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AAP mobilises over 8000, proving to be a game-changer


In what could be termed as a game changer in Goa’s electoral politics, the Aam Aadmi rally has stunned the political circles by mobilising over 8000 people from all over Goa, across the board.

The rally addressed by Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal was attended by more people who drove down to Campal ground in Panaji in self-driven vehicles, compared to few hired buses.

While few hired buses were parked at the Parade ground opposite Bal Bhavan, the self-owned four wheelers were parked at the Parade ground, Indoor Stadium, Kala Academy and all along the road from Kala Academy to Magsons Super Store.

The crowd included people from all the classes as well as migrants while large numbers of people from Salcete were seen spread all over.

In fact the speakers included Fr Michael Fernandes, Adv Satish Sonak, Serafino Cota, Adv Surel Tilve, Valmiki Naik, Dinesh Waghela, Pankaj Gupta while famous Tiatrist like Francis de Tuem entertained the crowd sitting in the hot sun with political Kantaram.

Besides hundreds of young AAP volunteers who had come from outside Goa to work for the rally, quite a few supporters had also driven down from neighbouring Karnataka and Maharashtra.


Kejriwal gave an open challenge to the BJP government to show five election promises they have fulfilled in the last five years while stating that the saffron party has proved that it cannot provide alternative, for which Goans had voted in 2012.

“People had voted Manohar Parrikar with a great hope. But he betrayed the voters on each and every count, may it be arresting the mining scamsters, shutting down the casinos or stopping land conversions’, said Kejriwal.

He also said Congress converted beautiful Goa into the land of sex, drugs and gambling while the BJP carried forward the same image at the cost of Goa’s environment and culture.

 While listing down the achievements of Delhi government as well as the steps taken in arresting corruption, Kejirwal said he had succeeded in reducing almost 80 per cent corruption in Delhi, if not total.

“But the Congress government sits here with the files of corrupt BJP MLAs while BJP government and Parrikar sit with the files of corrupt Congress MLAs. No action is taken. But AAP acts and sends them to jail”, said Kejriwal.

He also told the gathering how he dropped his food minister based on a recorded telephonic conversation of demanding a bribe of Rs six lakh, even before the news was leaked out to the media or the opposition.

With the success of Aam Aadmi clinics with free medical treatment, Kejriwal said America’s leading newspaper like Washington Post has highlighted the successful experiment with a heading: Can US learn from Delhi Govt?



As Punjab and Goa are going for Assembly polls together, Punjab MP Bhagwant Mann said both the states are facing similar issues like drugs and mining mafia while the BJP has been protecting the mafias in both the states.

All the pre-election surveys are showing that AAP would win 100 out of 170 seats at this moment while the party could break Delhi record of winning 67 out of 70 seats, by winning all the seats.

“Similar frustration is building in Goa and the educated state could surprise the country by showing similar trend of Punjab”, said Mann, amidst applause. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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No, the local team here of AAP has to take-on the current ruling govt on various issue and prove-out that they are fit to run the govt. A strong spokesperson similar to Trajan De Mello and a leader to take forward various issues and to take the government to task are need of hour.

Goa for Goans , Goa

The change is coming to Goa and it should be based on Swiss model. Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal is practical and talks sense in a simplistic way.

Let us give AAP a chance and then judge.

All the best to AAP members, Party Leaders and speakers...

Preserve our Golden Goa for future Generations.

Jose Cunha , Goa(UK)

I hope and pray AAP comes to power in Goa. The people of Goa had elected BJP as Cong. was corrupt. But now BJP too is corrupt and I fear they will soon divide the people on religious grounds thereby destroying the love and brotherhood enjoyed by all the comunities of GOA.

Rufus Dias , Benaulim, Salcete, Goa 403716

U seem to have forgotten D's call to Khadse. Free electricity, Pollution free Delhi, Corruption free India. U have back stabbed Anna. When you entered the scene, you were "APOLITICAL". Now you are exclusively "political". 6 of yr ministers charged with crime.Others to follow. Now you want to "capture" Free Goa without yr rhetoric. You r competent to mis-lead not lead.

N G Nileshwar , Mumbai

Hope Goans take the courage to demolish the corrupt and give rise to a corruption free Goa, which will eventually pave the way for a better India. Now AAP is the only option.

Soumen Nath , Delhi

Crowds necessarily do not translate into game changers. Local AAP should do something Goa to show its power in Goa and not try cash on contributions of Kejri. Why the local AAPs are not taking on Sex, booze, drug that Kejri is talking about? who's stopping them from exposing the current govt on corruption ? Why can't they bring out their governance policy for Goa?

Laila Mascarenhas , Goa

Its 100 out of 117

Joel Pereira , Karnataka

AAP mut win everywhere. Let us give them a chance everywhere.

Misra , delhi