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Modi leading a communal party, says Anna


Calling BJP communal, activist Anna Hazare on Friday said he never described Narendra Modi as secular.

“He (Modi) belongs to a party that sympathises with only one community, and is against other communities. It is also known that it is totally against one particular community,” Mr. Hazare told reporters.

“Mr. Modi represents what BJP stands for. From their statements, it appears to be communal. I don’t want to talk about an individual person, because it is a matter of his political party. BJP has nominated Narendra Modi as Chairman of its Campaign Committee,” he said.

Mr. Hazare said a non-communal person, who can provide better governance, should come to power after the elections.

He said that he was misquoted by a section of media which said he viewed Mr. Modi as not being communal.

“This is wrong. Journalists asked me whether I consider Narendra Modi communal or not. I immediately said I don’t have any proof against him, so I can’t say anything on it. But some newspaper wrote that Anna Hazare said Modi is not communal...This does not mean that he is secular or non-secular.”

He said as far as his statement was concerned, it should not be assumed that he had given a certificate that someone is not communal, and “I am no one to give such certificate.”

Mr. Hazare, who observed an 11-day-long fast two years ago to press for Janlokpal Bill, said the government has betrayed him on the matter and he was planning to renew his agitation in December.

“They have betrayed us in Joint Committee (formed for drafting of Janlokpal Bill), in Standing Committee and in the Parliament. I feel there is need to begin a strong movement.

So, in December or January, I will again sit on fast at Ramlila ground and people will come out to support the cause,” he said, adding his country wide tour would come to an end by then.

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If what Anna Hazare believes is true ,that Narendra Modi has secular genes and tendencies in him and is a diehard with his communal beliefs, then all Indians must be very careful.

Fanatics , many historically known to be murderous in their objectives are usually known to play the Communal/Race/Religious or Ethnicity card, to win support & to enhance their Powers.

They have a propensity to blame others for, the ills in Society and most often " Economic Backwardness".

Perhaps Mr Modi has not learnt much from History...either world or Indian history.

Consistently playing a Communal card to enhance his standing & increasing his power,is extremely dangerous.

Mr Modi should take a leaf & lesson out of the 2 World Wars and other minor ethnic wars around the world.

He should also understand that India was easily Colonised by The British, Portuguese, and even French & Dutch due to its internal divisions and warring factions.

If Mr Modi believes that what he has done in Gujarat can be also done in other Indian States, he is surely asking for trouble

If Mr Modi believes, that the world will sit silently and watch communal or even ethnic blood-letting in India, he is highly mistaken.

If Mr Modi believes he is the chosen Prophet or even a diety /demi-God to make India a perfect and utopian(perfect) Hindu Nation , he is living in "cloud cuckoo-land".

No Leader anywhere in the world,has ever succeeded in such a mission or endeavour and neither will Mr Modi.

Many rational Hindus, both in India and the rest of the world view him as a dangerous person.

Economic success of any State or Country, cannot be measured by the volumes of human blood let. Neither can it be called success by enslaving one Community over another on Religious grounds.

N.Fernandes , London

Yes, we need young and Honest Blood.

Let us give chance to Arvind Kejrival as PM and AAP to rule India.

Jose , GOA(UK)



Anna Hazare must support Aam Aadmi Party. Arvind Kejriwal is Secular & Honest.

John Ferns , Goa



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