propose to provide a monthly financial assistance from the age of 51 to those who earn their livelihood by traditional occupations like podder, reinderkolaykar, khajekar etc. If necessary, the existing scheme for motorcycle pilots will be merged with this comprehensive scheme.

61. Sir, during my election campaign I have had the opportunity to visit and understand the problems faced by the seamen community, on account of meagre pension they get. As assured, I announce a gross pension of Rs 2500/- per month inclusive of amount of Rs 200 being paid to them currently. This scheme will be applicable to retired seamen from Goa and will remain in operation until they get pension from concerned authority as per their demand. My Government will also evolve an appropriate group insurance scheme to ensure full coverage for the seafarers during their working years. Further, I announce setting up a dedicated cell in the Office of the NRI Commissioner for attending to the problems of the seafarers as also for providing other welfare measures for this community.

62. Sir, Home guards are providing much valuable services and assisting the Police Department in their smooth function. I see them toiling under tough conditions all through the day. I understand that they are paid a meagre amount of Rs 200/- per day. I propose to enhance this amount to Rs 300/- per day. Further, there are more than 700 Home Guards in the State. I intend to increase their number to 1500 while providing better opportunity to join police constabulary.

63. In the previous year there was an announcement for setting up a Home for patients affected by Alzheimer‟s disease. Unfortunately nothing much has been done. I, therefore propose to provide appropriate grants to established NGO‟s working in this field who intends to open such homes for Alzheimer patients. We have provided Rs 19 crore for NGOs working in the field of health, child care, old age homes to ensure proper care to elderly, women in difficulties and orphans.

64. Sir, I wish to provide 80% subsidy on transportation for pilgrims to visit holy places like Shirdi, Ajmer and Vailankanni. This subsidy will be provided to Kadamba Transport Corporation for organizing such tours on the request from the groups of pilgrims.

65. Sir, I propose to establish the Goa State Commission for Minorities, and towards this end, I have provided Rs 2 crore in the budget.

Tribal Welfare

66. Sir, James Baldwin once said, “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced”. Sir, the tribal community in Goa has faced a lot; I need not explain their trials to anyone. However I need to assure them that from now onwards their destiny will be changed for better.

67. Even though, a separate Department for Welfare of STs has been created, absolutely nothing has been done, except showing some Plan outlays under various Demand Heads. These outlays have not been translated into tangible benefits to the people belonging to the Scheduled Tribes.

68. In this backdrop, my Government earmarks a plan fund of more than Rs 300 crores during the current year for the welfare and overall development of ST population. The fund would be utilized for providing better housing, creation of sustainable self-employment opportunities, to assist in enhancing the land holding by the ST community, besides creating other economically beneficial activities, so also to enhance quality of education and general living standard of ST population. A plan provision of Rs 170.50 crores has been specifically provided under Tribal Department besides provisions as required under individual demands wherever necessary. Needless to mention here, that this surpasses the mandate of the Planning Commission.

69. It is unfortunate that the previous Government did not comply with the norms while filling the vacancies in the Government Department. There is a backlog of ST reservations. My Government will ensure that existing vacancies shall be filled in 6 months time, through special recruitment drives for ST category.


70. Sir, as promised in our Manifesto, I propose to abolish tax on houses occupied by the owner in the Panchayat areas. In the Municipality areas, this concession will be given to those belonging to BPL category, which is one of the most vulnerable sections of our society consistently struggling to meet two ends. The loss of revenue on this count both to Panchayats and Municipalities will be compensated through increased grants to them. I have made a provision of Rs 10 crores and Rs 2 crores in appropriate Budget Head.

71. In order to mitigate the economic impact of ever increasing real estate prices in Goa and to provide affordable housing all over the State, on no profit no loss basis and as a welfare measure, I propose to take up a group housing plan for various sections of the Society. Under this plan, housing at affordable and reasonable price will be provided to middle class, lower middle class sections of the society including those in Government service.


72. Sir, creating world-class infrastructure is need of the hour and is inevitable for attracting investment to set up software, hardware and support operations in the State. We need to learn from other countries and some of the vibrant, progressive and forward looking States within the country, who have been highly successful in attracting huge capital investment in their country and States respectively, to take their economies on the path of development. In fact many of these have seen un-precedented growth and development in their economies.

73. It is time to realize the fact that beyond a certain point the Government neither has the rationale justification nor has the sufficient financial resources available at its disposal to create jobs and sustain the same for a longer period of time. The creation of such large-scale employment opportunities can only be done in partnerships with the private investors. One of the sectors that I see an immediate potential for creation of infrastructure as well as jobs, is the Financial and Banking Sector. I, therefore, invite financial and banking companies to set up their back-office operations in the State and create jobs for our youth. My Government will facilitate these financial institutes and banking companies, the requisite infrastructure support such as allocation of appropriate piece of land at reasonable rate, facilitate licenses for construction purposes, provide adequate power supply, provide concession on broadband High-speed internet connectivity through GBBN, employment-pegged incentives; in the form of a package for the intending companies. Right kind of employment generating model will be put into operation within 9 months coupled with Minimum Employment Assurance Scheme under which youth shall be provided assistance between Rs 3000-4500 per month. I have provided Rs 30 crore in the Budget for the same.

74. Sir, we are aware that the Zuari Bridge, a vital link between South and North Goa, is in a precarious condition. Inspite of several announcements in the past for constructing a new bridge, no action worth the effort has been initiated till date. I propose to initiate construction for a new six-lane bridge across Zuari to be completed in 36 months.

75. Apart from this important bridge, there is a need to construct bridges to link Camurlim to Tuem, Chodan to Pomburpa, Calvim to Carona, Keri to Terekhol, Chorao to Ribander, Cumbarjua to Gaundalim, Madkai to Neura, Khandepar, Betim-Panaji, Arpora-Calangute, Virdi-Amona, Sanguem, Talpona and Galgibag. These important links, will be taken up for construction during this fiscal.

76. Sir, the State has traditional water bodies like nullahs, ponds and lakes. These form a critical part of the catchments. The present condition of such nullahs or ponds or lakes is pitiable, because of siltation over a period of time. This situation needs to be corrected. I propose to desilt and repair such nullahs, ponds and lakes on a mission mode. An appropriate scheme in this regard will be implemented through the Water Resources Department.

77. Sir, we have been continuously discussing about Convention and Exhibition Center for the last few years. Yet this center has not seen the light of the day. I desire to put a stop to all this discussion by immediately taking such steps to construct a world class Convention and Exhibition Centre in consultation with all stake holders.

78. Sir, I wish to make the State, efficient and hazard free in power transmission by means of underground cabling. Initially I desire to take up the entire coastal belt and urban areas, and then move in to the hinterland; with the intention to cover the entire State within the next 4 years. For this purpose, I have made a provision of Rs 40 crores as the State‟s share in this year‟s Budget.

79. Sir, it would be the endeavour of my Government to provide for 24 hour water supply to all the residents within four years. However, necessary planning and execution will start during this year itself, thereby improving the supply to comfortable level. I propose to augment the supply position at Opa, Assanora and add a 40 MLD water treatment plant at Guirim, besides speedily implementing the on-going JICA scheme for water supply and sanitation.

80. Sir, Panaji has returned me to represent them consecutively for the fifth time. The city residents have reposed great faith in me and showered their boundless affection. Time has come for me to repay my debt to the residents of Panaji. To start with, I have a plan for development of the Patto area in Panaji. I desire to connect Panaji at Neuginagar with Patto by a 4 lane bridge. This will be one of the alternate entry points to the capital city. Besides  I intend to undertake major development, including state-of-art C-Tech sewage treatment plant at Patto, in a planned and phased manner. The total cost is estimated to be Rs 83 crores. This cost will be shared by EDC Ltd., with support from the Government. In the first year Rs 15 crores will be provided by EDC Ltd., and another Rs 10 crore by the State Government. Besides above, the GSIDC has been instructed to take upgradation of entire promenade area starting from Divaja circle to Miramar and from Miramar to NIO. A bridge is proposed to be constructed to link Betim to the heart of the city as an additional entry point.

Sir, I welcome the newly elected Mayor and Dy. Mayor of the CCP, with a grant of Rs 50 crores to the Corporation. Ribander area is being developed by using JNNURM fund of which Rs 78 crores has been approved for improvement of water supply and covering the area under sewage network. I propose to support technically and financially the City Corporation of Panaji, in resolving the problem of Garbage.

Sir, I propose to put the existing Panaji market in order while taking up the third phase for sale of fish and meats. The proposed market will be provided with all required facilities and will be air-cooled to ensure better shelf life to the meat products. The PDA market at Ribander alongwith a foot-bridge to connect Manaswado to the market will also be taken up on priority.

81. Sir, I also propose construction of Santacruz – Taleigao bypass and crossovers on National Highway at Mapusa, Porvorim, Santacruz and Siridao. Further I propose sewerage schemes for the outer areas of Margao, Mapusa, Porvorim, Calangute, Ponda and Colva, for which funds are provided through JICA and HUDCO / NABARD loans. I also propose to take up construction of Rail under bridges wherever required along the KRC and South Western railway tracks. The road network along the coastal belts would be improved, with flyovers and bye-passes.

82. Sir, the current wholesale fish market at Fatorda is in a very bad and un-hygienic condition. My Government will take steps to develop a hygienic and ultra modern wholesale fish market at the same venue.

Urban & Rural Development

83. Sir, for effective urban and rural development, the use of GIS based systems for management of urban & rural infrastructure such as roads, building, natural resource and citizen delivery mechanism, would be put in place. I intend to derive maximum benefits through centrally funded JNNURM scheme for using integrated e-Governance solutions for Urban Local Bodies that can enhance revenues, arrest revenue leakages and install efficient cost management practices through integration of various back-end processes.

84. It is a sad story that the urban areas are in the state of decay due to total neglect of last 7 years. Funds provided to GSUDA were inadequately and improperly utilized. Problems of urban areas such as sanitation, cleanliness, uninterrupted quality power supply, transportation, potable drinking water, and parking were all left unattended during this period. I now have the task of addressing this problem for which, I propose a plan outlay of Rs 2000 crores over five years, to make urban areas pleasant to live in. Sir, I also intend to undertake rehabilitation of sub-hygienic housing areas in the State to avoid congestion and provide for better sanitation and hygiene in the areas. Both urban and rural areas would be covered. I have therefore provided budgetary allocation of Rs 316.09 crores to the Department of Municipal Administration, which represents 400%, jump over last year‟s allocation of Rs 79.90 crores.

Solid Waste Management

85. Sir, managing solid waste in our beautiful State is one of the major issues before my Government. We need to tackle this major issue with the co-operation of not only the enforcing authorities and local bodies, but also with the proactive support from each and every member of the society. All of us, every individual, every house, every community, every Village Panchayat or Municipality and every Industry are the direct stakeholders in an effective management of solid waste.

It is an admitted position that in spite of the Municipal Solid Waste Management Rules and Rural Garbage Disposal Scheme for Village Panchayats, much requires to be done. It is an eyesore to see non-biodegradable waste strewn all along the road side, public places, etc.

86. Sir, to tackle these issues, I have in mind two pronged strategies. I intend to provide appropriate funding to Municipalities and Panchayats to effectively manage their waste. Some Panchayats can be taken up on a cluster basis. The use of modern technology, new and improved methods in waste handling and disposal will be emphasized. Sensitizing the young and the old is an important aspect in waste management. Such programmes would be fully supported to ensure a sustained campaign on the subject until the desired objective is achieved.

87. Sir, plastic waste is another area of concern. The 3-Rs of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle should be effectively used in future. As a long term measure, my Government desires to phase out use of plastic for domestic use, like carry bags, sachets, wrappers, etc. The collection of segregated plastic and related items would be incentivised at collection centers to be set up. These measures will take some time for implementation, but I assure this august house that this would be the priority of my Government. I have plan to ensure that no plastic waste is seen around the highways and state roads.

88. Sir, I intend to set up a hi-tech garbage treatment plant, which can take care of mixed garbage, in an efficient manner. An Expression of Interest to select technology and establishment, will be floated very soon for the purpose.

Panchayati Raj

89. Sir, in order to strengthen the Panchayats and Zilla Panchayats more powers would be devolved to them and adequate funds would be provided to enable them to carry out their functions.

90. Sir, the Zilla Panchayats are not having their own office premises to function from and adequate manpower to discharge their functions effectively. My Government will provide appropriate infrastructure, both physical and human resource in North as well as South Goa Zilla Panchayat offices.

91. Further I propose to double the honorarium to the Panchayat and Zilla Panchayat Members, effective from the financial year 2012-13. Similarly the honorarium of Municipal Councilors would be suitably enhanced.

92. Sir, my Government will take all steps to promote participatory Governance to ensure that planning is done at Village level by Local Self Government as envisaged under the 73rd and 74th Amendments to the Constitution of India.

93. I have provided a sum of Rs 131.48 crores in the budget of Panchayat Raj for the purpose.

Art & Culture

94. Speaker Sir, the great Bakibab Borkar has said…

देखणे ते हात ज्यांना निर्मितीचे डोहाळे

I too believe in that. Therefore I feel that when these hands start trembling, it is the responsibility of the State, to extend its hand. Sir, as promised I am enhancing Kala Sanman pension to old age artist from Rs 1250/- to Rs 2500/- per month and for State Cultural Awardees, from Rs 1600/- to Rs 3200/- per month.

95. Sir, Tiatr is a unique form of theatre, where one sees the reflection of Goan society. This form of theatre along with all its components needs to be promoted, for which I want to further strengthen Tiatr Academy by providing a corpus fund. The said corpus fund will be created over three years. This year a provision of Rs 500 lakhs is made. This corpus fund would provide perennial support to the Tiatr Academy of Goa reducing their dependence on annual grants. Further similar pattern will be followed for other cultural complexes. This year I am making provision of Rs 500 lakhs for Ravindra Bhavans. While making this provision strict rules will be framed in such a manner, that in no case, the principal amount shall be utilized for expenditure.

96. Sir, in our Manifesto we have promised to set up Kala Mandirs in every Taluka. I again reiterate this commitment and promise that the remaining talukas would be taken up in phased manner. This year I intend to take up construction of Kala Mandirs at Mapusa and Canacona. The incomplete Ravindra Bhavan project at Sanquelim, which has been delayed for a long time, would be completed by December, 2012. Ravindra Bhavan at Baina, Vasco will also completed by March 2013. Rajiv Gandhi Kala Mandir at Ponda will be completed on priority, while the repair and upgradation works at Ravindra Bhavan, Curchorem will be taken up during this fiscal.

97. Sir, I propose to introduce a two-year course of Theatre under Education, having equivalency to D. Ed. and B. Ed.; in association with the National School of Drama from next Academic Year 2013-14 and to prepare a ground work for the same; short term workshops, training programmes, camps will be organized for in-service teachers, from this Academic Year 2012-13.

98. Sir, I wish to address the problems faced by Music Teachers under the scheme promoted by the Department of Art and Culture. I propose to restructure the scheme whereby these Music teachers in Schools, will be placed under an appropriate pay scale as per their qualifications and given a proper workload. Adequate funds have been provided for this purpose.

99. Sir, I propose to formulate an appropriate scheme to provide Government land and unused Govt. buildings, to registered Cultural Institutions for their use.

100. Speaker Sir, Language is not just a medium of communication; it is the cultural identity of an individual and society. In today‟s era of globalisation we should preserve and at the same time take such measures for development of all regional languages with utmost enthusiasm. Sir, here I wish to release Rs 100 lakhs to Konkani Academy for construction of new Konkani Bhavan and a grant of Rs 100 lakhs to Marathi Academy for completion of the Marathi Bhavan. Similarly, my Government will take all the steps to support other regional Indian languages which are spoken in Goa.

101. Sir, entertainment facilities are generally concentrated in urban areas. Entertainment facilities are required to be created in rural areas so that people residing in these areas also could enjoy the same like their counterparts in urban areas. I therefore, propose to provide financial assistance upto Rs 25 lakhs for constructing small cinema theatres or renovating & upgrading existing ones.

Sir, I assure the film fraternity, that this year's International Film Festival will again be vibrant. All necessary facilities in this regard shall be made available and additional infrastructure will be initiated.

102. Sir, the heritage sites of Old Goa Churches and Tambdi Surla temple will be developed and maintained with the assistance of the Archaeological Survey of India.

103. Sir, three great Goan artists passed away this year. My Government proposes to establish three research chairs in the name of renowned music maestro Late Anthony Gonsalves, world famous cartoonist Padma Vibushan Late Mario Miranda and great Goan bhajani artist Late Nana Shirgaonkar.

Journalist & Media

104. Speaker Sir, it is said that media is the fourth pillar of our democracy and when I talk about welfare administration, I need to take all the measures for the benefit of those people who are working with all the enthusiasm and zeal to strengthen this pillar of democracy. I propose to provide a few major benefits to all journalists including photojournalists. All publishing houses shall be instructed to disburse salaries to the journalists as per the recommendations of the wage board. For this purpose, I shall provide appropriate matching grants to the publishing houses, by formulating a scheme in this regard. Further they shall be covered under a comprehensive contributory group insurance scheme. The existing schemes including the pension schemes will be reviewed in consultation with the Goa Union of Journalists.

105. Sir, as an additional facility for the journalists, I propose to set up a Press Room with all requisite facilities at the Secretariat, at Porvorim and in the premises of Entertainment Society of Goa.

106. Sir, there is a demand from the Journalists who are provided with Government accommodation to reduce the rentals which have been recently increased. After examining their wage structure and the disposable amount in their hands, I propose to fix the house rent at 15% of their basic pay or Rs 1000/- per month whichever is more.

107. Sir, as an incentive for transportation and travel of journalists, I propose to provide a 50% concession in bus tariffs, to facilitate the travel of journalists in public transport.

108. Sir, I am witness to the fact that our colleagues of the fourth estate, face a lot of problems to acquire even a small house of their own. Sir, my Government will formulate an appropriate housing scheme for all accredited journalists, in order to help them in making their dreams come true.

109. Sir, I also desire to bring within the ambit of the above schemes to the extent permissible, the rural correspondents and reporters, as also non-accredited journalists and provide them appropriate assistance.

110. Sir, for all these measures I have made a additional budgetary provision to the tune of Rs 600 lakhs.

NRI Affairs

111. Sir, all these while, I was talking about welfare of Goan residents but let me assure Non-Resident Goans who are residing abroad are also equally dear to my heart. I, therefore, intend to strengthen NRI Commission and broaden its activities. I have made a provision of Rs 200 lakhs for this purpose. Speaker sir, further my Government will encourage participation of Non-Resident Goans, for development of the State, as also work out mechanism to protect their, their property and interest in the State. All steps and efforts will be taken to achieve this goal.


112. Sir, I need not have to overemphasize the importance of education in today‟s world. I am reminded of the words of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, who said:

विद्येविना मती गेली, मतिविना नीती गेली

नितीविना गती गेली, गतिविना वित्त गेले...

We firmly believe in this and therefore, propose to give utmost thrust on education at all levels.

113. With the rising population, generally the rate of unemployment also rises. This is more so,

(a) when the Government fails in framing appropriate policy initiatives leading to increased employment opportunities for the young people.

(b) the educational system does not take due cognizance of the outcomes of such educational policy. Our educational policy has to be in perfect blend and in sync with the industrial requirement in the State.

My Government will take all necessary steps in this regard, such as mandatory internship for all professional courses by registering with the companies, monitoring its strict compliance and incentivizing Colleges that work on „guaranteed placement‟ ideology.

114. Sir, the focus will be on „eContent‟, using experienced/retired teachers to prepare good educational content, deploy the same on State-owned Data Center using the Goa Broadband project and then utilize the content on laptops/notebooks or tablets. This will help establish an interactive classroom for facilitating teaching learning process. I want to make the teaching and learning process a joyful experience for the students.

115. It is a time for us to think in terms of ICT for improving quality education to our younger citizens, my Government believes in adopting a holistic approach in providing primary, secondary and higher education. In order to harness the potential of IT development for effective class room learning and to make it more interactive and graphical, it is proposed to convert every class into a smart class by means of providing the required hardware and e-content of the curriculum and also teaching the teacher to teach in a digital environment

116. My Government will be committing additional outlays for development of e-content. The e-content would be developed and uploaded on the state owned data centres for the use of educational institutions, so as to utilize the IT potential created through „Goa Broad Band‟.

117. My Government intends to continue with the laptop scheme for the students of Std. XI. The backlog would be cleared by May end and fresh batch of students will be provided with laptops before September, 2012. Further, students in class V and VI will be provided with notebooks / tablets. By next Academic year 2013-14, all students upto Std. IX, will be covered under this new scheme. I have provided adequate funds of Rs 95 crores for the purpose.

Sir, it has come to my notice that students in non-aided and other Institutions have missed out on this scheme, I intend to cover them under the scheme retrospectively.

118. Speaker Sir, right to education is a fundamental right of every citizen and it is the responsibility of a responsible Government to provide opportunities to every person to acquire quality education. In no way the financial background of a student, should act as a hindrance in acquiring higher education of his choice. Certainly it should not be a domain of an elite few. I therefore, propose 100% financial assistance to all students through a special scheme, whose family income is less than Rs 3 lakhs.

119. I had started Goa Scholars Scheme during my last tenure. Since its implementation, the scheme has helped several meritorious students immensely. The need is felt for expanding its scope by increasing the number of scholarships under this scheme from present 10 to 15, while enhancing the scholarship amount.

120. Speaker Sir, further there are no good training facilities available for imparting training in foreign languages. To overcome these lacunae suitable training facilities will be created to impart training in foreign languages.

121. Sir, in order to save and propagate the Mother of all Indian Languages, I propose to promote establishment of an Open University for Sanskrit. I further propose to provide a grant of Rs 500 lakhs to the Ayurvedic College in Goa, to enable them to upgrade their research infrastructure and facilities.

122. Speaker Sir, my Government will make all out efforts to start a centre of National Institute of Design in Goa. Further, I will explore all the possibilities of starting a Technical University in the state.

123. Sir, there is a Marathi saying that

भीक नको पण कुत्रे आवर 

Such a situation exists in implementation of Mid-Day-Meal Scheme. Today, such a sick feeling is created by the scheme that students prefer to remain hungry than to have a meal. My Government shall completely revamp the scheme in order to improve the quality and nourishment value of the food.

124. My Government will invite reputed international colleges and institutions and will enter into MoU, for sharing and exchange of knowledge, including development of educational hubs in the state. The Educational Cluster at Bambolim will be provided requisite sports infrastructural facilities through Sports department and library facilities through Art & Culture Department. These will include extensive indoor and outdoor sporting facilities including swimming. Similar educational clusters with common facilities will be established at Margao, Vasco, Mapusa and Ponda.

125. As the first step towards promoting R&D institutes in the State, I intend to collaborate with renowned institutions/colleges having top notched R&D in the areas such as Biotechnolgy, nanotechnology, food processing and such other specialized field having good economic potential on one hand and generate the much needed employment opportunities for the youth of the State on the other.

126. Sir, I propose to provide required number of Bal Raths to all the schools, depending upon the student strength irrespective of the caste, creed or religion of the students studying in the school. This scheme is being transferred to Education Department and I have provided Rs 20 crores for this purpose. I believe that every child has the right for a proper and safe transportation.

127. Sir, pre-primary school teachers get meagre remuneration as these schools do not enjoy the patronage of the Government. There is a need to strengthen pre-primary education, in order to attract good teachers in this sector. I propose to provide need based grants to registered pre-primary schools, so as to make private management to enhance the remuneration of these contractual teachers. The detail scheme will be worked out in due course.

128. Sir as part of the infrastructure development and upkeep of the Government school buildings, all repairs of Government schools, higher secondary's and Colleges will be undertaken through GSIDC.

129. Sir, children with special needs, deserves special attention. During my last tenure, I had formulated and implemented a scheme for differently abled children. However no efforts to enhance the financial support in view of inflation or improvement of the scheme based on needs was undertaken. I propose to revisit the scheme and ensure enhanced supports, to be implemented during the Academic year, on top priority.


130. Speaker Sir, Bill Shankly, a famous British football manager, once said, “Football is not a matter of life and death, it is much more important than that”.

Sir, this is the kind of spirit that is carried by each and every Goan for the game of Football. My Government therefore, declares Football as the Official State Sport. I assure all necessary help and patronage from the Government and its Agencies. I further declare to constitute a 'Goa State Football Development Council' under the Chairmanship of renowned cardiologist, Dr. Rufino Monteiro, a known Football enthusiast. I have provided Rs 5.00 crores for the purpose and if required additional grants would be provided. Further, I propose to develop a football ground in Benaulim, with requisite infrastructure.

131. Sir, for the advance preparation of Lusofonia Games and the National Games to be hosted by the State, I have made a budgetary provision Rs 60 crores.

132. Sir, My Government will strive to create sports infrastructure like gymnasiums, health clubs, indoor stadiums, playgrounds in all major villages and towns, where such sport infrastructure are not available.

Sir, I have provided as sum of Rs 143.17 crores this year.

Mining and Industries

133. Speaker Sir, I am personally aware of the fact that the rural Goa is suffering on account of rampant mining activity, legal as well as illegal. I reiterate the commitment of my Government to forthwith stop all forms of illegal mining. It will be the endeavor of my Government to regulate the legal operations in such a manner that these operations are socially responsive and environmentally sustainable, without allowing them to aggravate the suffering of the people further.

Incessant operations of illegal mining in the State has a tremendous negative impact on the environment, health of the people living in the mining belt, valuable revenue loss to the Exchequer, as the operators do not pay the due royalty on the ore exploration. Historically mining has been a cornerstone in the Goa‟s economy as it had provided livelihood to a large number of people in the rural areas, when there were very few jobs available in the private sector. Having said that, I am not advocating incessant, uncontrolled, and unregulated illegal mining in the State. It will not be a misplaced exaggeration, if I point at the ill effects of the mining on health, environmental, and on revenue aspect. However, I am certainly advocating, in unequivocal terms for a sustainable mining under a controlled and well regulated regime.

134. My Government, therefore, subscribes for such a policy framework so as to bring about the virtues of natural wealth in improving the lives of the people at large. As resolved in the Manifesto of my party, I propose to allocate 60% of the revenue generated through mining royalty for constructing a dedicated corridor for ensuring a safer and trouble free transportation of iron ore, development and creation of appropriate infrastructure to act as a catalyst for growth and development of the mining area, and revitalize the adversely affected agriculture land and environment. The proposed mining corridor at Sanguem, Quepem and Curchorem will be fast tracked to be completed within thirty months.

135. Further, I propose to

a. De-novo review all the mining licenses / leases issued during last 10 years;

b. Review of all licenses and carry out compliance audit, and if found necessary shall be referred to CAG for a Review Audit;

c. Use of e-governance platform through ICT for aiding operational audit, royalty declaration, collections and monitoring;

d. Use GIS based monitoring and surveillance system to map the mining exploration and transportation of the iron-ore export or other purposes out of the State;

e. Set out parameters for environmental compliance and set up monitoring stations on transportation routes and at source to check for pollution related compliance; and

f. The principle of “polluter must pay” would be employed to recover these costs for monitoring compliances and all such other measures the Government takes.

Based on the above, I propose a comprehensive Mining Policy, to control the total extraction from the lease areas as also quantum of dump handling, by May end. I wish to categorically assure the House, that my Government would under no condition tolerate any instance of illegal mining in the State.

136. My Government believes that we have been blessed with an opportunity to embrace and support the traditional art forms in a well-coordinated and realistic manner, to ensure that these unique expressions of our tradition and culture are protected and developed further.

137. I propose to create a 'Rural and Traditional Livelihood Fund' towards this end, in leveraging and providing a fresh lease of life to various traditional art forms and to the dedicated artisans, sculptors, goldsmiths, weavers, iron smith, handloom weavers and handicraft workers etc. Further, I announce setting up of a 'Gold Promotion Board' for the State. Adequate funds have been provided for this purpose.  

138. For establishing any manufacturing, trading or servicing enterprise, the availability of land is a key factor. In the absence of this, the enterprising qualities of the people remain untapped and no economic benefits are derived either for self or for the society at large. In order to facilitate such enterprising people of the State, my Government proposes to construct „Gala‟ type sheds in Industrial Estates, in turn to be provided to the micro entrepreneurs and automobile repair units. These facilities will also be provided outside any major town and all such facilities within the town would be shifted to such common utility centres.

139. Sir, I had started the Chief Minister‟s Rojgar Yojana (CMRY), during my first tenure. The scheme has helped many to be self employed and provide employment to others. To further encourage, the enterprising youth of the State, I propose to enhance the limit under CMRY to Rs 20 lakhs for individuals and Rs 50 lakhs for Self Help Groups.

140. Further, I believe that there is need to strengthen “Women Self Help Groups” in the State. The efforts taken by all Women Self Help Groups to enhance their socio-economic status are commendable. To further strengthen these Women Self Help Groups, in a more systematic and comprehensive manner, I propose to form a Federation of Self Help Groups, which will be provided financial assistance by the State, in order to monitor and implement all the schemes formulated for the Women Self Help Groups.

141. Sir, in order to create the right type of industrial environment, the Heads and functionaries of the IDC, EDC and IT Corporation, would be experts and professionals.

142. In order to attract industry in, industrially backward areas of the State, in the talukas of Canancona, Sanguem, Quepem, Dharbandora, Sattari, Bicholim and Pernem; I propose interest subsidy of 5% on the Industrial Loans financed by EDC for creating capital assets. This interest subsidy will be made applicable from 01st April for new as well existing loans.

143. My Government proposes to provide additional Industrial facilities in the talukas of Canancona, Sanguem, Quepem, Dharbandora, Sattari, Bicholim and Pernem, thereby ensuring creation a source of employment in these talukas.


144. To provide a cushion against rising cost of living, I propose to provide a subsidy of 70% to commuters who use public transport. The monthly pass will be made available at only 30% of the cost. Similarly, for the students, the same will be available for only 15% of the cost. Likewise, I also propose to introduce late night bus service connecting major towns and tourist destinations to begin with. I have provided funds of Rs 7.00 crores for the purpose of gratuity, Rs 25.00 crores towards subsidy and Rs 30.00 crores for purchase of 300 new busses by Kadamba Transport Corporation. I also propose to undertake to develop, Mapusa, Margao, and Panaji bus stands through GSIDC.

145. Despite the good cobweb of water bodies across the State and the sea coastline of more than 100 km, the inland waterways Transport system in the State has remained neglected and underutilized for long. My Government recognizes the heavy pressure exerted on the road transportation. I believe that time has come to appreciate and recognize the inherent advantages of Inland waterway transport. It being low-cost, energy efficient and environmentally friendly, safe and secure mode of transport of Goods and passengers, has a tremendous potential to play a prominent role in the public transport domain. I, therefore, intend to adopt innovative methods and use private sector participation to ease the burden of raising finances for use of Inland waterway Transport. Hence, I propose to develop swift Inland Waterways Transport System on a sustainable basis by putting to use capital of the private sector. I also propose to introduce fast ferry service to connect Donapaula to Vasco.

146. Traffic congestion has been a serious problem that the cities are facing for quite a while now. Unfortunately, nothing has been done by the previous Governments to ease out the traffic congestion. However, I propose to set up an 'Expert Group' to study and devise a comprehensive traffic management plan. This effort invariably needs to be complemented by developing Truck Terminus outside major cities to reduce the traffic congestion. I propose multi storey parkings in Panaji, Margao, Ponda and Vasco.

147. Sir, in the past few months, the State has witnessed few bus accidents and there has been loss of innocent lives in the same. I feel, there is a need to weed out buses having registration more than 15 years and stop them from plying on the road. To encourage weeding out, I am offering a replacement subsidy of Rs 5 lakh for which I have made provision of Rs 5 crores in the Budget. Such budgetary support will be continued even during the next year, so that within three (03) years all old buses are voluntarily taken off the road.

148. Sir, further I also propose to provide appropriate ticket subsidy on issue of tickets, to private bus owners in order to make good the loss incurred by them for maintaining the concessional bus fare as declared by the Government.

149. Sir, my Government intends to construct dedicated motorcycle and bicycle lanes, on such possible routes to provide a safer lane and also encourage creation of pedestrian‟s zones in the congested urban areas.

150. Sir, I propose to introduce Mass rapid transit system in Panaji and subsequently connecting it to major towns of the state. Necessary Expression of Interest will be issued shortly.

151. Sir, I am aware about the problems faced by the barge and truck owners. It is proposed to cover the Truck owners with a scheme on similar lines of the existing scheme for yellow and black taxis. The small time barge owner would be covered under a reimbursement scheme, in order to refund the barge tax paid. Appropriate scheme shall be formulated with the stakeholders.

Land Acquisition

152. Land being a scarce commodity, my Government is very sensitive towards acquiring the land belonging to farmers / land owners more particularly of small and marginal farmers / land owners. As a matter of fact, the land acquisition deprives the landowner from their only source of livelihood. Importantly, the acquisition of land for private companies including the PPP projects will not be resorted to unless the interested PPP party has purchased 80% of the land from the landowners where ever required depending upon the nature of such projects. Further, to safeguard the interest of the landowners, I propose to introduce a New Land Acquisition Policy in the next Session of this August House. The proposed New Policy would be framed on the fundamental premise of Equity and Justice, keeping in mind the interests of the vulnerable landowners who are small and marginal. I, believe that this would ensure protecting the interest of the all the land owners in general and those belonging to ST/SC in particular. This will ensure that interests of all land owners who are granted land under Land to the Tiller Act will be safeguarded.

It is also reiterated here that acquisition of land for the Central Government Agencies would be done only in cases where the purpose of such acquisition is very vital and in the sovereign interest of the nation.

153. Sir, those who have lost their land due to acquisition by the Government for the purpose of Mopa Airport and Sports City, shall be compensated appropriately, by enhancing suitably the present compensation awarded to them.

154. Sir, it has been observed that the land acquired from the farmers and land owners is not taken due care. It remains idle for long time and with passage of time same is either encroached or lost track of in the event of mutilation and loss of documents. Similarly, there are other assets under the fiduciary ownership of the Government such as buildings, roads, canals to culverts and crematoriums. Natural resources like forests, mines and heritage assets also fall under this category. Then there are assets which are movable assets whose list is endless.

155. Sir, as the private corporate assets are deployed for generating profits, public assets must also have to be effectively used for improving the service delivery system and add value for generating further incomes and improving the services. In case, due care and diligence is not taken in managing these public assets, it is bound to cause huge financial loss to the State exchequer. In order to have complete information of the assets owned by the Government, I propose to develop an effective Public Asset management system in the State in order to use it to generate some economic value and manage the risks of ownership.

156. Sir, my Government intends to identify the entire assets- movable and immovable under the ownership of the Government, prepare an inventory of assets and store the information in a digitized form for ready usage of the Government.

Human Resource and Employment

157. Sir, my Government believes that the youth of the State has been unfairly disadvantaged due to lack of skill development policies during last few years and failure in providing conducive environment to the private sector enterprises in creating job opportunities. My Government wishes to adopt a systematic approach to tackle the rising unemployment in the state.

158. My Government believes that the youth of today should not suffer due to the faults and mistakes made by their leaders in whom they have reposed their faith and trust. If there have been errors made in the past, it is time now to make amends. It is our bounden duty to pave the path and remove the obstacles for a brighter and prosperous tomorrow. Sir, the youth of Goa have been unfairly disadvantaged due to improper education, skill development policies and due to large-scale irregularities in recruitment practices adopted in the past. My Government believes a completely dynamic and vibrant approach to tackle the problem of unemployment among the educated youth of the State. Towards this end, I believe that Goa should be made an attractive work-place and investment destination for national and global private sector companies which will result in generating more jobs in the State.

159. Sir, my Government desires to constitute a 'Human Resources Development Corporation' in order to train and provide personnel for all type of services like housekeeping, security, maintenance and operations, gardening, etc. with this step, the present system of outsourcing of the above services will be dispensed with. Personnel working with the Goa Recruitment and Employment Society will be absorbed in this Corporation.

160. Sir, It has been brought to my notice that employees working in some Communidades did not get their monthly salaries for long. I understand this is due to the weak financial conditions of some Communidades. I have for the present sorted out the matter for the payment of their backlog salaries, but as a long term measure, I propose to provide financial assistance to Communidades with weak fiscals for the purpose of payment of salaries to these employees.

161. During my election campaign, I had assured to resolve the problems being faced by the computer teachers regarding their appointments and regularization. I have already taken up the issue and I take this opportunity to reassure them that I will resolve the problems by taking into confidence all stakeholders in the matter.

162. Sir, I desire to bring the retirement age of all employees working in the Government Corporations and Autonomous bodies, at 60 years on par with Government employees. The same shall be effective from today.

Civil Supplies

163. Sir, in the Public Distribution System (PDS), I intend to carry out Centralized procurement by appointing marketing agencies and working on rate contract. Similarly Centralized distribution by Govt. owned vehicles and using Govt. owned delivery mechanism would be test piloted for its adoption all throughout the State.

164. Sir, PDS would be monitored centrally, using e-Governance applications and integrating them with a single SMART CARD that facilities online management of every delivery functions such as procurement, delivery, payment and information reporting system.

165. Sir, I propose to increase the commodities being covered under the PDS and include distribution of tur dal, moong, vaatanne, rava and jaggery. I have a deep concern for the heart of the people of the State. Palmolien is bad for the heart and therefore, I propose to replace palmolien oil, with better healthy oil.

166. To increase the reach of existing PDS Fair Price Shops, I propose to increase the number of Fair Price Shops, evenly across the State in order to facilitate better service deliveries. In order to allocate new Fair Price Shops preference shall be given to unemployed youth with a loan facility under Chief Minister Rozgar Yojana. Further the margins for the Fair Price Shops would be increased to 10%.


167. Sir, the importance of tourism in today‟s world as rightly pointed out by Robert Runcie, he said and I quote “In the middle ages people were tourists because of their religion whereas now they are tourists because tourism is their religion”.

168. Sir, the significant contribution of tourism sector to social and economic development has been recognized worldwide. Foreign exchange earnings, creation of employment opportunities, attracting investment and ensuring equitable and widespread distribution of income achieved through Sustainable Tourism Development cannot be undermined.

169. My Government too recognizes the contribution made by tourism to the socio-economic development of the State. However, the inevitable challenge is to sustain the growth and development so achieved. This invariably calls for development of an effective Tourism Policy which will provide an explicit indication of the Government‟s approach to sustainable Tourism Development. Further, the stated policy framework requires to be got translated into Development of an effective Master Plan and an integrated tourism planning.

170. Having recognized need for Tourism Policy and Tourism Master Planning, my Government proposes, to engage world‟s Best Consulting Services to formulate New Tourism Policy document and a comprehensive Tourism Development Master Plan for the State. Needless to say, such comprehensive policy and planning documents, if put to effective implementation, would give rise to appropriate externalities in the best interest of the State.

171. This would result in generating employment opportunities to the local youth and also lead to increased incomes to the people. I have a firm belief that the New Tourism Policy and comprehensive master plan document would go a long way in placing the „Brand Goa‟ Tourism on the international Tourism Map.

172. The critical infrastructure development and the required investment in the tourism sector can be brought in by the private sector. As we are aware that private sector is a major stakeholder, as it is largely responsible for providing tourism services. My Government therefore, proposes to create conducive environment to attract private sector investments and ensure reasonable return on their capital for them to stay invested. The infrastructure such as theme parks, water kingdoms, aquariums, proposed Oceanarium at Miramar and such other tourist attractions could only be developed with private sector participation.

173. My Government firmly believes that to exploit the fullest potential of Tourism industry and translate it in increasing employment opportunities and increased levels of incomes; the time has come to diversify touristic attractions in the State. The newer areas of tourism such as development of adventure tourism, health, medical/wellness tourism, religious tourism, eco-tourism, cultural & heritage tourism, hinter land tourism, back water tourism, and such other forms of innovative tourism have to be looked at in order to have a sustainable tourism development in the State. This, I believe will attract high end tourism having longer stay in the State.

174. Having said this, action on ground becomes inevitable. For this purpose, my Government proposes to create cluster development authorities to develop the requisite infrastructure in designated tourist clusters such as Tirakhol-Morjim, Vagator-Anjuna, Arpora-Sinquerim, Colva-Cavelossim, and Palolem-Agonda Villages.

175. Similarly, effort shall be made to impart appropriate training to human resource engaged in the tourism industry by infusing greater emphasis on professionalism.

176. Sir, seasonal temporary structures or shacks as we call them, provide livelihood to our local youth, besides it provides alternate facilities to the visiting tourist in the coastal belt. We need to revisit the Policy on Shacks, making it responsive to the aspirations of the local people as well as environment friendly.

177. Sir, I desire to constitute a full fledged Tourism Promotion Board with a clear mandate for promotion and development of all Tourism related activities in the State.

178. Sir, I see the Botancial Garden at Sanguem as one of the important tourist destination, and the needs to be developed properly to attract tourist. For the proper development of the botanical garden, I have provided Rs 100 lakh to the Goa Forest Development Corporation.

179. Sir, with this, I am happy to mention that my Government has increased the outlay on tourism sector, from Rs 95.43 crores, last year to Rs 261.30 crores for this year.

Rehabilitation of Disaster Victims

180. Disasters are traumatic events that leave the victims totally shattered. Their ability to cope with the damages done by the disaster is enormously impacted. The scale of the disaster will mostly leave even the neighbouring community similarly handicapped in helping others. The role of the State in shouldering this responsibility is both natural and of prime importance.

181. It is a normal practice for the State to announce an ex-gratia payment of a sum of money to the next of kin of the dead and seriously injured as soon as a calamity occurs. The procedural rigmaroles of making the payment actually available to the deserving persons is daunting. Since Goa has not had a history of large scale Disasters, there is no standing provision for regulating such cases. Irrespective of the number of persons impacted, the suffering and need of each individual affected is very high and intense.

Thus, there is an urgent need for laying down a Standard procedure which shall be set in motion as soon as a disaster occurs. The procedure shall deal with the entire gamut of impacts of the disaster and prescribe in detail the actions to be taken by the State and support role of the Community. We have provided adequate funds for the Calamity Relief Fund.


182. As Lord Buddha said “ To keep the body in Good health is a duty … otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”. Therefore Sir, I believe that health must be given highest priority and that the State has the responsibility to provide adequately for the health of the people. I do not believe that it can be left solely on the private sector investment. In fact, it has to be a perfect blend of public resources and that of private capital and expertise. Only then, there could be successful partnerships under this sector

183. Sir, having said that, I propose to offer the people of the state a modified Swarnajayanti Bhima Yojana, by increasing the benefit cover to Rs 2.00 lakhs from the existing Rs 60,000/- per family; by making necessary structural changes, under the scheme so that the objective of providing an effective insurance cover to the people is achieved.

184. Speaker Sir, Goa Medical College itself is suffering from major critical illnesses and requires urgent corrective intervention on administrative and functional indiscipline, on inappropriate socio-ethical-professional approaches, inadequate number of doctors, specialist medical personnel, and weeding out of excess non-technical staff.

Sir, I desire to provide all types of super speciality services through an appropriate implementation programme.

185. Sir, while upgrading existing health infrastructure like health centres etc. including those at Tuem, Cacora and Chicalim; new health facilities will be established, wherever there is a need, to do so, in the State. The hospitals at Usgao Tisk, Ponda, Bicholim, Sanquelim will be made operational within three months, while the on-going work at Margao and Valpoi will be speeded up. The extensive upgradation of the Rural Health Centre at Mandur would be taken up on priority.

186. Sir, to ensure better service delivery and independent functioning, I propose to provide administrative autonomy to both District Hospitals.

187. Sir, the existing Mediclaim scheme shall be upgraded by including all critical ailments in the ambit of the scheme.

Sir, let me assure the people of State that my Government will do everything required for the health sector because “Without health, life is not life; it is only a state of languor and suffering”.

Information Technology

188. Sir, the state urgently needs to attract investment in IT industry. There have been promises made in the past to make the State an investor friendly destination for IT industry. But sadly certain incidents have shaken the investors‟ confidence, coupled with lack of proper infrastructure in the State. I wish to assure the captains of IT industry that my Government would be most willing to facilitate them to set up their shops in Goa. For this purpose, I propose to revive the IT habitat situated at Donapaula and provide services to encourage industry.

189. Sir, let me make this categorical statement, that all IT related projects shall be taken up on fast-track and in a mission mode. I will make special efforts to encourage Goans who have excelled in the IT field but had to move out of Goa for lack of opportunity; to return to their motherland to serve and make Goa a vibrant IT hub.

Part- II - Tax proposals

190. Sir, as Kautilya said in 300 BC that, “as the bee collects honey gradually from the flowers, so should the ruler fill the treasury collecting revenue gradually”. Further he said that, “the ruler should develop State Revenues only by just means, with impartiality without granting any favour”. This is relevant even today.

191. Sir, in Part – I of my Budget speech, I have spelt out several welfare measures to incentivize various sectors of the state economy to act as a catalyst for further growth of the state economy. Needless to say, all these welfare measures and schemes will require sufficiently large sums of money for their effective implementation and achievement of the desired objectives. Therefore, I intend to raise these resources by adopting small measures in terms rationalization of taxes, fees, duties, charges and broadening the Tax- Base by including certain new areas under taxation. While I propose, these taxation measures, I wish to assure the common man that these taxation measures will not burden the people to a large extent.


192. Sir, as a measure of additional tax revenue on excise duties and fees being collected, I propose certain measures, namely:

(i) It is proposed to enhance the excise duty / fee structure on Indian Made Foreign liquor manufactured in the State of Goa and imported from rest of India and Foreign Liquor imported from outside India or transported from the Customs Station into the State of Goa, by rationalizing the duty structure as per the existing and revised slabs of MRP, as given in Annexure – A. The application fee stands revised to Rs 6/- per bulk litre.

(ii) Further it is proposed to enhance the excise duty / fee on IMFL other than Milk Punch, wines and Beer whose strength is above 80 UP to Rs 15/- per Bulk Litre. The application fee stands revised to Rs 6/- per bulk litre.

(iii) It is proposed to enhance the excise duty / fee structure on Beer manufactured in the State of Goa and imported from rest of India and Beer imported from outside India or transported from the Customs Station into the State of Goa, by rationalizing the duty structure as per the existing and revised slabs of MRP, as given in Annexure – A. The application fee stands revised to Rs 6/- per bulk litre.

(iv) It is further proposed to enhance the excise duty rates on Milk punch and wines manufactured by using rectified spirit or extra neutral alcohol as well as without using rectified spirit or extra neutral alcohol for fortification or preservation or fermentation; by rationalizing the duty structure as per the existing and revised slabs of MRP, as given in Annexure – A. The application fee stands revised to Rs 6/- per bulk litre.

(v) The license fee and the surcharge thereof, for retail vendors of various types of liquor for consumption in the category of premises, are also proposed to be enhanced; details of which are given in Annexure – A.

(vi) The license fee for manufacture of country liquor, bottling and fee recording of label and its renewal is proposed to be revised. Further label recording fees in case of IMFL and Foreign liquor is also proposed to be revised, details of which are given in Annexure – A.

(vii) It is proposed to introduce a fee for transfer of license for bottling of country liquor and blending of country liquor, which shall be Rs 25,000/- each, except in cases involving family members and their dependants or by way of inheritance.

(viii) Further, it is proposed to enhance the license fee for bonded warehousing of liquor for the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer as per the details given in Annexure – A.

193. Sir, I propose to implement a few administrative and enforcement measures in the Excise Department, and along with the above, the Excise Department would be able to realize additional revenue of Rs 50 crores.

Value Added Taxes

194. Sir, as committed in our Manifesto, I propose to reduce the prices on petrol by nearly Rs 11/- per litre. For this purpose, I have almost abolished the VAT on sale of petrol locally, and kept it at 0.1% just to maintain the sale records.

195. I propose to increase the rate of Value Added Tax on Indian Made Foreign Liquor including Foreign Liquor and Beer from existing 20% to 22%.

196. At present aerated and carbonated non-alcoholic beverages are taxed at the rate of 12.5%. In order to tap additional revenue, the tax rate is enhanced to 20%. However, the local small-scale units manufacturing aerated and carbonated non-alcoholic beverages will be charged with the existing rate of 12.5%.

197. In order to discourage the sale of junk food and fast food, such as pizzas, burgers, fried chicken, potato chips and other chips and namkeens etc. sold under branded name; excluding cakes and pastries manufactured locally; it is proposed to increase the rate on these items to 20%.

198. I further propose, to levy a tax at the rate of 15% on Cars and SUV‟s sold at a price in access of Rs 15.00 lakhs. This rate will be also applicable for two wheelers costing above Rs 2.00 lakhs.

199. Sir, the Central Government has removed the additional excise duty on textile fabrics; in order to empower the States to strengthen their revenue by levying tax on these goods. I propose to levy a marginal tax of 5% on the same. However, I do not want to bring sugar in this bracket, being an essential commodity; which otherwise the Central Government has suggested to do so.

200. The entry tax on Naphta, which is presently at 12.5%, is proposed to be enhanced to 15%. The provisions under VAT as well as Entry Tax would be modified accordingly.

201. Sir, to encourage Airlines to re-fuel at our Airport in Goa, I propose to reduce the VAT on Aviation Turbine Fuel from the existing 22 % to 12.5 %.

202. The tax on Cigarettes including Raw Tobacco is enhanced to 22 percent.

203. I further propose to revise the tax on Gensets to 5% from the existing 12.5 %.

204. In order to make the Composition Scheme more attractive, I intend to revise the turnover and rates of composition in Scheduled „E‟ attached to Goa Value Added Tax Act, 2005. The changes will be, that the turnover in respect of Sr. No. 1 to 5 will be raised from Rs 80.00 lakhs to Rs 100 lakhs against each of these entries in column (3) of the Scheduled and rate of tax in column (4) against Sr. No, 1, 2 and 5 will be 0.50%, 1% and 3%, respectively.

I propose to revise the entry at Serial No. 5 to read as Works Contractor, wherein, the turnover will be reduced to Rs 100 lakh and the rate of composition tax will be 3%.

Since, most of the Shacks are also providing Alcoholic Beverages, I propose to amend entry in column (2) for class of dealers at Sr. No. 6 to read as „Sale of Cooked Food and Beverages by Shacks allotted by Tourism Department‟ and increase the turnover and rate of tax of composition in Column (3) and (4) at Rs 20.00 lakhs and Rs 15,000/- per year, respectively.

205. I propose to restore the provision of giving input tax credit to the goods utilized by works contractor in execution of works contract by deleting the entry at Serial No. 8 of Scheduled „G‟ and also to revise the existing entry at Serial No. 14 in Scheduled „C‟ to read as “Goods utilized in execution of works contract by work contractor other than the declared goods as specified in Section 14 of the Central Sales Tax Act, 1956 (Central Act 74 of 1956)” and in doing so, I propose to restore back the rate of tax at 8% instead of 5%.

206. I also intend to remove the difficulties faced by dealers in getting input tax credit (ITC) against the entry tax payment on stock transfer of goods outside the State at appropriate rate, by suitably amending the existing provisions under Section 9 of the Goa Value Added Tax Act 2005.

207. Sir, the Trade has brought to my notice that the recent amendment carried out to Section 10 of the VAT Act, providing the reversal of ITC on stock held at the closing of the financial year is causing hardships. I therefore propose, to delete the amended provisions of providing explanation in section 10 of the principle Act. The explanation provided after sub-section 4, shall be deleted with retrospective effect to provide relief to the trade and if need be other provisions will be further amended to enable the dealer to carry forward the excess ITC in subsequent year to put stop to refunds.

208. Sir, while I have provided for certain revenue generating measures through Commercial Taxes, I propose to provide some benefits to the Industries, which could not avail the additional benefit of the extended period under the revised NPV Scheme, 2010. The scheme will be extended to such units who have failed to apply within stipulated time period though eligible.

209. The Commercial Tax Department presently provides various e-services to the dealers including e-forms. However, presently the departmental officials approve the same and thereafter the dealer is enable to generate the forms. It is now proposed to allow the dealer to directly enter the details through a web-based interface and thereafter generate the forms without intervention of the Departmental officials.

For smooth functioning of the Department, I intend to enhance their organizational setup including increasing the Wards and the enforcement mechanism.

Entertainment Tax

210. Sir, in order to encourage the Cinema Theatre Operators to upgrade their facilities in Cinema Theatres and Multiplexes, I propose to enhance the slab of exemption in payment of Entertainment Tax from Rs 50 to Rs 75. While doing so, I further propose, that 15 percent on the taxes paid shall be reimbursed to them by means of a subsidy scheme, only in cases where the payment of the taxes is done within a stipulated time period.

211. Sir, currently the Entry Fees on off-shore casinos is Rs 2000/-. The high fees, however, leads to incidents of avoidance of payment of such Fees. These incidents of substantial leakages are due to lack of effective regulation and regulatory mechanism. The revenue which is expected on account of payment of Entry Fees is Rs 9.41 crores during the current year 2011-12. As a measure to prevent avoidance in payment of the Entry Fees, I propose that the Entry Fee for both the on-shore and off-shore casinos to be Rs 500/-. With this, the entry fees collected from off-shore casinos would get reduced.

However, to compensate such reduction in revenue, I propose, to enhance the License Fee of off-shore casinos to Rs 6.5 crores per year, thereby bringing in additional revenue of Rs 9.00 crores. Similarily, I also propose, to enhance the license fee for on-shore land based casinos to Rs 2.5 crores annually thereby bringing in additional revenue of more than Rs 30 crores. The licenses will be granted only for those hotels having 5 star category certification issued by the Government of India. 66

212. Sir, as a measure of prohibition on entry to all casino‟s operating in the State of Goa; I propose to bring an appropriate legislation, to prevent the entry of the resident of the state as well as youth under 21 years in age.

213. Sir, at present the entertainment tax on casino games is charged at the rate of 10% on sale of chips/coins or the receipts received by the proprietor / operators towards casino games, either on slot machines or table games or any other games provided in the casino. The same levy is proposed to be increased to 15 %.

Luxury Tax

214. Sir, I desire to bring the space or the premises being rented for being used for commercial activities like, sale, fairs, bazaars etc.; under the ambit of Luxury Tax; at the rate of 5% on receipts.

Presently, the Agarshala and halls attached to religious institutions are considered within the definition of “accommodation with luxuries provided for other purposes”, I propose to remove these Institutions from levy of Luxury Tax.

215. I also propose to rationalize the rate of tax under Luxury tax in respect of turnover of receipts on accommodation for commercial purposes and accommodation provided for other purposes, by suitably amending the relevant provisions of the Goa Tax on Luxuries Act, 1988. The rate shall be 5% on receipts under both the categories.

Services being provided in “beauty parlour and spa” shall be covered under the scope of Luxury tax at the rate of 10% on receipts.

216. To encourage tourism activity during off season, for the period May to September; the rate of tax will be reduced to 50 percent on the existing rates, provided the Hoteliers are prompt in filing their returns and paying the tax, in time, as provided under the Act and rules made thereunder.

Entry Tax

217. Sir, It has been realized that the rate of entry tax on packing and raw material such as plastic measuring cups, dropper, bottles and caps, cases for rapid diagnostic kits, etc. and other similar goods are quite low and therefore, there is a tough competition faced by the local dealers, dealing in such products. I therefore, propose to rationalize and revise the rates of tax on such goods in order to provide relief to the local dealers. The rate shall now be 5%.

218. Sir, I propose to raise the rate of entry tax on coal and coke to 2% under the Goa Tax on Entry of Goods Act, 2000. I also propose to raise the existing limit of annual gross turnover of small scale industrial units for exemption on entry of raw materials to local area, from Rs 20 crores to Rs 30 crores.

219. Sir, in line with the increase in VAT on Cars, SUV‟s and two wheelers, which I have already stated above, I propose to increase the rates of entry tax, to these goods at the rate of 15%

220. Sir, by these measures on VAT, Entertainment Tax, Luxury Tax, Entry Tax as above, it is expected that an additional revenue of Rs 470 crores would be realised.


221. Sir, I propose to revise the onetime tax on Motor Vehicles belonging to limited companies with share capital of less than Rs50 lakhs, individuals and partnership firm, to 6% of the cost of the Vehicle, whose cost is Rs 6.00 lakhs and below and 7% of the cost of the Vehicle, whose cost is above Rs 6.00 lakhs. In the case of two (2) wheelers whose cost price is above Rs 2.00 lakhs shall be charged one-time tax of 10%.

Further, I propose to enhance the existing one-time tax on all other vehicles not covered as stated above, by 1%.

222. Sir, I propose to enhance the special permit passenger tax, which is applicable on tourist vehicles from outside the State, to Rs 300/- per passenger per month.

223. Sir, I further wish to revive an earlier proposal of Entry Toll on all vehicles registered outside the State that enter Goa; for using the infrastructure of the State. The details along with a suitable legislation would be brought forward during the Monsoon session.

Shops & Establishments

224. Sir, I propose to amend the Goa, Daman and Diu Shops and Establishments Act, 1973, to enhance the fees to all the Financial Institutions including Insurance companies on similar lines as that of Banking Institutions.

Power Tariffs

225. The tariff of consumers of Electricity Department under various categories was last increased in the year 1999 and the same continues till date. With the enforcement of the Regulated regime it has become mandatory for the Electricity Department to file its “Annual Revenue Requirement” and Tariff Petition before the Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission.

226. In order to meet this Regulatory requirement and to make the Electricity Department self-sustaining, I propose to increase the tariffs as indicated in the Annexure - B which would generate additional revenue of around Rs 101 crores.

227. I also propose to increase the Electricity Duty from the existing 18 paise to 20 paise per unit and from the existing 58 paise to 70 paise per unit, which would generate additional revenue to the tune of Rs 28 crores.

Registration Fees

228. Sir, the fees towards registration and other services need to be revised which, I propose to do as indicated in Annexure - C.

229. In Goa equitable mortgages are not registered with the Sub-Registrars offices and mostly done directly by the Nationalized Banks by depositing original title documents. No registration fee or Stamp duty is collected by the banks and paid to the Government. It is, therefore, proposed that all equitable mortgages created by simple deposits of title deed in respect of any immovable property whether as principle security or collateral security by Bank or Financial Institution etc. will all be subject to a registration fee of 0.1% of loan value subject to a maximum of Rs 50,000/-.

Fees on Appeals in Income Tax matters.

230. Sir, I propose to introduce fees on such Appeals filed before the Honorable High Court against the Judgments of Income Tax Tribunal. This fee shall be levied at the rate of 2% of the amount under dispute or Rs 15,000/- per appeal whichever is lower.

Fees on transfer of Shares

231. Sir, I propose to introduce a fee on transfer of Shares as well as purchase of Shares to be charged at the rate of 0.05 percent, as the fee charged in neighboring states is higher, whereas there is no fee charged in the State of Goa.

Fees on Police Services

232. Sir, as a measure for additional revenue generation, which will be utilized exclusively for the functioning of the Police Department; I propose to double the existing fees, fines and other charges, under various Acts, presently being levied by the Police Department.

Port and Barge Taxes

233. Sir, it is proposed to enhance the Goods Tax on all vessels, by creating two tiers, one of vessels less than 1000 DWT to be charged at 50 paise per tonne per trip and the other for vessels more than 1000 DWT to be charged at Rs 1.00 per tonne per trip. Similarly the Barge Tax is proposed to be enhanced at Rs 100 per tonne for vessels less than 1000 DWT, while it shall be Rs 200 per tonne for vessels more than 1000 DWT.

Infrastructure Tax

234. Sir, I propose to enhance the Infrastructure Tax being presently charged on residential, commercial and industrial buildings at the rate of Rs 150/-, Rs 350/- and Rs 150/- per square metre of the floor area, respectively. I assure the people that the services intended to be delivered, for which the infrastructure tax is charged, shall be provided efficiently and effectively and without any hindrances and within defined time frame.

Fees on handling mineral dumps

235. As a measure of additional resource mobilization and as a measure of restriction on unorganized dump handling, I propose to impose a fee of Rs 250 to Rs 500/- per tonne depending on Iron ore percentage, on all the dumps on Government, Forest and Communidade land.

236. I am given to understand that there are large quantum of minerals got deposited on agricultural lands due to mining operations and ore handling. These deposits are said to be large in quantity and I am also given to understand that few private players are in negotiation with the owners of the land for its handling. My Government will take immediate custody of such areas and evaluate the iron ore deposits and also degradation of the agricultural land. If found feasible such ore deposits will be put to auction and the proceeds, so received will be put to rejuvenate the affected agricultural land.

237. Sir, as you are aware that there was hardly any time at my disposal to prepare this budget for the fiscal 2012-13. Despite the time constraint, I have tried to include as many schemes as possible given the implementation capacity of the administration machinery. I could have very well included plethora of schemes in the garb of welfare. However, I have exercised ample caution and restrained myself to specific new initiatives and consolidation of the existing ones.

238. Sir, as rightly said by Arnold Glasow, “An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than brain it occupied” the most vital and important thing for any Government about its budget is that its implementation. Otherwise, it will be just like what was happening earlier.

सादल्यार सादलें, नाजाल्यार कालसांव आदलें

I assure that I will implement all the budgetary proposals under my personal supervision with utmost commitment and sincerity.

239. Sir, a “Dream is not what you see in sleep, but Dream is a thing which does not let you sleep ...”

Further, I bring to mind the lines of Robert Frost and want to say that,

“I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep”

240. With this, I commend this Budget to the House and seek the co-operation and support of one and all, including my friends from the Opposition benches. It has been truly said, “How can he rule the great that cannot reach the small" and "light is the task where many share the toil”. It will be our collective endeavour, to lead Goa on the path of progress, where not just a few but all will prosper, grow, flourish and bear the fruit of good governance.

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Total Comments :21

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Everyone has given favourable comments for the Budget presented by Parrikar. Although it is well appreciated, but there are certain points which he has missed it. For example: For senior citizens he has given only Rs.500/- p.m. but not specified properly. Whether it is merely only for Goa State employees senior citizens only or what about Goans who have worked in Central Govt. nothing is offered to them. They have been working for the state. also like state employees. Example NIO Director did a survey for the Princess free of cost because the Institute is in Goa but his employees retired one gets nothing. What about the mentally retarded or physiatric persons who do not have any income as they are lying in bed like vegetables gets nothing since their parents have to work hard to look after them. What about the jobless that none of the family members are working, how the budget is not take care of them. There are lots of things which I can bring to his notice and not projected. Other items are good but he has missed certain important things. Unemployed people at home gets a meagre amount or nothing?

estevam dias , d.paula

Congratulations Mr. Parrikar for the wonderful budget you have presented for Goa & Goans. No other present day politicians would have done any better. In short this is the budget of my dreams. You may not bother of your critics just go ahead. God Bless You.

A.Pinto , Olaulim

Congratulations ! Victory...

Dear sir when r u going to implement all this ,six months have gone nothing has been done for retired journalists.even few who wer recieving GUJ pension has been stopped since last four months those who r depended upon that what should they do.

C. Bhatt , Panaji

You are doing very well and people are happy with your functioning.

Please keep away from people like Muthalik and his Sena.

We do not need them in Goa because their track record has not been good.

Francisco G. Lourenco , England

Hats off to our beloved CM Mr. Parrikar! One of the best budgets i have ever come across...lots of good schemes... much awaited developmet projects & bridges....its been budget for common man....No doubt, every goan would have enjoyed this budget...with the kind of vision you have demonstrated,you will definitely transform this state into one of the best state in India.I will pray to God to give you best of health & strength to lead Goa for years to come....All the best!

Suchit Naik , Curchorem

Respected Hon'ble MP ji!

My sincere salutation to you on your people victory in enriching Goa, slow but steady, to its glory. As you said, the people of Goa will keep a check on your endeavours which you so positively exhibited in reality. The people of Goa standfing with you, by you and for you and there are no second thoughts about it. There are a million dreams of our Goan here in Goa and those abroad which have alot to speak about. We do need a strong revamp into the perceptions of the Goans who strive to speak and those unheard for. Of course Rome was not built in a day but certainly with the positive will you have and the support of the Goans in Goa and in India and around the world, dreams are a reality. We need to eradicate the diesea of corruption from the former government rule justly, fairly and squarely with prejudice to none. A need to garner more catholics is essential to the fold without creating religious distinctions. THAT WILL MAKE GOA RADIANT IN GLORY ! Thank you Sir, for your time !

zeno afonso , Patto-Panaji

Right track on betterment of Goa....... you have to keep an eye on implimentors....... reduce mining dependency as the stocks underneath(also above earth) are being exosted !.... impliment Agro policy thoroughly..,......

Vikas , Pernem

If the Ex Chief Minister,Digamber Kamat, was to present this Budget, he would first need to go to New Delhi for a few days to meet his Bosses.Thereafter he would sit down with his clowns, Ravi Naik, The Alemaos & the Ranes to doctor the figures.Monseratte would not figure in this consultation, as he has limited Education and mathematical capabilities.Monseratte uses corrupt Accountants for this purpose.

N.Fernandes , London

by listning to this budget,i'v come under the conclusion that goa will definately be a state with modern arts and techniques.....with new,modern ideas from teens, will not only be a developed but also be a technically developed modern state.....and every goan will be proud of it.....

sanket naik , phonda

A populist budget which is common men friendly & development oriented.....definitely this budget will help to accelerate growth rate of Goa which was slow during previous years of rule........People will be able to see actually what development means in real.

Naresh Sakhardande , Panaji Goa

finally it look's like a government has come to the power who thinks about the benefits of the State of Goa instead of thinking about their own benefits.......and i hope the govt. led by Shri. Manohar parrikar will make the state of Goa the most developed state,in the country ......!!!!!

Bhargavesh Gaonkar , Mapusa Goa

what about minning sir.????????????

Prathmesh nikam , Margao

It is not only a technical budget with figures but a bunch of fortune gadgets for Goa.

Bhushan Bhave , Ponda

Each and every Goan,bar none, are aware that the Congress Ministers like Churchill,The Alemaos, Mauvin Godinho ,Ravi Naik,Digamber Kamat and Monserattes have stolen /looted huge amounts of money.It is only after the money is recovered and the criminals jailed, will Goans ever have faith in Good Governance and Goa progress.Corruption is a major cancer everyone suffers from.

N.Fernandes , London

Our dearest CM of Goa

Like all indians wants the illegal money stacked in foreign banks, the same process may be followed to our goan netas Ranes,Monserattes,Mauvin Godinho,Madkaikar,Azgaonkar, Ravi Naik and above all the Alemao family. After we get all the wrong wealth accumulated from our blood, we will have a good standard of living and get good water, housing, fresh air and all the greenery around. Please take action on these netas immediately and have a impartial inquiry on them.

Thomas Vasco Mesquita , Vasco Da Gama

Feel proud to have CM like Shri.Manohar Parrikar, I feel that you are on the right track as what you have given and done to people of Goa that's what is being required from a Government of the people.

The right of the people to have an overall requirement to live a life according to each ones standard of living, our present CM has rightly laid down in budget 2012.

Step in the foot of every individual and think what is most required by ALL and that's what we can see in the budget.

Good work is always appreciated. Thank you Sir for your good work, God Bless you and keep you in good health.

Anish Bacal , Panjim

Goa needs to set up more libraries and museums. Every Goan village must have a library with computer and audio video facilities. Besides every Taluka must have a museum to preserve history of the region. The Govt. and locals should make sure that the above institutions remain functioning and vibrant.

If Parrikar is able to stem corruption, things will start falling in place.

Govt. should also bring out white papers on education, environment, science and technology, pollution, jobs, waste management, sports, etc.

Jagan Kamat , Canada

we were living into fantaasy world for last few year but reality cannot be changed... i everyday hoped something will definately change but no.nges hope it will be done n will common people like ue w u show

ed us the changes..

long live government of yours... every single person should be like u.people like us will.ill get some sort relief

ratnakant , vasco

Lets us hope Mr Parrikar goes after the Congress looters like Ranes,Monserattes,Mauvin Godinho,Madkaikar,AzgaonkarRavi Naik and above all the Alemao family.Goans will there after have a better standard of living.

N.Fernandes , London

I have to call you dearest CM of Goa and you have done all Goans proud by presenting the hitech budget to suit the common man of Goa. It is indeed a miracle you have performed at short notice and I cannot think how you alone handled all the situations. Our old netas are tight lipped and cannot say anything is wrong with the varieties of things out up for the benefit of Goans. God may give you the strength and energy to create wonders for the next five years. May Goa be the model like Gujarat and it will surely happen by looking at the budget. All I can say that to all Goans is 'TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT". VIVA CM OF GOA.

Thomas Vasco Mesquita , Vasco Da Gama

Best Budget, Dear Chief Minister of Goa, Mr. Parrikar Bab, God Bless you and keep you always health to rule this Beautiful Goa.

John Rego , Benaulim



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