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#IFFI50: Free time during @IFFIGoa? Here’s what to do in #Panaji


The 50th Film Festival of India has kicked off on the 21st of November and despite the hectic schedule, there is ample free time in between films. The question on most people’s minds is what to do with this free time. Well, that’s what this article is for. Read ahead to find out what all you can do in your free time.


This is the first thing that pops into mind when we are bored. Now, there are a lot of different venues for the festival and a lot of different places to eat nearby. 

The Inox at Mall de Goa, Porvorim is a new venue. If you are watching a movie here, your choice is simple, you can eat in the food court. The food court has everything from McDonalds, Chinese, Continental, and so much more.

However, what you might not know is that there is a small cafe nearby that goes by the name of ‘Baker’s Street.’  You can treat on a variety of pastries and Goan snacks here. 

Right opposite the Kala Academy location, we have Pastry Cottage and if you want aesthetic pictures for your Instagram, Black Vanilla is right next to Pastry Cottage. 

If you don’t mind going a little further away and need a quick bite, McDonalds and Subway are a great choice. 

Naturally, you would want to try some Goan food. In that case, Ritz is a little ahead of Kala Academy, at Gymkhana.

Last but not the least, Inox and Maquinez Palace are located in the city of Panjim and naturally have a lot of places to eat at. 

However, my personal favourite would be what I like to call ‘The Desert Street.’ The road near Don Bosco is full of desert places where you can have frozen yogurt, gelato, ice-cream, waffles, and much more. 

Galleries and Bookstores 

If you are into art, you might like to see some galleries. Now, galleries such as Sunaparanta and Gallery Gitanjali are not very close to the festival venues but in a place such as Goa, filled with Art and Literature, you do not have to fear. 

Kala Academy even has its own gallery that you can check out. However, more importantly, the students of Art College will be putting up installations all along the footpath opposite Inox. If you are into art, I suggest you do not miss out on experiencing this budding talent. 

Although, if you are not much of an art person and are more into literature, you can check out some bookstores. Right opposite Kala Academy and in between Pastry Cottage and Black Vanilla is Crossword.

A little further away, we have Broadway tucked away in an old building. Even if you are at the Porvorim venue, you can visit The Bargain Bookhut. 

As you can see, there is no shortage of things you can do around the festival venues in your free time. 

Even if you want to save a few bucks and rest instead of looking at art and books, you can chill with your friends besides the river at Kala Academy, hang out in the Inox courtyard, take a stroll through Children’s Park and much more. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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